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5 Tips for Food Shopping
Take a Class: Clear the Paper Clutter
Especially for Parents: Keeping up with Clothing
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MtRushmore I had a fantastic summer! Our trip to South Dakota was wonderful. We visited Mt. Rushmore, saw hundreds of buffalo in Custer State Park, and were stunned with the unique beauty of the Badlands. I truly recommend this trip!
Now that summer is over my attention turns more inward to my home. I definitely start to cook more, so this edition of The Neat Sheet shares tips for easier food shopping.
I also do a bit of closet cleaning this time of year, and am including my favorite strategies for keeping kids clothes in order from the That's Neat! Blog
Happy Fall, 
5 Tips for Food Shopping

Grocery shopping is really not my favorite chore, but a necessary one. I've honed a few strategies so that I can get in and out pretty quickly (when I'm alone). Here are my top 5 tips for an easier trip:

  1. Don't forget to bring in your re-usable bags. Keep the bags in your car. After you empty groceries at home, hang the bags on the doorknob. Put the bags in your car the very next time you go out! Another idea: write "take bags" at the top of your grocery list every time.  Bonus tip: If you have too many (6, 8, 10?) re-usable bags, donate a stack. 
  2. Use a list. Get an aisle map from your favorite grocery store so you know what is where. Then make a grocery list on your computer that follows the order of the aisles. If you don't want to use a paper list, there are many apps for your smartphone to choose from. Some apps even let you scan the barcode of the item to add it to the list!
  3. Cut coupon clutter. If you use coupons, you may keep them in a special holder or envelope. I don't often use coupons, but if there are some I plan to use I attach them to my grocery list with a paper clip. It's low tech but it works. The bottom line with coupons: if you don't end up using them, don't bother keeping them in the first place!  
  4. Keep like items together. Place items in the cart and on the checkout belt in some simple order. Keep cold items together, produce together, and pantry items together. This results in easier and more efficient bagging...and also helps when you unpack at home. 
  5. Better yet, skip the store all together. Use a grocery store where you can order online and get it delivered. 

 What are your tips for getting through the grocery store? 

Paper Clutter? Come to my class on November 13th    


paper pile My class Papers, Piles & Projects: Strategies to Clear 

the Clutter is offered again this fall through Minuteman Community Education in Lexington. 


Register today to learn new tips and strategies, and get all your questions answered. 

Especially for Parents: Tips for Keeping up with Kids Clothes
Kids grow fast, and keeping up with their clothes is a constant chore for parents. Here are some of my favorite strategies from the That's Neat! Blog:
My #1 tip: weed out what doesn't fit often 
Clothing organizer streamlines the morning routine
Fun idea for transitioning clothes to the next size
How to save the very special clothes for generations to come