UPDATE from University Tech Park | Winter 2015

WELCOME! 2 new innovators move in

Evanston Technology Partners

With the Affordable Care Act calling for portability of health records, the pressure's on for U.S. health care systems to capture, store and integrate health care information more efficiently than ever before. The big-data experts at Evanston Technology Partners are ready to fill the need.  

Emmanuel Jackson

The company moves to UTP from Evanston, Illinois, where founder, CEO and Chairman Emmanuel Jackson began his career as a medical surgical buyer for Saint Francis Hospital.

       Jackson fulfilled a series of leadership roles in health care and pharmaceuticals before founding his first startup, Innovative Tech Systems, in 1999. His team at ETP includes Stephen N. Keith, MD, MSPH, the company's chief business development and medical officer; Cyril Mowatt, vice president and chief information officer and director; and Artis Carroll, vice president of sales and national accounts.

        "We create object storage data solutions for major health care systems, including hospitals, clinics and health care practices, helping them to integrate disparate information in a way that supports better patient communication and care," Jackson says.

       ETP partners with big-data leaders Unify (fomerly Siemens Enterprise Communications) and Cleversafe to design solutions for prospective clients, which include Novation and  Baylor Health Care System.

       Beyond the goals all startups share, Jackson and his team have a larger purpose in mind: to create jobs and opportunities in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood, where UTP and IIT are located. 

       "I'm a son of Bronzeville," Jackson explains, "and as a team, we've embraced the goal of becoming a leading employer in this community."

       To connect with up-and-coming talent, ETP works with IIT's Real-Time Communications Lab, where IIT students can create and test network configurations to study their effectiveness in delivering customer care while learning more about system security, routing and other aspects of VoIP service.  


Aurea Research, LLC

Innovator Enoch Zenteno brings his knowledge of flexible heating systems to the challenges of delivering emergency medical care to wounded soldiers or civilians.

Joulenza Logo
Aurea Research

       Zenteno's new enterprise, Aurea Research, is exploring ways to protect injured individuals from the dangers of hypothermia while monitoring their physiological signals.

       "We are developing smart, mobile-based, ultra-light emergency systems delivered through textile-based garments," Zenteno explains. Integrated electrical and electronic components within the garments will provide heat for comfort and treatment of mild to severe hypothermia.

       This new technology can be used by emergency personnel in the field to warm patients and transmit physiological data to other smart devices or remote medical care stations, says Zenteno.

       "Each assembly will also include low-power radio and GPS systems enabling real-time transmission of the patient's location," he notes, enabling medical personnel find and retrieve patients in war or disaster zones anywhere in the world.

       In emergencies of this kind, up to 90% of deaths occur when patients are transported, says Zenteno. Protecting them while they await evacuation will help save lives.

       Aurea's garments will be made of nanofibers and other ultra-light materials "that will balance the physiological burden and protect patients while maximizing battery life," he notes.

       Zenteno is working with experts at Germany's Fraunhofer and textile leader TiTV Greiz to develop his concept. He has applied for a U.S. patent.



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