"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."   

- Andy Warhol


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Change is inevitable

With August arriving this year, I'm in for a big life change.  Our daughter leaves for NYC at the end of the month for college and all I can think is:  "well that went fast!"

But change is inevitable and often bittersweet so like everyone else with kids leaving for school or starting a new adventure yourself,  you keep moving forward and enjoying the next steps along the way.

I've decided that if my daughter can take this huge step of moving across the country, then I can learn a new skill as well.  To that end, I'm going to be sharing more of my thoughts and pictures on Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn come September.  I may add in more social media options as I get going, but for now, these are my starters.  Better to start small and be successful.  I hope you will join me and become part of the conversation!  

Yes, I know that I've said it before.  I know that I've made attempts at getting on the social media bandwagon, but I'm here once again, to commit to making it really happen.  

I'm off for the rest of the summer but I hope to see more of you come Fall.  

Happy rest of the summer!  Enjoy it, changes and all.

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