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Hello Friends,

Well, February is upon us and if you're like me, you've seen the damage from the holiday season and you've made some resolution about how you are spending your money in 2008. Combine that with news about the economy (depending on who you listen to) and you could be in a downward emotional spiral.

It's hard to be in a "money saving" mode when the weather is dark and winter is far from over. At least I think it is. However, this year my husband and I decided to make sure we were on the right track so we've gone with a "cash only" basis. This applies to buying "stuff" but doesn't apply to travel. So, if it's a great sweater I want, I really need to think about it because the credit cards are "closed." If it's a trip we want to take, then that's another story. We are working on having more experiences and then obviously less stuff.

This idea works great until I'm in a store and I see something that I don't need but THINK will make me feel good. The truth is, (and we all know this) stuff doesn't make you happy. At least in the long run. There's always more stuff to want and of course we see the money dwindle which never feels good.

This is the perfect time of year to look at your closet and see what you have and how you can "make it work" in the words of Tim Gunn from Project Runway. If you haven't tried pairing new things together, then spend some time looking at your closet in a new light. I know some people think I'm ridiculous, but I take pictures of stuff I like in my closet,  accessories and all. Then when I feel like breaking out of the drab winter blues, I have something I can put my hands on immediately that I know I will love. It's all about ease for me. If I have to think about it too much then it's too much work.

I hope you can begin this year finding treasures in your own closet. I know I am. It's all about finding the Real You and then keeping it real. Give yourself and your closet a little attention... who knows what you might find?
Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style