Tip of the Month

"If you don't use it or love it, get rid of it."


This tip comes from political scientist Tom Ferguson. (Who knew that a professor would give us this tip to transfer to our closets!)
Tom Ferguson
Tom Ferguson

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I help people look their best and be themselves. I believe that when you look good, you feel good.

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Spring is officially here - but apparently winter hasn't gotten the memo. That means on any given day we may have a 25-degree swing in the temperature and go from sunny skies to torrential downpour...and back again. And though we all desperately want to get out of our long sleeves and into some strappy sandals, it's not quite time to switch the wardrobe over - completely.


So What's a Girl To Do?


1. Clean it out.


Seriously. This may seem counterintuitive but stick with me for a moment.


By cleaning out your closet and being fairly ruthless (don't love it, don't use it, get rid of it!) a lot of the pieces that have been hibernating there and taking up space can be removed - making room for your own first signs of spring.


Revive, Re-pair, Re-wear!


2. Next, resurrect and assess your spring wardrobe.  


Consider which items - with the right layering pieces and shoes - might be worn now and into late spring and summer.


The bright colored jersey dress or skirt? Layer it with tights and boots now and then shed them in spring to go bare-legged with flats. We can apply this strategy to so many pieces in our wardrobe; you might be surprised at how many new looks are available to you. A winter piece that feels boring today might only need that bright spring shrug to bring it back to life!


Mind The Gaps


3. Finally, identify the missing links.  


Start thinking about the one or two pieces that would actually make a big difference in your wardrobe.  


You'll see a lot of beautiful things when shopping this spring, but stay focused on what you have in your newly blended closet and add just one or two great looks instead of a full new wardrobe.


Happy spring!

Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style  

The Real You - Sans Clutter          

Often, there is a lot of emotion lurking in the clutter of our closets. We can't help that we attach memories to material items, but we can get over it. Check out this great article on how to go about "seeing" your stuff and making the step of parting with it. Organizational guru Peter Walsh lays it out simply and convincingly.  


Peter Walsh
Decluttering expert Peter Walsh

Reward Yourself

Now that you've completed your own mini Closet Rescue, it's time to do something nice for you. I've been getting mani/pedis, facials and waxing at Vixen in Magnolia Village. I've mentioned Vixen before - it's a great boutique. They also do an amazing job with their spa services; the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. It's been a long winter - give yourself a treat!

Vixen Day Spa
Day spa and lovely boutique all in one