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"Remember this:  No one is looking at your imperfections; they're all too busy worrying about their own."
This tip comes from an instructive book called "How to Have Style" by fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi. Check it out!

How To Have Style by Isaac Mizrahi

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Dear Friends,

After watching many election debates as well as Sunday morning political shows I've come to a variety of conclusions. Most of which I won't share today but one which I think is probably not one that many people think of. And that is how important it is to dress for your audience.

Much of what we believe or more importantly perceive about people happens in the first impression. Whether you are a political candidate or not we are judged by our appearance and our "look" if you will. I'm not talking beauty here, I'm talking style. I'm talking about knowing who you are and dressing for yourself and your situation in the most appropriate manner possible.

As we age, I hear many people say that it's harder to find things that keep them young but also keep them looking appropriate. And I agree to a point. The truth is, we know more about ourselves now than we did in our 20's . There is a general "settling" that goes on, and I don't mean physically, I mean mentally. It follows that with that attitude shift, it should be easier to adorn yourself with the look that feels like you.

And this is where I think the trouble begins.  Most of us choose one "stage" of life that we feel we looked the best and we stick to it. This is how people get stuck in the same hairstyle for 20 years. What I'm saying is that as we age and we find ourselves mentally and emotionally, we can also find ourselves in our style.

Yes, it's true, people on tv have someone helping them everyday. A stylist, a hair dresser, make up artist, etc. But remember, these are just people like you and me who are at times insecure, nervous, and unsure as well as confident, happy, and settled. They just have someone to help them through the daily choices so that their look speaks accurately of who they really are.

The next time you get dressed, take a good hard look in the mirror. Be honest. Are you showing the world the Real You? Are you dressing for your audience (which first and foremost should be you)? Do you feel good, really good in your skin and your clothes? If you do, then you are on the right path. If not, take a step back and ask yourself, "How can my look be more true to who I really am today?" After all, we only get one chance in this world. You might as well dress like you mean it!

Continue to have a great fall. And don't forget to vote!
Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style
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I recommend Valette brand at Nordstrom to many of my clients. Nothing is flashy but that's the best part. Valette is great as a basic because you can layer, mix and match and take it through each season - making it worth the price point. I bought a basic black tunic top last spring and now I'm wearing it with leggings and a jacket as it gets cooler. During challenging economic times it is great to find a reasonable line that will stand the test of time.
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Valette at Nordstrom
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