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"While staying on the cutting edge  of the latest trends may be far down the list of priorities for many women right now, it is possible to brilliantly make do with what we have. Owning this skill - and it can be mastered - is worth its weight in gold."

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Dear Friends,

The other day, I was talking to a client who has a very busy life - lots of balls in the air. I suggested she save time by organizing her closet. Not an overall kind of organizing like we did during her Closet Rescue. Rather, organizing on a weekly basis - deciding each week in advance what she will wear for the next seven days.  

I can already hear some of you saying, "Yeah, right... I'm not going to organize my clothes by my weekly schedule."  And my answer to you is that it takes fifteen minutes on Sunday night. Yes, fifteen minutes.

How It Works

STEP 1: Look at the weather report, keeping in mind that in these transition seasons, the weather can be a little challenging.

STEP 2: Look at your calendar for the week.  Which days can you be more casual? Which days include a meeting with a supervisor, a new client, or your child's teacher? Which evenings will you attend a special event? You get the picture. Write or print out your events for each day, then go to your closet.

STEP 3: Pull out your basics based on the weather: sheath dress, pants, jackets, dressy jeans, etc. Next, grab your tops and shoes. Lay everything out on your bed, and grab your schedule.

(Does Step 3 have you scratching your head? If your closet isn't organized and made of only pieces that you need and love, this step will be challenging. I can help you solve this with a Closet Rescue - find out how.)

STEP 4: Start with Monday and choose your outfit for that day's events. Do the same thing for each day of the week. When the outfits are finished, add accessories. Then put everything back in your closet, in order of the days of the week. Post your printed schedule in your closet for reference.


Now comes the fun part - every single morning for the next week, you don't have to stand in your closet and stress about what you're going to wear!

With just a little dedicated planning on Sunday night, the next seven mornings are a snap. In the time you've saved, you might enjoy a second cup of coffee, or a bit of quiet time, or even extra sleep. Keep your weekly lists through the season and soon you'll be rotating your wardrobe like some people rotate their menus!
Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style
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