Celebrating 15 Years
February 2016 
Margaret Blunt, Owner,
Sew Beautiful
Some may enjoy the snow this winter, especially when it offers a good excuse to curl up in your cozy family room with a warm mug of tea and a good book. As for me, I'd rather leave my footprints in the sand on a beach than in the snow! The extreme cold can present challenges, leaving many of us longing for spring's arrival, which is thankfully just around the corner!
Speaking of challenges, did you know that many windows for which we design coverings are tall, asymmetric, cramped, or otherwise challenging? In fact, challenging windows is our specialty. We make it possible to find the perfect solution for each circumstance. Read our Feature Article about these difficult-to-cover windows. We have pictured some of the more common problems and shown our solutions. Maybe you'll get a new idea for one of your rooms. 

Our Featured Project shows how we treated a two-story wall of windows in an Annapolis home to maximize the view while complementing the beautiful interior.

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Did You Know...

...Window treatments have gotten smarter with the introduction of advanced motorized operating systems that enable homeowners to easily control treatments in the home or remotely using an app-enabled device. The PowerView motorization system from Hunter Douglas
makes the smart home a reality by providing users the ability to operate and schedule window treatment activity using a controller, smartphone or tablet. You can also use this attractive Pebble Remote Control or Pebble Scene Controller to pre-set and easily operate up to six different groupings of window treatments with the touch of a button!

Feature Project: Two-Story Window

This gorgeous two-story window in an elegant Annapolis home presented us with the challenge of finding the right treatment to unify, soften and warm the space.
Our solution: These floor-to-ceiling silk fabric panels paired with beautifully trimmed, embroidered faux-silk swags, frame and unify this dramatic window. The luxurious fabrics and well appointed design add elegance to this formal living room, frame the view, and add warmth to this stunning wall of windows.

Challenging Windows - Beautiful Results

The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity! When it comes to windows - they come in all shapes and sizes - we sometimes have to scratch our heads and brainstorm extra hard to find the best solutions. However, leaving a challenging window bare is not an option for us. There is aways a way to showcase a window's beauty, frame the view and bring the outside in - it just requires planning and creativity!
Before designing a treatment there are things to consider. Do you need privacy in this room? Is light-control a factor? Do you have a view you want to enhance or perhaps hide? Does your window frame butt up against a fireplace, cabinetry or built-in shelves? Are your windows hard to reach? Do you open and close them frequently? In addition to the two-story window featured above, following are some of the most common window challenges:

Tight Spaces: Often a window butts up against a bookcase, fireplace, or even a wall, leaving little space for hanging a window treatment. An asymmetrical design works well in this scenario. 

Corner Windows: Corner windows present an opportunity for creativity, and can provide a backdrop for a unique space in the room. Just about any treatment can be fabricated to fit a corner space. For a dramatic look, try hanging panels tied back to the corner. Add a reading chair and small table and voilą - your own private nook!

Specialty-Shape Windows: 
Quarter-rounds, arches and angled windows add architectural detail but can be a challenge for privacy or light control. Luckily, many blinds, shades and shutters can be fabricated in special shapes, and motorized for hard-to-reach windows. If you just want to add a window treatment for aesthetics, then a style that honors the shape of the window is best. For example, treat arches with a curved treatment like a swag or shaped cornice.

Doors: Don't forget to dress your doors! French doors have become a common addition to many homes today, and are frequently neglected when it comes to window treatments. A simple top treatment such as a valance or shade works nicely, mounted on the door. Sliders can be treated with top treatments, traversing panels or updated vertical sheer blinds.

Bays, Bows and Picture Windows: The "wall of windows" is a beautiful feature, especially when it frames a spectacular view. However, these styles can pose design challenges for homeowners, so they often remain bare and untreated. Stationary panels are a great way to frame the window and create a focal point of the view beyond. A top treatment, like the shaped box pleat shown right, is another option that can be customized to fit angles and bays.  Here the curve of the hem line honors the top transoms without blocking the natural light.

 Don't let "not so simple" windows intimidate you. Using these ideas as a starting point can launch you on your way to completing your rooms with fabulous window treatments.

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