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February 2014

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Mass Email and Print Customer Statements  

Announcing new Customer Statement functionality

GP Reports Viewer has just added a new and exciting feature - you can now use your own SSRS or Crystal report to mass email and print customer statements from Dynamics GP. Some of the benefits of this new feature include:

  • Option to email statements for customers with a valid email address and print the rest, so you do not have to manually sort through your customer list.
  • New window to easily select which customers get statements. Select customers by Customer ID or Class ID range, total balance, statement cycle, or open balance in a particular aging bucket and older.
  • Preview window shows all customers with balances and email addresses, so that you can further narrow down customer list and check/change email addresses.
  • Statements are emailed as PDF attachments without the need to install Adobe Acrobat.
  • Email address is taken from the 'Statement To' address for the customer, no need to populate the separate email section on the Customer Maintenance Options window.  
  • A sample statement report for Crystal Reports and SSRS is included so you can get started quickly.

To see more details about Customer Statements and other GP Reports Viewer functionality, please visit our website or email us for a demo.

Crystal Reports Taking Too Long to Start?

How to fix Crystal Reports if it's taking too long to start up


I use the Crystal Reports application all the time and it typically starts up very quickly. A few weeks ago, all of a sudden, it started slowing down. It finally got to the point, where it was taking up to 5 minutes to open a report.


So I did some searching around online and found a few people complaining about issues with Crystal Reports automatically checking for updates. Turns out disabling that option fixed the problem and my Crystal Reports now starts up fast again.


To turn off checking for updates in Crystal Reports, navigate to Help on the main menu, then click on Check For Updates on Start Up so that the checkmark next to the selection is cleared.

Tab Delimited Exports in SSRS
How to enable tab delimited exports in SSRS 2008 R2
by Mickie Stamm

We recently had a need to export from an SSRS report into tab delimited format and would like to share the link to a very nice blog post that we used as the basis for our solution.


If you are going to do this please take the time to make a backup copy of your rsreportserver.config file first!


We ended up changing the following 2 lines so that the resulting file would be created with a .txt extension and so that any formatting you have in the SSRS report will be used in the export.





Now when you run an SSRS report you have a new option under Export:

And best of all, this new option will be compatible with SSRS reports generated using GP Reports Viewer.
Looking for a solution to manage Crystal and SSRS reports inside of Dynamics GP quickly and easily? An online demo of GP Reports Viewer is available anytime on our demo web page.

If you would like to schedule a live demo of GP Reports Viewer with us, please call 212-254-4112 and choose option 1 for Sales or e-mail sales@flex-solutions.com.

You can also download a fully functional trial for the Dynamics GP sample company. Expiring registration keys are available upon request if you would like to test GP Reports Viewer with your company data. 
Victoria Yudin
Dynamics GP MVP (2005-2013)
Flexible Solutions, Inc.
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