"Style is hard to define but easy to spot."

Estee Lauder


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I help people look their best and be themselves. I believe that when you look good, you feel good.

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I missed you last month as I was delving into a creative process that, as I'm sure you noticed by now, is taking shape with a new look , a new logo and eventually a new website!

I've been helping people find, embrace and live their personal style thru  Closet Rescue, Smart Choices and finding the Real You for 9 years. I've loved this piece of my work and plan to continue this process as it fits into my new business plan. 

Fortunately, (and I didn't always look at it this way) I've done a lot of different jobs professionally.  Mostly while I was trying to find my way to what I love. A wide variety of experiences has given me the perspective to see my work now in an ever changing way and I'm excited to be in this creative space!  Having said that, I've never been a very patient person and this process of thinking thru my new goals and objectives has been time consuming and thought provoking. All of this is good but I tend to get tired of the process before it's done and I just want to get to the next step.  I sometimes forget that when I launched Inside/Out Style, it was a process that I mulled over for a long time.

In light of that, much of what I'm doing this Spring and Summer is honing my new direction and  looking forward to where this takes me next.   Finding my next  Real You if you will.  And sometimes finding a new style, as we know, can be a bit of an uphill climb.  Chatting with a client and now friend this morning I said,  "I don't want to be a personal shopper"  And she said,  "You're not, what you do transforms people's style" . Sometimes we have to hear it from someone else to make it truly seem to fit.  Whether we are discussing clothing or a new vision for a business.

I'll keep you posted thoughout the summer,  but in the meantime, keep dressing for yourself first.  Remember that when you look good you feel good., and buy only what you love and love everything in your closet. 

Looking forward to a new and exciting future!



Synergy Clothing

If you are looking for soft, organic cotton clothing, this is your place.  Great fabrics,  modern yet timeless designs. 


Love this line.  Check out the site and see the versatility you can have with just one piece of clothing.  I bought the Evolve top and took it on a trip, wearing it a different way each time! 

Project Gravitas

I met Lisa See the owner of Project Gravitas about a month ago.  Their tag line says it all:  Stunning dresses, Italian Fabrics, luxury tailoring, hidden shapewear and made in NYC. 
Patricia Gorham  |  206.231.4002  |  patricia@patriciagorham.com