Tip of the Month

"Our heart is known by the path we walk."
This tip comes from the book Small Graces: The Quiet Gifts of Everyday Life, by Kent Nerburn.

Small Graces: The Quiet Gifts of Everyday Life

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Dear Friends,

Last Thursday I attended the Sewing Expo in Puyallup. Now, most of you know I'm not much of a seamstress (anything more than a button is too much for me). However, I do know how to sew and I used to be quite good. I just don't enjoy it - and there are so many other things I do enjoy that it seems silly to keep making myself do something that I don't love when it's not necessary. I took my daughter and my mother-in-law who both love to sew and actually find it fun.

Finding Your Passion

Being in this arena with so many people who have a passion for sewing made me realize once again the supreme importance of finding something you love and doing it on a regular basis. It's when your heart feels full that you know you've hit the mark by being true to yourself and your own spirit.

Just Because You Can...

There are times when I'm working on a Closet Rescue for a client and I know that they want to hold on to a piece of clothing that is borderline inappropriate. It's hard to let go of something that evokes a sense of another time of thinness, sexiness, youth. But, I often say that just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Finding The Real You

And this is how I feel about sewing. Just because I can, doesn't mean I should. And yet other people do - and they should. I believe life is about about finding something that you love and then going with it. For me, it's doing a Closet Rescue and helping my clients find what I call The Real You. And it's during the Closet Rescue when I realize I can save a client money just by using what's in their closet in a different way. It's on those days that I feel my best and fullest.

Living Life to the Fullest

I know what my life was like before I found something I was passionate about, and I know what it's like now. Now is so much better. It doesn't mean there aren't days when I wonder what I'm doing here. But there are less of those days now - and more days when I feel fulfilled. I know that when I'm living my life to the fullest, I'm feeling passionate and positive about what I did just that day.

Last Thursday it was the Sewing Expo in Puyallup. Who knows what it will be today?

Enjoy the beauty of Spring, and remember to tap into your passion.
Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style

P.S. It's hard to tell from the news these days whether we're still in a recession or on our way out. If you're feeling budget-conscious, check out this video of my guest appearance on Evening Magazine last year - I talk about how to use what's in your very own closet to come up with fresh new outfits.
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Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry ShampooA good friend recently turned me on to Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo. She found it at Sephora and I have shockingly become a convert. As a rule I wash my hair every day, even though I know I should let at least a day go between washes. This dry shampoo allows me to do just that. It also fits in my purse in case I need a little pick me up mid-day.
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