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"Fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose."  

This tip comes from iconic model, actress and producer Lauren Hutton.
Lauren Hutton
Lauren Hutton

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Dear Friend,


I just returned from a long weekend in Palm Springs and I highly recommend the trip if you've never been or you need some quick sun this time of year. The light is different there, the sky seems bigger, and there's almost nothing better in my book than waking up to sun every day.


Shopping Among the Stars


A dear friend hosted me, and toured me around the El Paseo shopping district, which lives up to its moniker of "the Rodeo Drive of the desert." Among other things, there is a level of dress (including makeup and jewelry) that we don't see much of in the Pacific Northwest, so the people-watching factor is excellent.


And while the fancy boutiques are always fun, my friend and I both enjoy the "dig" so we quickly set off for the consignment shops. As my regular readers know, I love second-hand shopping - and doing so in Southern California adds a glamorous twist to the adventure!


Tiptoeing Through Time


First stop: The Fine Art of Design, where the proprietor informed me that he had papers to prove the dress I tried on was owned by Barbra Streisand. It didn't fit, but what fun! The clothing was phenomenal - lots of furs, many beautiful pieces dating back to the 50s - true American classics. For a song, I picked up a gorgeous Halston sheath gown (think Jackie Kennedy or Audrey Hepburn).


Next we headed to a place around the corner called Marga's Repeat Boutique. My friend scored a Louis Vuitton bag for what we figured was one-sixth of the retail cost. Then we found Revivals, where every dress in the store was $7. I bought the perfect spring dress and after bringing it home and doing some research, I suspect it was originally a $200 item. Our "dig" turned up some treasures indeed!


If These Clothes Could Talk


While I love a good bargain, I also love a good story. With every piece we tried on, we guessed at the story. Who wore this dress, those shoes, that beautiful vintage Chanel suit? What was the occasion? Who helped them pick it out? Did they love it? Was it tough to part with?


These underlying stories speak to why I love second-hand shopping so much. Every consignment shop is born of hundreds, if not thousands, of Closet Rescues. Perhaps you've worked with me and we've created a "give-away" pile from your closet. Have you ever thought about what happens next? Through the filter of a second-hand shop, the piece that wasn't quite right for you finds new life as someone else's Smart Choices.


If You Don't Love It, Set It Free


The next time you're sorting through your own closet, bear all this in mind - and it will be that much easier to let go of something you don't love, knowing it can then find someone who does. In the space you create, add something you truly love. And that, my friends, is the path to The Real You.

Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style  
70 Years of American Fashion Celebrated

This lovely volume is my new favorite coffee table book. Beautiful and comprehensive with stunning photography and rich illustrations, the collection follows more than 100 American designers and design influencers during the last seven decades. It's a thorough lesson in fashion history as well as a colorful look at America's eclectic styles. Find it online  

American Fashion
American Fashion
As Society Evolves, So Style Evolves


If you're an avid Downton Abbey fan like I am, you may have noticed something fascinating going on this season. The series began in the nineteen-teens, and the current season is set in the Roaring Twenties. The evolution of style in this critical decade is on clear display, as is the evolution of women's place in society. There are no more corsets, and we're seeing more free-flowing clothes and softer hairstyles as the "flapper" look takes hold. At the same time, women are speaking up more and voicing their own opinions, independent of their male counterparts. In fashion as in life, the women are simply but powerfully less constrained. The stylists behind Downton Abbey are doing tremendous work supporting a riveting story. More about the series 



Downton Abbey women
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