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USC football star Jadaveon Clowney recently shared that he will undergo foot surgery at the end of the football season to remove bone spurs that have been plaguing him since high school. Besides being proof that even the most fit among us can have orthopedic injuries, Clowney's injury shines a light on a foot issue that affects thousands of Americans.

Don't Let Bone Spurs - Like Jadaveon Clowney's - Keep You in Pain


John W. Womack III, M.D.

Foot and Ankle Specialist with Piedmont Orthopaedic Associates


While details of the exact injury Clowney is suffering from have not been shared, it's likely that he has developed bone spurs in the tibiotalar joint, the joint at the top of the foot near the ankle. This is often an overuse injury and can happen to athletes of all kinds.


Bone spurs are small overgrowths of bone that grow into a point. They form when the body tries to repair itself from inflammation nearby by building extra bone. For example, if Clowney had previously sprained his ankle, bone spurs could develop near the injury at the tibiotalar joint.



Many people have bone spurs that never cause any problems. In fact, the majority of those with spurs don't even know they have them until they have an X-ray for another reason. However, other people have significant pain and swelling due to bone spurs. Bone spurs in the foot and ankle can cause pain when walking, tenderness in the foot, and swelling. They are diagnosed with an X-ray or other imaging procedures like an ultrasound or MRI.



Like many orthopedic injuries, the first line of treatment involves anti-inflammatory medications, rest, and icing the painful area. For bone spurs in the foot, shoe inserts also can be helpful. If the pain continues, minimally-invasive surgery to remove the bone spur may be indicated. This involves using surgical tools to shave down the bone spur and smooth the area.


The good news for Jadaveon is that recovery from this type of arthroscopy is relatively quick. In fact, Clemson running back DJ Howard just a similar procedure in August and is already back scoring touchdowns for the Tigers.


We wish Jadaveon all the best during his treatment and recovery. If any of you have similar problems, make an appointment with a Foot and Ankle Specialist today.

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Clemson Honorary Game Captains


Football season has arrived, and Bon Secours St. Francis is proud to have the chance to honor seven very special football fans in the Upstate. As part of our sponsorship of the Clemson Honorary Game Captains, one of our remarkable patients will be named Honorary Game Captain for each of the seven home games this season. The Honorary Game Captain will be honored on the field of Memorial Stadium during the first half and featured on The Dabo Swinney Show.


As a former baseball player for Clemson, Jerry spent the course of each baseball season in a squatting or bending posting. He wasn't prepared for the toll it would take on his knees and hips, which resulted in four joint replacement surgeries. Jerry hit a home run thanks to St. Francis' Joint Camp program and the St. Francis Therapy Center. To learn more about Jerry's story and how St. Francis helped support him on his journey to health and wholeness, watch his video. Check our Honorary Game Captains page the day before each home game to see each game captain's story.