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Hello Friends,

When it gets to be "almost summer" here in the northwest I cannot wait to get out of my dark winter stuff and into the spring and summer looks I have been storing for nine months. So, I make a trip to my basement closet to bring up the summer stuff and to pack away the turtlenecks and sweaters.

This year I found a fairly empty closet in the basement save for a few shorts and swimwear. I had forgotten that when my sister came to visit in February we did a number on my closet and I got rid of lots of "tired" looks that needed to be taken to the Goodwill.

The good news is that I have room in my wardrobe for new things and that of course is also the bad news. I realize that since I am a person who loves summer SO much, I tend to go overboard and I end up with lots of summer clothes that are very limiting. It just doesn't make sense in our climate to have as many summer clothes as I had stashed in my basement closet before performing my own Closet Rescue last February.

So, I decided that this summer I am really going to make my own Smart Choices in my closet. Instead of five little summer dresses I'm going to invest in one great one that I love and can wear many ways. Instead of wearing flip flops everyday this summer I'm going to remember my cute little sandals and put those on for a change instead.

Like many of you, I'm tired of having things that don't work or are "almost" right in my wardrobe. I think that my summer wardrobe is especially at risk because I want so badly for it to be warm here that I buy more hot weather clothes than I can possibly need or wear. Living that way is no longer working in my lifestyle.

Take this time of year to go through your own closet. Be honest. Do you love it? Does it fit like a glove (or can it be altered to?) Do you feel GREAT (and I mean GREAT) when you put it on? If you do, keep it and move on. If not, get rid of it and move on.

Just remember when you are shopping the next time that you don't need quantity to get through summer (or any season for that matter) just the right things for you and for your lifestyle.

I'll look forward to seeing you soon!
Patricia Gorham

Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style