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December 2013


Dec 2

GSL Basketball


SFCS Basketball


Dec 4

GSL Kickball Finals


Dec 5

GSL Flag Football Finals


Dec 6

SFCS Basketball


Dec 7

Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis 


Paris Mtn Road Race


CESA State Soccer Cup


Dec 8

State Cup


Dec 10

SFCS Basketball


Charter Legacy Basketball


Dec 13

SFCS Basketball


Dec 14

Sugar Creek Jingle Bell Fun Run 


Legacy Charter Charity 5K


Legacy Charter Basketball


Dec 20

Legacy Charter Basketball


Dec 21

Santa Run


Dec 22

The Christmas Walk  




Featured Article


Winter is here, but for many Upstate athletes that doesn't mean they are going to slow down. Here are some tips for exercising outdoors when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose:

Don't Let Cold Weather Slow You Down



Layer Up.

Start with a base layer to wick moisture away from your skin, then top it with a fleece or wool layer. You can finish with a waterproof layer, if needed. Layering is ideal because you can remove clothing when your body starts to heat up, and add it back as you cool down. Be sure to cover your ears with a hat or headband, have gloves with you in case your fingers get cold, and wear good warm socks to protect your toes.


Know the Signs of Frostbite.

Frostbite in South Carolina? It can happen. For superficial frostbite, most common in exposed areas of the face or fingers, you may notice burning, numbness, tingling, itching or cold sensations in the area. The skin may appear white and frozen. If this happens, get out of the cold immediately and warm up the affected area. If numbness continues, seek medical attention right away.


Get Checked for Asthma.

Exercise-induced asthma can be brought on in the winter months, making it difficult to breathe during exercise. At your next check up, ask to be checked for it so that you can obtain and use an inhaler, if necessary. Many athletes don't even know they have exercise induced asthma until they get tested.


Have the Right Gear.

Since it gets darker so much earlier in the winter, be sure to wear reflective gear when exercising outdoors. Also consider stocking up on chemical hand and feet warmers, and be sure your shoes have plenty of traction if you're considering exercising near ice.


Here's to all the athletes that don't let cold weather send them flocking to the treadmill. Stay safe out there!  

Photos of the Month



  Travelers Rest Turkey Trot 2013


CESA Athlete Jack Chenette being Referee for the Day at the CESA Fall Challenge
More CESA Fall Challenge Fun

How many St. Francis Sports Medicine ATCs does it take to put together a Christmas tree?! Come see our tree at the St. Francis Festival of Trees in downtown Greenville!

Get in Faster
with 675-HURT

When injuries strike, you just need to remember one number - 675-HURT, St. Francis Sports Medicine's 24/7 injury hotline. 675-HURT provides concierge service to Piedmont Orthopaedic Associates and Carolina Orthopaedic Center physicians, getting you an appointment with an orthopedic expert faster. If you're not sure if you need to see a physician right away, the professionals at 675-HURT can give you advice for at-home treatment.


In fact - grab your phone and enter 864-675-4878 into your contact list now. Then you won't have to remember any numbers!