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January 30, 2015
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2014 Investment Returns
New website/brand
2015 Employer Rates
IRS Form W-2
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This preliminary information is based on unaudited investment return data and projected actuarial information. Finalized information will be available in early May.


The estimated 2014 investment return for IMRF is 5.57%. This return translates into investment income of approximately $2.3 billion after investment and administrative expenses. Member and annuitant reserves will be credited approximately $1.58 billion as required by the Illinois Pension Code. Employer reserve balances will be credited with the balance, approximately $0.72 billion. 


On average, employer accounts will be credited approximately 5.17% of interest and residual investment income on their beginning of the year employer reserve balance.

These credits reflect the fact that, as sponsors of a defined benefit plan, IMRF employers share all the risks and rewards of investment returns.


Upcoming Employer Rate meetings

Beginning on April 20, 2015, IMRF will present a series of local rate meetings throughout the state. At these meetings we will discuss the impact of year-end financial and actuarial data on IMRF as a whole and its estimated impact on individual employers. We will also discuss other current topics impacting IMRF and pension plans in general. IMRF will also present the same information at a webinar in May.


Read more in General Memo 653


IMRF set to launch new website/brand 

IMRF is set to launch its new website and corporate brand in the coming days.

Learn more about these exciting improvements.

Reminder: 2015 employer rates

In November 2014, we provided all Authorized Agents with an Official Rate Notice for 2015. The Official Rate Notice gives a breakdown of your employer's 2015 rate.

Use your 2015 employer rate when reporting wages paid in January 2015. This month is the first month you will calculate employer contributions using your 2015 employer rate.


Learn more in the full January 2015 Employer Reminder. 

IMRF and IRS Form W-2

Curious how to fill out IRS Form W-2 for your employees who are eligible to participate in IMRF? Learn more in IMRF Tax Letter #17.


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