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"Try to enjoy getting dressed. It may be the only dedicated time for yourself all day."
This tip comes from a terrific book called "Before You Put That On" which contains a style tip for every day of the year. I highly recommend it!

Before You Put That On by Lloyd Boston

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Dear Friends,

It's September... do you know what's happening in your closet?

School has started and whether you have kids in classes or not, it's hard to forget those days of having a "back to school" outfit. Usually it was cords or jeans with a sweater top or some equally warm outfit that (at least in the Midwest) you would bake in before the day was over.

I still think about those days when I go through my closet in September. It's a time to put summer clothes away and think about a look for fall and winter.

When I say a "look" I mean, "What will my closet say about me this year?" After all, in the Northwest, we spend the bulk of our time in a rainier, cooler climate. This year, why not make a statement with your look and branch out of your comfort zone even just a little bit? Try a great bag with a hit of color or a pair of boots or shoes you wouldn't normally wear. Remember that you can be comfortable and warm and still look chic and sophisticated. The key is great pieces that make you feel like a million bucks even though they may be great buys from a thrifty sale.

I know that this fall I am going for the great slacks, bulkier sweaters and boots along with some long sleeve flowing tops and leggings. I love trends but I also know that I need to feel and look my best on a day to day basis and that doesn't always mean that I should follow the "latest" looks.

I can pretty much guarantee that you will feel the same with a little "tweaking" of your daily wardrobe. Listen to yourself. Does it make you feel great? Do you love your look? Do you open your closet and love your clothes? If so, you are on the right track. Is the answer no? Open up some magazines, look at the styles and find a look that feels right for you. Take baby steps. You don't have to change your whole look in one day. Finding yourself in your style often takes time. You might as well start now; what do you have to lose?

If it's just one new look this year, I encourage you to go for it! After all, we were all kids in grade school just a "few years" ago. Aren't you glad that you don't have to experience that all over again? This time we can just enjoy our style and not worry about fitting in.
Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style
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Local jewelry artist Shannon Koszyk creates absolutely beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets. All of her artisan jewelry is hand-crafted, unique and fun. I find her pieces great for layering or wearing alone. Looking for one-of-a kind wearable art pieces at reasonable prices? Check out Shannon's full line of jewelry at www.shannonkoszyk.com
Jewelry by Shannon Koszyk
Featured Shopping Spot
I've recently discovered a terrific shop in Wallingford Center called So Much Fun Sporty Chic. Their clothes can be worn a variety of different ways, and are made of really great fabrics, many with features like wicking, UV protection, and anti-bacterial properties. Stop by and check them out, in Wallingford or online at www.smfsportychic.com
Jewelry by Shannon Koszyk