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December 2011


Dear Clients and Friends~  


Noticeable Blessings in your holiday season whichever name your heart does cherish.
As you shop, decorate, or prepare special meals, allow your angels to help with these holiday tasks.  Angels are all around you, and remember, they work by occupation as well as by name.  For a start, invite the "shopping angels" and the "parking angels" along on your holiday adventures.  I also invite the "wardrobe angels" when I am getting ready for a party or event -- you'll be amazed how quickly your closet shows up just the right thing.  There is no limit to the occupations the angels work within.  There are "joy angels," "comfort angels," "career angels, and "money angels," to name a few.  There is no order of difficulty for the angels and nothing we ask is too great or too small.  
I'm often asked, "how can I hear my angels?"  The answer is within the word "Angel" itself.  The "A" stands for "Ask."  The last letter "L" stands for "Listen."  Listening is the key we often overlook.  The angels have very quiet, soothing voices, much like the whisper of a leaf moved by a slight breeze.  Give yourself a few quiet moments day to day to "ask" and to "listen."  Avoid the inclination to analyze or fix the message or result.  Be consistent in the activity and make it your intention to hear this Divine Communication.  With practice you will become a regular angel friend, and the messages will come thru more frequently and more clearly.  And as you practice, you'll begin to see that the "NGE" in the middle of the word "Angel" really does stand for "No Great Effort."

If you're thinking about giving yourself an Angel Reading for a future date, and if you prepay that reading for a future date by December 31st, you will receive a $15 discount on the hourly fee or a $10 discount for your 30 minutes. Call or write to schedule:  (623) 544-3304. 
I'm caroling-caroling my deepest gratitude to each of you for another beautiful year of angel connections which you have allowed me to facilitate.  Be in love with your Present Moment and your Angels will care for the coming new year.
Merry Christmas, and 
Noticeable Blessings In Your Day!
The Main Street Angel Family