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November 2014

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GP Reports Viewer New Build with Excel Reports

New build of GP Reports Viewer with Excel reports is available

A new build of GP Reports Viewer, packed with new features, fixes and improvements has been released. The most notable of these is support for refreshable Excel reports.

You might say, well, that's nothing new, I've been able to get refreshable Excel reports from Dynamics GP for a long time. My guess is you've either been using SmartList Builder, which does not let you add any parameters to Excel reports, or you've been creating these directly in Excel, so you are likely managing security for these separately.

Both of these shortcomings are addressed with GP Reports Viewer. You can now create Excel reports with parameters, pass those parameters to the report automatically either from fields on a window of user-friendly lookups in Dynamics GP, and control the security for your Excel reports directly in Dynamics GP. You can even use the out-of-the-box Excel reports that ship with GP.

Some other things in the new build:

  • New Crystal Reports runtime components
  • Enhancements to Customer Statement windows
  • New icons for Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Action Pane
  • New security role for Customer Statements

The new build is available for Dynamics GP 2010 and 2013 (including R2). You can see the full list of enhancements and download the new build on the GP Reports Viewer website:

Questions about GP Reports Viewer? Please email us at sales@flex-solutions.com or call 212-254-4112 and choose option 1 for sales.

Rename SQL Object on a Crystal Report

How to rename a table, view or stored procedure on a Crystal Report


We've written about this before, but it bears repeating as we get so many questions about this. When working in Crystal Reports, I frequently start with an existing report and change what SQL objects it points to. Sometimes it's because I want to create a new version of a view or stored procedure, other times because I want to point to a different set of tables (like open vs. history).


When you do this in Crystal Reports, the display name of the SQL object does not change, it stays as whatever you originally had. To fix this, you can rename it by following the instructions in this blog post.

Create an Excel Report from a Stored Procedure
How to create an Excel report from a SQL stored procedure

Now that you can set up refreshable Excel reports in GP Reports Viewer, it may be helpful to learn how to create Excel reports based on SQL Server stored procedures. This will allow you to create Excel reports with parameters and will often significantly improve performance when you are reporting on a large set of data.


Steps on how to create an Excel report from a stored procedure can be found in the GP Reports Viewer User Guide, but I have also detailed them on my blog for easy reference.

Looking for a solution to manage Crystal, SSRS and Excel reports inside of Dynamics GP quickly and easily? An online demo of GP Reports Viewer is available anytime on our demo web page.

If you would like to schedule a live demo of GP Reports Viewer with us, please call 212-254-4112 and choose option 1 for Sales or e-mail sales@flex-solutions.com.

You can also download a fully functional trial for the Dynamics GP sample company. Trial registration keys are available upon request if you would like to test GP Reports Viewer with your company data. 
Victoria Yudin
Dynamics GP MVP (2005-2014)
Flexible Solutions, Inc.
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