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"Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself."

This tip comes from fashion journalist and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia.
Nina Garcia
Nina Garcia

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Dear Friend,


The other day I came home from meeting with a client feeling inspired, and performed what I can only call a ruthless Closet Rescue. On my own closet.


Laying Down the Law


When I go through a client's closet, I'm clear about what stays and what goes. Often people try to sell me on what they should keep, and a common argument is pure emotional attachment. As many of you know I'm pretty strict; just because something triggers a good memory doesn't mean it belongs in your closet.


Separating Memories from Material Objects


Of course when these decisions are personal, it's tougher to stay strict, but I held the line. For example, I still had the skirt I wore to my first interview at Nordstrom when I was trying to decide if being a stylist was my thing. A cute pleated taffeta skirt complete with fond memories, it simply doesn't work with my look these days. Into the giveaway pile.


I found the swimsuit from my first trip to Australia -- a milestone trip that triggered years of wonderful travel adventures and inspired me to start my business. That swimsuit felt like a poignant reminder, but a closet is for keeping clothes, not memories -- so it was time to pass it along.


Finally I pulled out an adorable pair of shoes. They were in great condition but I hadn't worn them in years. You know these shoes -- the ones that sit in your closet and sparkle but somehow never make it to your feet and out the door. They didn't work for me, so into the giveaway pile they went.


And Now, the Fun Part


Tough decisions made, the sorting began. I had such a great time making bags for different friends, full of things that might spark their interest or fit their young adult daughters. It felt good to pass along these pieces knowing they'd be new to someone else. Not to mention the feeling of lightness that comes with my rescued closet, full of only things I love. (Now with room for new items this season!)


Making Smart Choices in Your Own Closet


Ridding your closet of items that no longer work for you can be tough. But when I visualize these items as new, intriguing pieces for other people, I find the process is a lot easier. Who knows who might step into my shoes or try on my taffeta skirt and feel like they've found themselves a whole new look. Maybe they'll arrive at The Real You!


When I'm in a consignment shop, I get excited about adding the treasures I find to my latest look. All I have to do is transfer that feeling over to my Closet Rescue and I'm much more effective.


So clean your closet ruthlessly. The payoff is you get to become the next iteration of The Real You.

Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style  
Jarbo: Elegant, Sophisticated, Wearable
If you haven't already, visit one of the Jarbo shops (in Bellevue and Madison Park). I love the simple designs and fabrics which amazingly look great on a variety of body types. The designer behind Jarbo, Sharon Roth, lives in Seattle and takes pride in the wearability of her stylish pieces.    
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The Jarbo Collection
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Last year I wanted a great nude pump, something I could wear all day and be comfortable. I finally found it this year! AGL at Nordstrom makes a terrific pump in black and nude patent, and in black calf, as well as a variety of flats and sandals. If you're looking for a timeless, comfortable pump, look no further.
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Classic nude pump
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