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June 2016

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GP Reports Viewer for Dynamics GP 2016

New build of GP Reports Viewer for Dynamics GP 2016 

We have just released a new version of GP Reports Viewer for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016. To download the new version, please visit our downloads page

Our User Guide has step by step instructions on upgrading to a new version. Also, below are some tips for GP Reports Viewer upgrades:

  • All GP Reports Viewer builds are cumulative and allow upgrading from any previous version; so you never have to go through more than one upgrade step. For example, if you are on GP 2010 and upgrading to GP 2016, you will need a two step upgrade for Dynamics GP data. Once that is done, you can simply run the GP Reports Viewer upgrade in GP 2016.
  • 99% of the time there will be no changes needed to your custom reports to work with a new Dynamics GP or GP Reports Viewer version. One known exception to this is if you are upgrading from GP 2010 or older and are using Extender data in your reports. Since Extender tables changed in GP 2013, you will need to change your reports to accommodate the changes.
  • If you are testing your upgrade, please note that you cannot have more that one installation of GP Reports Viewer working at the same time on the same machine. 
  • If you are upgrading to Dynamics GP 2016 and own GP Reports Viewer, please request new registration keys.

If you have any other upgrade questions, please let us know.

To see more details about GP Reports Viewer functionality, please visit our website or email us for a demo.

Dynamically Change Decimal Places in Crystal 
Example of how to change decimal places for quantities on a PO
Did you know you can set a numeric field to change the number of decimal places it shows based on a formula or a field in a table? For example in Dynamics GP, the POP10110 and POP30110 tables hold the number of decimal places for quantities in a field called DECPLQTY (note: DECPLQTY will always be 1 number higher than the number of decimal places). 
Below are the steps to dynamically change the number of decimal places for a field on a Crystal Report:
  • Right click on the report field
  • Choose Format Field
  • Go to the Number tab and click Customize
  • Click on the Formula button next to Decimals
  • Enter the formula that determines how many decimal places to use - the result of the formula will be the number of decimal places
For example, for Dynamics GP POP quantities, you can use the following formula:     {POP10110.DECPLQTY}-1 

Change color of status bar for SQL connection
How to change the color of the status bar in SSMS 
I often work with multiple SQL Server instances at the same time, connecting to all of them at the same time in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). 
When the name of the server/instance is long, it is easy to confuse which connection you are working with on a particular query window because what's shown on the tab at the top is very limited. To make this easier, SQL Server gives you a way to change the color per connection. Here is how:
  • When opening a new connection, on the Connect to Server window, click the Options button
  • On the Connection Properties tab check 'Use custom color' on the bottom
  • Click Select and choose a color
  • Click Connect 
Now all windows with this connection will have the color you selected on the status bar at the bottom, making it easier to quickly see what connection you're using. SSMS will also remember this the next time you connect to the same SQL Server instance, so you only have to do this once per connection.

This can be particularly useful when you are connecting to test and live instances at the same time. You can make the live one something distinctive to make sure that you know to double check before making changes there.
Looking for a solution to manage Crystal and SSRS reports inside of Dynamics GP quickly and easily? An online demo of GP Reports Viewer is available anytime on our demo web page.

If you would like to schedule a live demo of GP Reports Viewer with us, please call 212-254-4112 and choose option 1 for Sales or e-mail sales@flex-solutions.com.

You can also download a fully functional trial for the Dynamics GP sample company. Expiring registration keys are available upon request if you would like to test GP Reports Viewer with your company data. 
Victoria Yudin
Dynamics GP MVP (2005-2016)
Flexible Solutions, Inc.
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