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March 2014




March 11

Legacy Charter High School Basketball


March 16

Greenville Sports League Flag Football 


March 17

Greenville Sports League Basketball 


March 20

Shannon Forest Christian School Baseball


March 21

American Cancer Society Moonlight 5K 


March 22

LAX Lacrosse Clinic


March 22-23

Thornblade Junior Tennis Tournament


March 24

Shannon Forest Christian School Soccer


March 25

Shannon Forest Christian School Soccer


March 26

Shannon Forest Christian School Baseball


March 27

Shannon Forest Christian School Soccer


March 28

Shannon Forest Christian School Baseball


March 29

LAX Lacrosse Clinic


March 29

Nicholtown Community Health Fair


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April 12-13

Goodwill Mud Run 



Dive in to the
Mud Run
April 12 & 13


A Hillcrest High graduate was on top of the world last year after setting a new scoring record for midfielders on his college lacrosse team.  Please continue reading to learn how he was able to play lacrosse again after a hit knocked him out of the game:

College Lacrosse Player Thankful to Play Again After Hit Knocks Him Out of the Game





Will Munley, a 2009 Hillcrest High graduate, was on the top of the world last year after setting a new scoring record for midfielders on the Mercyhurst North East College lacrosse team. He scored six goals on nine shots, helping his team to the most wins in school history. The very next week, during the last game of the season, he was running toward the goal to score, when an opposing player blindsided him with a hit. His collarbone was shattered into five pieces and displaced before he even hit the ground. He was less than three weeks from finals and graduation for his Associates Degree and desperately needed surgery. He also feared that he would never be able to play lacrosse again.

Munley could have had the surgery in Erie Pennsylvania, but decided to come back to Greenville to get the best care and outcome possible from Dr. Michael O'Boyle, Carolina Orthopaedic Center with Bon Secours Medical Group. Dr. O'Boyle performed a lengthy surgery piecing all five fragments of the collarbone back in place. After an overnight observation stay at St. Francis, Munley began rehabilitation exercises and hoped for the best as he transferred to Tennessee Wesleyan College in Athens, Tennessee to work on his Bachelor's Degree.

Thanks to Dr. O'Boyle's surgical precision and Will's determination to play lacrosse again, Will was able to get back on the field and continue his college lacrosse career. Not only was he able to sustain direct hits to his shoulder, but he ended up as the total points leader on his playoff bound team.  In addition, he finished the season 11th in the country for assists in MCLA Division II and was selected as an All-Conference All Star.

As he enters his senior season primed to be a team captain, he continues to thank Dr. O'Boyle and Bon Secours St. Francis for getting him back in the game!


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When injuries strike, you just need to remember one number - 675-HURT, St. Francis Sports Medicine's 24/7 injury hotline. 675-HURT provides concierge service to Piedmont Orthopaedic Associates and Carolina Orthopaedic Center physicians, getting you an appointment with an orthopedic expert faster. If you're not sure if you need to see a physician right away, the professionals at 675-HURT can give you advice for at-home treatment.


In fact - grab your phone and enter 864-675-4878 into your contact list now. Then you won't have to remember any numbers! 

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