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Hello Friends,

Well, after a few months of waiting, I want to let you know that March is the month that Seattle Magazine featured their 4 top stylists in Seattle and I am honored to be one of them! Check it out on page 44 - you can get it on newsstands today, but hurry, before the April issue comes out!

Seattle Magazine March IssueI am very pleased with the content. I really wanted to make sure that The Real You came out in the copy and I feel that was achieved.

My client, Laurie, was a joy to work with. I got to do what I love best, and that's get in people's closets to see where they have been and then help them find The Real You by adding new pieces to their existing wardrobe to achieve a new look. 

We all have a story to tell and our closets can be a peek into the past. Make yours a peek into the future as well today by looking forward and updating your look.

After all, it's the first day of Spring and you want the Real You (from today, not the past!) to show up! 

Hope to see you soon!
Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style