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"Listen to yourself first and then, perhaps, to those who tell you that what you're wearing is 'you'."

This tip comes from the book Full Frontal Fashion: Never Worry Again about What to Wear, by Melissa Sones.

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Full Frontal Fashion: Never Worry Again about What to Wear

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Dear Friends,

Every spring I get so excited about the new, bright and summery fashions. I love to check out websites and magazines and browse for something that catches my eye.

My Spring Addiction

And without fail, every spring I begin my gravitation towards white. I love white eyelet, I love crisp white dresses. You name it, if it's white I want to look at it, touch it and hold it up to myself.

But here's the thing: I would never wear eyelet or even white for that matter. Cream-colored, maybe - but not a crisp white skirt or a white eyelet dress. And why? It just isn't me. When I'm shopping with my good friend Elaine, she will say, "You really ARE attracted to that eyelet aren't you?" And I am! It is one of those times when I have to step back and acknowledge that even though I'm attracted to it, it doesn't mean I would ever wear it. It's perfect on many people; it's just not for me.

Reality Check

I think we all have this problem at some point. Something catches our eye and we feel a pull toward it. Maybe it reminds us of something from the past or maybe we just like the idea of it. For instance, I know a woman who gravitates toward the bohemian look when shopping, and then those clothes just sit in her closet, because she actually dresses in a very classic style.

Adorn Yourself Accordingly

Several years ago I got a funny card from a friend with a quote from Epictetus, an ancient Greek philosopher. His quote was this: "Know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly." Seems like a funny source for style advice, but he couldn't be more right.

Stay True to The Real You

Go ahead, try it on - but then be honest with yourself. We all have moments when we wish we could be more or less of something. But by this time in our lives, it's best to go with what we have and who we know we are in order to live our lives fully and without regret.

It all comes back to my mantra about finding The Real You and sticking with it. Even when the darling little white eyelet dresses come out for the summer!
Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style
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