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"I won't wear anything that detracts from the self I want to present to the world."

This tip comes from Majora Carter, one of the nation's pioneers in successful urban green-collar job training and placement systems.

Majora Carter
Majora Carter

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Dear Friends,

In response to my last newsletter, I received an email from a former client who said she always likes to be reminded to "buy only what you love." Then she went on to say that a good follow-up would be to remind everyone to also KEEP only what you love. And recently I had the opportunity to practice this as well, as I pondered my travel wardrobe.

I did a lot of traveling this year, and I've gotten very good at packing. Part of this is because I've invested in some basic pieces that work very well in a variety of circumstances. I've learned how to mix and match and make things work.

The Perfect Travel Outfit

One item that I bought this year is a simple dress, black on top and patterned from the empire waist down. It's not something I would normally wear, but it is perfect for a variety of weather and circumstances when traveling. I can throw a sweater over it with boots and a scarf and it can be a cozy fall piece. I can pair it with big hoop earrings and little sandals and it's the perfect warm-weather look. I've noticed, however, that when I'm at home and I put this dress on, I never feel myself.

Trying on a New Look in a New Place

There is something about being on vacation that opens us up to trying different looks. It's a little bit about expressing yourself, a little bit about stepping out of your comfort zone, and a little bit about being around people who don't know you, which frees you up to try on something new. When you do it on vacation, it works. But sometimes when you are home again, it doesn't. (At least for me!)

Keep Your Special Travel Pieces Separate

So I have an addendum to the "keep only what you love" guideline and it is this: Keep only what you love for your travel wardrobe separate from your everyday wardrobe. But remember, this should only be a few pieces! (As I have said time and again, your wardrobe should be full of things you can wear many ways. Most of us don't have the kind of life where we need a dozen gowns. The majority of us need a few pieces we love that we can live in daily.)

If you have something in your wardrobe that feels like a great vacation look but you don't feel comfortable in it at home, I suggest you put it in a "travel box." That way, you aren't keeping something in your daily view that you don't love in your daily life. And when you open up your travel box, your wonderful memories of that look will be ready for the next adventure.

Enjoy the fall. And remember to buy only what you love AND keep only what you love!
Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style
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