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August 2015
September 2015

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President's Message 

Mike Hinton President
by Mike Hinton, Redwood Region President

  Summer is here, as I'm sure you have noticed, and the Redwood Region's events are in full swing.  Our three club-sponsored events in July included an autocross, a winery tour and drive, and a public display in Sonoma.  I'm happy to report that we had a great turnout for each event, with many new faces in attendance.  Big thanks go out to our intrepid autocross crew, including our peerless gatekeeper Kurt, and expert registrars Anita and Laverne, to Vern Rogers for coordinating and leading the drive to Field Stone Winery, and to Kurt for keeping the Sonoma gathering on track.  Lastly, many thanks to Deven Wailes for sponsoring the Sonoma event, and for hosting the fantastic after-party at his house.


  Now that August has arrived, the Club has another interesting slate of events, with a couple of non-Club sponsored events for your consideration.  The monthly Marin Cars and Coffee gathering was held on August 2, with an estimated 250 cars in attendance.  It's a great, low-key event with plenty of unusual cars and very nice people.  Contact Kurt Fischer for more information.  August 8 is the latest edition of our autocross series.  I'll be conducting a large experiment (for me) as I swap Barney (my 1972 911T) for our 2014 991 Carrera.  I suspect that a steep learning curve is in my near future!  The following week features the near-overload of "Monterey Car Week."  It's a great opportunity to see hundreds of interesting cars, and my two favorite events, the Concours on the Avenue, and the Tour d'Elegance, are both free to the public.  Of course, the Werks Reunion sponsored by Porsche is on Friday of Car Week, and that event is free also.  After Car Week, we have another winery tour scheduled at Pech Merle Winery in Geyserville.  Jamie and I will be cooking the chicken, so come on down!


  I hope to see you at one of the upcoming August events.  I will be down in Monterey as well, and hope to see some of you either in Carmel, or at Werks Reunion!



From the Editor

by Jamie DeRuiter, der Riesenbaum Editor

  Our group enjoyed many great events this past month most of which are written up in this issue of der Riesenbaum.  I personally got to autocross again and attended the Porsches on the Plaza event.  I can't say enough about how fun it is to be a part of this group of great people.  I had as much fun racing with them as I did hanging out in the Plaza sipping some fine wine.  

  This month includes another winery tour at Pech Merle.  Myself and Mike Hinton will be the BBQ masters for the event.  Come on out and enjoy a great meal with some fabulously crafted wine.  I know Mike already gave us a plug above on this event but I want to emphasize just how fun it is going to be.  

  On a personal note, I've had a great summer so far hanging out with my oldest son and his best friend in the mountains before they head off to college.  Our dog is very confused by his noticeable absence in our valley home.  Our dog, Suki, keeps checking in his room to see if he's there.  I'm afraid that's how I'm going to feel when he's off at college after having him always around these past eighteen years.  He's heading off to Cogswell Polytechnical College in Santa Clara.  He has no idea how much fun he's going to have off on his own.  

  This morning I found myself adjusting my front sway bar in anticipation of this weekend's autocross event.  I always try to find something to do in hopes of going faster.  It seems that suspension tweaks are something one can do and never quite be happy with.  I'm searching for that point at which I finally say, "that's it!"  In reality, I don't think this may ever happen but I hope to come close to that feeling soon.

  Come on out and enjoy one of our autocross events, winery tours or what have you.  This group is very welcoming and down to earth.  We love our new members and have a great time meeting them and getting to know them better.  If you make it out to one of our up coming events you'll be glad you did.

Shift Toward Adventure,



Field Stone Winery Tour
vern rogers headshot 2011
by Vern Rogers, Past President Redwood Region

  Over 30 cars and 56 people gathered on a beautiful Saturday morning a few weeks back for an hour and a half of Sonoma County backroad bliss.  The tour about to begin would take us from Kaffe Mocha in Windsor to the Southern-most beginnings of West Side Rd.  West Side has always been one of my favorite roads even in past years when the pavement surface was awful.  Lucky for our Porsche pilots this day, it had very recently been repaved.  Nothing combines so well as new asphalt, great vineyard views, incredible vehicles, and intrepid drivers.


driver's meeting
The Driver's Meeting





  We followed West Side all the way until it turned toward Eastward towards Healdsburg, catching West Dry Creek Rd in the middle of that turn.  Amazingly enough West Dry Creek also had new pavement... let the bliss continue.  Unfortunately, we did have to contend with other, slower, and perhaps less predictable occupants of the road.  Even though we had moved our event away from the July 18th Vineman Triathalon, we still ended up with a Century Ride on our Saturday.  Luckily, the Century riders were going in the opposite direction from the Porsches, and for the most part were in single file.  Those of you that attended this year's Point Reyes Station run remember that this is not always the case.




  We stayed on West Dry Creek to very near the far North end of the valley crossing it only to reach Dutcher Creek road and make our way across 101, down to Geyserville and onto 128 South into Alexander Valley landing ultimately on a right turn onto the driveway to Field Stone.


