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Dear Friends,

It's January and a whole new year once again!

I had a busy year in 2007 and look forward to more fun and fashion, style and Closet Rescues in 2008.

Speaking of closets, this is the perfect time to get yours organized. Beyond performing a Closet Rescue there's no time like the present to get your closet into top shape by having a place for everything and everything in its place.

One place that I can start feeling overwhelmed is looking at my shoe collection. I say collection, because that's what it has turned into. So, at the end of the year last year I took a hard look at my inventory and decided to buy shoe boxes (Fred Meyer, $1.49) and spent an hour taking pictures of all my shoes. This may sound like overkill, but it was very satisfying. It saves looking through piles of shoes and it also protects them. Don't stop at organizing only the shoes, go for the boots as well. I went to Storables and purchased boot savers ( $9.99). Now my boots stand up in my closet on their own and I can better remember what I have in a fast morning dressing frenzy.

Take it one more step and put your clothing on wooden hangers. I know this takes some extra room, but the beauty of it is, you'll probably get rid of stuff that you don't wear if there isn't enough space in your closet for everything. I love that my closet feels like a little boutique. After all, why wouldn't you want your clothes to look as beautiful as they did the day you bought them? You don't see stores using wire hangers and you shouldn't either.

I think that a new year is all about starting fresh. And a little personal Closet Rescue goes a long way this time of year. Enjoy these winter days and remember that Spring really is just around the corner. I've recently received a call from Seattle Magazine, indicating that my photo shoot will be in the March magazine. We'll keep our fingers crossed and keep moving forward.

Remember, your life is happening right now, you might as well look great (and feel organized) along the way!
Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style