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"The idea now is to buy special, buy less, and buy better. Even if you can buy everything, don't just buy anything!"

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Dear Friends,

It seems like August comes faster every year. I tend to get anywhere from slightly melancholy to panicky this time of year because I know in just a few short months the weather will turn and the sun will disappear again.

Sometimes it seems that if I buy new fall clothes, it will make the season change more bearable. This year, I'm working on focusing on the present: enjoying the rest of the summer and this moment, and I encourage you to do the same.

A New Approach to Simplifying

My summer goal has been to simplify, and that includes my closet. I clean out my closet every season, but this time I've taken a new approach. I did a "walk through" at the beginning of the summer but now as we head toward fall I'm looking at it with new eyes. What have I worn this summer over and over? That's a keeper. What have I passed by every time I had an opportunity to wear something for an event? That's in the give-away bag. By pairing down, loving what you already own and NOT buying something new to replace it, you give yourself the opportunity to live in and love your wardrobe.

The Needs Versus Wants List

Next, I've made a Needs Versus Wants list for new clothing items. This is pretty simple in theory but can be surprisingly tough to actually do. It's an exercise that has forced me to really be honest with myself about where my priorities lie. Do I want to spend my money on stuff this year or do I want to spend my money on experiences? No one can have it all so it's vital to prioritize. This doesn't mean you must completely deprive yourself of wants. It does mean making a commitment to making mindful decisions about anything you add to your closet.

Having a closet full of clothes that I love is my goal and of course I think it should be yours too. By choosing mindfully, you can make better decisions and feel good about your purchases. Sometimes less is more and a truly stylish person knows this.

Key Questions When Shopping

Try this simple technique: The next time you are in a store and about to purchase something, think to yourself, "How does this fit into my life? How does this fit my body? And most importantly, do I love it?" If you can answer each question honestly, you will avoid making regrettable impulse buys and will instead make quality decisions that lead to a wardrobe full of things you love.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! See you in the fall!
Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style
Purse Hooks
I've  been working on not putting my bag on the floor when I'm at a restaurant. One night I was out with a girlfriend and she pulled out her foldable purse hook.  Compact, cute, and easy to keep in your bag, it holds your bag away from the floor. You can eliminate the germ factor, make sure you don't lose track of it, and keep your nice bags in better condition longer.

Purse Hooks

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No More Heel Wedgies!
Do you love wearing backless heels with jeans or pants, but hate when your pants get bunched up between your foot and your shoe? Try out Kix by Katie, a clever invention that keeps your pant leg straight and out of your shoe, allowing you to walk more easily and stop peeking behind you to check on your pants.

Kix by Katie 

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