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UTP Welcomes 3 New Companies
Building on the work of Northwestern University researcher Harold Kung, PhD, partners at SiNode Systems are laying the groundwork for lighter, more powerful lithium-ion batteries. "Batteries made with our components will store more energy in less space," explains SiNode CEO Samir Mayekar. Mobile phones using batteries with SiNode technology would charge faster and run longer on one charge, Myekar explains - but even greater benefits may be realized in solving storage problems faced by the developers of electric cars and wind and solar projects. The company was featured in an article on clean energy innovators in the September 30 issue of Crain's Chicago Business.      


Imagine being able to electronically darken a window with the flip of a switch. The principals of Smarter Shade have created a film-based shading system which does exactly that. It works for existing windows, doors and skylights, and manufacturers can also incorporate the system into new units. "Our platform is based on the science of polarization, just like sunglasses," says company co-founder Mike Stacey. "It's simpler to apply, much less expensive than other smart glass alternatives and uses power only during switching." The technology may soon help home and business owners harness the full potential of sunlight for indoor lighting and heating.



In recent years, new technologies in molecular biology have been widely used for disease detection, determination of drug response and creation of targeted therapies to benefit patients. The scientists at MuMeTel are developing new molecular technologies and assays that would detect genetic mutations with greater accuracy and effectiveness. "Our innovative products would significantly improve the performance of many molecular tests, which will help diagnostic and research labs to deliver fast, reliable results at a fraction of the current cost," says Li Ma, MD, MuMeTel's research and development director.
Tribune Spotlights IITs Commitment to Innovation
The Chicago Tribune's Oct. 27 story on tech hubs reported IIT's plans to build a $30-million student innovation center. When completed, the 10,000-square-foot facility will house initiatives such as IIT's Interprofessional Projects Program (IPRO), which brings students from different fields of study together to solve real-world problems. The new center will complement UTP's efforts to expand high-tech innovation in Chicago and provide meaningful opportunities for student workers.  Read the Trib story >
FALL 2013

ACT Moves Closer 
to Overseas Markets

Advanced Cooling Therapy has received ISO 13485 certification for its patented method to reduce or control patient body temperature, which can improve medical outcomes for patients who've suffered a heart attack, stroke, trauma or high fever.



The certification confirms that ACT's quality system meets internationally recognized quality standards for medical device manufacturers, another milestone in the company's drive to make its first sales overseas by early 2014, says ACT founder Erik Kulstad, MD, MS. Read more about ACT's progress on our main site.


UTP Graduates in the News

UTP alum Cleversafe has captured broad media attention in recent weeks. A November 1 article in the Chicago Tribune spotlighted the company's role in solving data storage problems for Shutterfly and other growing enterprises. The coverage follows an earlier story in Crain's Chicago Business reporting Cleversafe's capture of $55 million in new funding from investors led by New Enterprise Associates. Cleversafe also received the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center's Merrick Momentum Award for 2013.   More on our site >

The Chicago Sun-Times recently featured UTP graduate All-Cell, maker of  large-format batteries helping to advance the green energy revolution. Read the full story >

Crain's Chicago Business reports that UTP graduate  ProOnGo has been acquired by Philadelphia-based Neat, makers of portable devices to scan business cards and other documents. 

"Our dream when we started 5 years ago was to put the power of receipt and business-card scanning into the hands of every smartphone owner," says ProOnGo CEO
Phillip Leslie. "The next 5 years will be about expanding our apps within the Next family to bring even more value to businesspeople."


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