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"Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you."  

This tip comes from fashion designer Ralph Lauren.
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren

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Dear Friend,


I talk a lot about personal style: how to find yours, how to keep it fresh, and how to stay on track when you're shopping.


One shopping trick I like to share with my clients is something I call the High/Low Approach. This means pairing high-end items that are worth the investment with lower-end "trends" that make the look The Real You, and fit the season or your mood.


How Does the High/Low Approach Work?


Here's an example of High/Low in action. Recently I was shopping with a client to find a dress for travel that would also function for work. We found a beautiful dress in the "high" range that really needed a belt to make it fully compliment her great figure. The salesperson brought us six or seven belts that just weren't quite right. We had a lot of items in the dressing room and one of them was a bandeau - a bra-like piece of stretchy fabric (similar to a tube top) that's made for wearing under a deep v-neck that feels too revealing.


I wondered if the fabric bandeau could serve as a belt. This would definitely be the "low" solution at about $15. And while suggesting that a bra-like item be worn as a belt might seem odd, I find that thinking outside of the box is often the best way to solve a styling dilemma.


Getting Creative with Lower-End Accessories


I suggested the bandeau as a belt and as we were laughing about it, she was putting it on. And lo and behold, it worked! This stretchy "belt" was exactly what the dress needed to make it fit perfectly for my client. It was true style using the High/Low Approach.


When people ask me how to find a personal style, I don't often think, "Well, pair a dress with a bra-like item and there you have it!" But real style comes from visualizing and being open to lots of possibilities and then - this is important - actually trying them on, because you never know what just might work.


Keep Your Eyes (and Your Mind!) Open to Inspiration


I smile when I think of my client wearing her beautiful dress and belt. I know that she is successfully living the definition of The Real You. Look through your own closet today with your eyes open to new possibilities, and you may be pleasantly surprised!

Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style
Have You Donated Blood Lately?


Sometimes being true to The Real You means looking out for other people. Donating blood is one simple but powerful way to do so. Get inspired by this video about my amazing friend Elaine Sonntag Johnson and her battle with a rare blood disease. Then make an appointment to donate blood at the Puget Sound Blood Center

Hear Elaine's story
Rediscovering a Classic

I love when an old friend becomes new again. I've recently rediscovered Frye boots and shoes and all they have to offer. A pair of Frye boots gives you instant comfort and wearability as well as classic style. Check out women's, men's and even kids' boots, shoes and accessories on the Frye website.


Frye boots
Frye boots are classic and comfortable