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June 18, 2014
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Employer Access How To:
How to report a wage adjustment

Do you know how to adjust a member's wages once they have been incorrectly reported? You can submit the adjustment via Employer Access by using the Wage Adjustments function. 

  • Click on "Report Wage Adjustments" under the Wage & Contribution Section on Employer Access homepage
  • Enter the member's SSN, month and year of the wage report you want to adjust and select the member's plan
  • Enter the total correct monthly wages and contributions in the box labeled ""Adjusted Wages." (For example, if you previously reported $1,000 and it should have been $1,200, enter $1,200, not $200)
  • Enter a reason for the adjustment
  • Click Continue
  • Check the certification box
  • Click "Adjust" 

After IMRF staff reviews the adjustment, you'll receive a paper advice (either a charge or credit, depending on the adjustment type) which will also be available in your Document Archive the day after you submit the adjustment. The advice will also be reflected in your Employer Receivable Balance. For charge advices, you would make the EFT payment within 30 days.  

Audit Corner:
Properly administering IMRF locally

As an IMRF Authorized Agent, you are responsible for the proper local administration of your employer's IMRF plan. 


This is a significant responsibility that should never be taken lightly.


The Illinois Pension Code legally requires the administrative procedures outlined in the IMRF Manual for Authorized Agents. IMRF has a robust employer audit program which verifies that IMRF employers are properly administering the plan. 


Occasionally, IMRF employers make mistakes in their local administration of the plan. Recently, public allegations surfaced that the IMRF program was not being properly administered in Rock Island County


Misapplication of IMRF procedures-whether accidental or intentional-violates the Illinois Pension Code, and damages the reputation of IMRF and all its participating employers. 


If you ever have questions about the proper local administration of your employer's IMRF plan, call an IMRF Member Services Representative at 1-800-ASK-IMRF.

Board Meeting Highlights

At the May Board meeting, the Board:
  • Heard an Annual Actuarial Valuation Report and Gain/Loss Analysis, which found IMRF 96% funded
  • Approved a change to IMRF's policy for overfunded employers
  • Approved 2015 ECO rates

Read more in the May Board Meeting Highlights 

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