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July 2015

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GP Reports Viewer for Dynamics GP 2015 R2 

GP Reports Viewer is now compatible with Dynamics GP 2015 R2

We have released a new build of GP Reports Viewer for compatibility with GP 2015 R2.

To download GP Reports Viewer for Dynamics GP 2015 R2, please visit our downloads page and select Build 3 for Dynamics GP 2015.

Instructions on upgrading to a new version of GP Reports Viewer are in our User Guide.

Please note that all GP Reports Viewer builds are cumulative and backwards compatible within the same Dynamics GP version. So it you're upgrading to GP 2015, even if you're not on GP 2015 R2, use the latest build of GP Reports Viewer available.

To see more details about Customer Statements and other GP Reports Viewer functionality, please visit our website or email us for a demo.

Get Rid of Blank Lines in Addresses in Crystal

How to suppress blank lines in Crystal Reports


In Dynamics GP addresses are stored in a number of different fields and at least a few of them will usually be blank for any given record. For example, Address 3 or Country are often left blank. Since you cannot predict whether they will be blank when designing a report, you have to add all the fields to your report. 


In Crystal Reports there is a really nice feature that can help suppress any blank fields. You can put all the address fields into a text object and set the properties of the text object to suppress any blanks in the results, making the address look a lot nicer without having to write long if/then/else formulas to check for blanks. 

Please take a look at my blog post for a detailed explanation of how to achieve this.

Get Rid of Blank Lines in Addresses in SSRS
How to suppress blank lines in SSRS

Unfortunately, unlike Crystal Reports (please see tip above), SSRS does not have a ninja 'suppress blank fields' option, so you have to write a formula to accomplish this.


Here is a sample formula to use if you want to have the Customer Name (CUSTNAME), Customer Number (CUSTNMBR), 3 address lines (ADDRESS1, ADDRESS2, ADDRESS3), city (CITY), state (STATE) and zip code (ZIP) in one field with the empty fields suppressed: 


=First(Fields!CUSTNAME.Value, "DataSet1") + "  - "

+ First(Fields!CUSTNMBR.Value, "DataSet1") + VbCrLf

+ iif(First(Fields!ADDRESS1.Value, "DataSet1") = "", "", First(Fields!ADDRESS1.Value, "DataSet1") + VbCrLf)

+ iif(First(Fields!ADDRESS2.Value, "DataSet1") = "", "", First(Fields!ADDRESS2.Value, "DataSet1") + VbCrLf)

+ iif(First(Fields!ADDRESS3.Value, "DataSet1") = "", "", First(Fields!ADDRESS3.Value, "DataSet1") + VbCrLf)

+ First(Fields!CITY.Value, "DataSet1")

+ ", " + First(Fields!STATE.Value, "DataSet1")

+ "  " + First(Fields!ZIP.Value, "DataSet1")


VbCrLf adds a carriage return. You can adjust this formula as needed to add more fields.

Looking for a solution to manage Crystal and SSRS reports inside of Dynamics GP quickly and easily? An online demo of GP Reports Viewer is available anytime on our demo web page.

If you would like to schedule a live demo of GP Reports Viewer with us, please call 212-254-4112 and choose option 1 for Sales or e-mail sales@flex-solutions.com.

You can also download a fully functional trial for the Dynamics GP sample company. Expiring registration keys are available upon request if you would like to test GP Reports Viewer with your company data. 
Victoria Yudin
Dynamics GP MVP (2005-2013)
Flexible Solutions, Inc.
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