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"What a strange power there is in clothing."  

This tip comes from  Isaac Bashevis Singer, author and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature.
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Isaac Bashevis Singer

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Dear Friend,


Last week I was in Albuquerque, where I got to connect with a grade school friend and her family. My friend's oldest child, Alex, is a high school teacher in his 20s who must look professional for work (and does) but also wants to look fun, young and hip - the better to relate with his students.


Seeking That Perfect Piece


We stopped by to visit with Alex and he pulled out some of his clothes, looking for advice. We discussed combinations, new looks and what sorts of pieces would add depth to his wardrobe. I suggested a great pair of modern wingtip shoes to bring his look up a notch. He has excellent style already - colored jeans, button-down shirts, polos - so it was just a matter of pulling everything together, and the shoes were going to make the look.


A Good Pair of Shoes


Remember the Spike Lee-Michael Jordan commercial for Nike in the 90s? "It's gotta be the shoes!" MJ may not have agreed, but Spike was on to something. Shoes are important on so many levels. For both men and women, they speak volumes about taste, style and the level of care you put into your look. Shoes don't have to be expensive - but they do need to be clean, polished and well maintained.


I gave Alex some pictures of contemporary, affordable, classy shoes and he was off on his own to find the perfect wingtip (not your father's wingtip, mind you).


The Power of a Single Upgrade in Your Wardrobe


The next day I received a picture and a nice email from Alex. It went something like this: He had just purchased his shoes and put them on in the store. Then he decided to take a look at new sunglasses. The saleswoman, while helping him, asked where he was from. He said Albuquerque and she said, "No, originally!" Again he said Albuquerque, and she told him she'd assumed he was European and that she wished her husband dressed as stylishly as he did!


Was It the Shoes?


It probably wasn't just the shoes; Alex's completed look and self-confidence were certainly what impressed the clerk. And this is not to say that one must look European to have style. Rather, it's a reminder that when you make Smart Choices and work with what's in your wardrobe and in your budget, you can change your whole look for the better.


It was a joy to work with Alex so briefly and make such a difference. He is well on his way to finding what I love to call The Real You. What single change can you make in your wardrobe to move closer to The Real You?

Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style

P.S. I love this video on why a pair of shoes is so important for men in particular, from Lisa Joseph of Joseph Shoes in Sydney - she's got a distinct opinion! 
Get Ready for Sweater Weather

If you like like the idea of wearing what celebrities are seen in, you'll love the INHABIT website. It's the destination for contemporary cashmere sweaters and luxury knitwear. The pieces are fabulous and often pricey but you can often find great deals. Right now while the fall collection is on display they're offering 70% off the summer collection. Regardless of whether you purchase, it's great eye candy! Check out INHABIT. 

Somewhere between cozy and couture
A Comfortable Shopping Experience

Have you heard of CAbi? I went to a home show recently and it exceeded my expectations. CAbi lets you shop for designer clothes in a home setting with a group of friends. I loved (and purchased) the Brando jeans, the Take Charge jacket AND the Ballet arm warmers (my favorite!). I enjoyed working with Cindy McCall, the CAbi consultant who was friendly and fun with no pressure.  

Find out more about CAbi.


CAbi Fall 2012 Collection
CAbi Fall 2012 Collection