"Style is hard to define but easy to spot."

Estee Lauder

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I help people look their best and be themselves. I believe that when you look good, you feel good.

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It's been a few months said you've heard from me and I've been hard at work on my new website and new projects!

Here's what you'll find when you go to my new website at patriciagorham.com.

You'll see an updated "me" and read about my new concepts in doing business.  I'm looking forward to my continued work with busy individuals who are interested in finding their style and effectively projecting that image. You'll see I've rebranded as a Personal Image Stylist as I stay current with my new goals.

You'll also find I'm doing more workshops with businesses and groups interested in helping their employees and members dress their best while maintaining work appropriate looks that style express their personal style.

I'm also excited to be embarking on a speaking engagement piece of my business. Some of you may know that I really love public speaking and to that end I decided that I wanted to build that piece of my business to reach a new audience.  I've also started my blog again which will be a weekly project for me. You'll see different categories and interests that I'll be changing regularly.

I'm so excited to be in my 9th year in business!   So much has changed and yet much has stayed the same. I'm still excited when I hear about a success from any of you. I'm still thrilled to see people make big changes that are sometimes hard and come through it with a new sense of style and often times a new outlook.

I hope you'll keep up with my new site and my new look! I'd love to hear from you as you continue with your own journey.


Patricia Gorham  |  206.231.4002  |  patricia@patriciagorham.com