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Once again, Hay House brings you the I Can Do It! Conference in an area near you. 
Louise  Hay's gatherings absolutely energize your mind, body, and spirit. This year it joins you together with vibrational healers and experts in their fields, such as Sonia Choquette, Doreen Virtue, Debbie Ford,  Dr. Christiane Northrup, and many more. Isn't time you treat yourself? 
You Can Do It! 
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 I Can  Do It 
Notable & Quotable

"While it is impossible not to believe what you see, it is equally impossible to see what you do not believe" 
"Ask the Holy Spirit for a new perspective"

We each hold 64,000 thoughts in a 24-hr period...what's in your "wallet?"

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Dear Clients and Friends~


Whether you're a Jim Carey fan or not, one of the most delightful films he starred in was "The Mask" in 1994. The character, Stanley Ipkiss, is a decent-hearted, but socially awkward guy, until he accidentally discovers an ancient mask. The mask possesses the courage to do the wild, fun things that Stanley always fears. When he places it on, it transforms him into a zany prankster with superhuman powers.


During these seemingly difficult times, think of the Holy Spirit as your ancient mask. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with your decisions throughout your day. Invite the Holy Spirit to help you change your mind from negative thought patterns ("I don't know how," "I'm not good enough," "it won't happen," etc.) to positive self-cheers. Expect the Holy Spirit to help you replace negative emotions (fear of mistakes, fears of success) with comfortability, confidence and bliss. There is no request too great or too small. When we call upon the Holy Spirit, indeed, as the famous movie line goes: "It's Showtime!"


So, in the weeks and months ahead, try it. Give yourself a deserved boost: Reach for the Holy Mask. (By the way, in the end, Stanley not only has all that he desires, but he also sees that the courage and power to get there were always inside of him-Self.)   And so it is.


Angel Blessings In Your Day! 
Nancine Meyer, EA CSC    

What If?  I Wonder... 


Development of smartphone apps continues to advance. There is cell phone

hardly anything which you cannot play, read, watch, direct, create or interact by means of an app.  So, I wonder...what if our angels and guides were on an app?  What if when you scrolled across the app, "next steps" and synchronistic movements were displayed.   It would be wonderfully advancing to hear, see and feel this highest assistance and support for our prosperity in all things.

The "good" news is, we actually have such an app. It's called the sixth sense. The "bad" news is that the device we rely upon for connection (ego/intellect) offers too much interference for its use. The voice of divine guidance is quiet and sweet.  When we attempt to access it, and we are locked in the ego's mental chatter, we set ourselves back in spiritual communication to 1G.  So I a society that has advanced its technology to 3rd and 4th generation (3G, 4G), isn't time to advance its spiritual transmission? We could choose to sit quietly more often without conditioned thoughts or judgments. We could advance to daily use of meditation, invocation, and expectation. And with those upgrades we might allow automatic writing to access our "wires."  I wonder... what if we act upon on the divine guidance we hear.  Is it possible we may come to enjoy a divinely Live Stream
Your Divine Purpose: A Clairvoyant View


A question my clients often ask is, "Do I have a purpose here?" or "What is my purpose here?" followed by, "can you see anything?"


Of course the answer is "yes," we each have a purpose here and we need only remind ourselves that God is not partial. Why then does it appear that some people seem to "live the dream" more clearly than others do?


balloon bouquet"What is my purpose here?" The answer I intuit for each of you begins with seeing a bouquet of multi-colored balloons buoyant above the head. I then see within each inflatable a word or symbol of each of the natural abilities you inherently own, and some of the people and places wherein you are here to share. That's my part.  Enter "your choice."


I hope you enjoyed balloons as a small child. I hope you remember that oftentimes when you received one, a kind adult would make a little loop at the end of the string for either your finger or your tiny wrist. And so it is with the gifts you possess which create your divine Purpose here. The strings I see attached to the balloons are just touching your fingertips.   All they require is for you to grasp the string and loop it to keep at your side. If you're feeling too small or hesitant, ask the Holy Spirit to make the loop.   And when these colorful choices which inspire you seem to drift from your hand, make a new loop. The hand that makes the loop is your five senses. The loop is your imagination or your Sixth.  Knowing now that God's gifts are freely given to everyone, reach up and take hold of yours! Your pleasure brings happiness to all you serve. 

The Law of Attraction: Tips & Slips
This is MSA's new section dedicated to helping you improve your personal experience with of the Law of Attraction.  Today's Tip: Keep Your Shirt on >> for entire suggestion~

With all the worry and concern, ultimately we usually find a spill on that favorite shirt. Why is that?... 


We hope you enjoyed this issue of Main Street Angel's newsletter. It's Crystal Clear your Angels brought you here! Angels are all around you each and every day. Keep your heart and your words welcoming!


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