  This was our third annual trek to this beautiful setting.  Once again, we were greeted by the always friendly staff and winery volunteers.  After car parking, and getting wristbands for wine tasting and lunch, most folks were led on a tour of the grounds.  A few stayed behind at the picnic tables to begin the first round of tasting.  Once the tour participants arrived back, several wines were poured for tasting, ending with the absolutely fabulous Petite Sirah.  A lunch of grilled sausages, tri-tip, potato and green salads, as well as corn bread and a chocolate cake dessert followed the tasting and was heartily enjoyed by all.  Our few vegetarians were treated to some excellent and very freshly prepared cheese ravioli in pesto sauce.


porsches in the vineyard
Lunch time


  All participants received two tickets for a glass of wine, as well as a raffle ticket.  No one went hungry or thirsty.  Raffle prizes of baseball caps and vintage wall thermometers were won by a lucky few, and friendly

camaraderie abounded.


  Year after year this winery has provided our club with a really fantastic event, as well as an opportunity to purchase their wines at a discount and join their wine club.  As I have said, this is the only club I still belong to and have been a member since the early 80's.  If you had a great time at this event, please show your appreciation by writing a great review on Yelp, by becoming a member of their wine club, or simply by purchasing their wines in your local store or restaurant.


  We look forward to the summer of 2016 for our next run to Field Stone.  Big thanks to Katherine, Greg, Jason and the fabulous winery volunteers!


(photos courtesy of Craig Steele and Barbara McCrory)
pechPech Merle Winery Tour "Va Va Vroom", Saturday, August 22, 2015
RSVP using by August 20 at 9:00 pm PDT.  Redwood Region events are not searchable on MSR so be sure to use the link here or from the Calendar.

Pech Merle Winery
 Questions?  Contact Kurt Fischer:
Mobile Works West




Porsches on the Plaza - July 25th, 2015


 by Simone Kopitzki, Sponsorship Director Redwood Region


  On a nice sunny morning about 50 Porsches showed up for our very popular Porsches on the Plaza event in Sonoma. Once the members had parked their cars in the horseshoe in front of the City Hall and registered it was then time to enjoy a beautiful day in the Park. The park surrounding the horseshoe is perfect for sitting in the shade, enjoying a picnic, wine and good conversations. This event is more about the social part of the club. Meeting old and new friends in the club. Very causal but a lot of fun.




 Susan Stuart and I assisted with people that were interested in joining the club and with the collection of the People's choice tickets. Some were interested in the activities of the club.  Others wanted to receive the newsletter.  Many people told us their story of their Porsche experience and some just stopped by to look at the brochure "Porsche for sale" presented by Greg Maissen, the sales representative for HiTec Automotive and we hope that they will eventually be buying and joining the club later.




 Speaking of HiTec Automotive, a special shout out to HiTec Automotive and Deven Wailes, its owner. He sponsored the event once again. Thank you Deven for your continuing support to the club.




 The 'People's Choice' first place winner was Thomas Renshaw and his wife Cindy.  They actually just bought their 1964 356C Cabriolet from HiTec Automotive and re-joined the club after 30+ years of being absent. Second place was Mike Burns with his 911/930 Turbo. Third place was shared by Vern Rogers (Cayman), Thorsten Kopitzki (991) and Jim Hybiske (911 RS Replica).




   In addition, Porsche Merchandise items such as a poster, calendars and books were donated by Vern Rogers.  Three bottles of wine from Adobe Road were donated by the Redwood Region and a bottle of champagne was donated by BusiBee Bookkeeping.  All these wonderful prizes were raffled off to those owners in the preferred parking area on the square.




 Our region's charity,CASA, was also there to represent themselves. All collections from this event are going to support CASA (Court Appointed Children Advocates). With over 50 cars we are able to give a good amount of support. 


  The event dissolved around 3:30. As in past years, Deven Wailes, owner of HiTec Automotive, hosted an after show party at his home for members of the club.  Everybody brought some food or drinks and in the beautiful setting of his garden we socialized until about 9 pm. I am already looking forward to this great event next year.

The Three Stogies...Deven, Tom & Kurt comparing ashes


(photos courtesy of Simone Kopitzki, Paige Gaines and Craig Steele)

led Ledson Concours d'Elegance 2015, Sunday, September 20, 2015

Questions?  Contact James Heisey -
Concours 2015 - Redwood goes to Golden Gate Carlsen Porsche Concours
Redwood goes to Carlsen Porsche
Redwood goes to Golden Gate Carlsen Porsche Concours on August 2, 2015.  It takes a lot of cleaning and polishing to get the car ready after driving to the location.  Amazing how much brake dust can accumulate in just a short drive.  

From top to bottom on the photos:  
John Jackson giving Simone and Thorsten Kopitzki advice on cleaning with Mike Burns and Bob Schoenherr in the background.
Mike Burns getting his 1979 930 ready.  Thorsten with his first place trophy.
Anita Benzing and Bob Schoenherr with the "Green Machine".   John Jackson attending to business.

(photos by Barbara McCrory and Simone Kopitzki)
Member Profile - Autocross Experience, AX#6

  Autocrossing with Andy Smith

                                    by Chip Witt, Redwood Region Secretary



  I had the pleasure of running into one of Redwood Region's newest members, Andy Smith, at the Marin Cars and Coffee in Novato on July 5th. Through the course of our conversation, I learned that Andy had not only heard about our region's great autocross events, but had already been invited out by several of his friends that regularly autocross with the club. Despite multiple invitations and lots of encouragement, it seemed like Andy might have still been on the fence about coming out to AX #6 on July 11th when we parted ways, but I remained hopeful.




  Well, I'm happy to report that Andy did make it out and, by all accounts, had an amazing time. He graciously gave us a few minutes for an email interview about his experience.


dR:  How long have you been a PCA member? How long with the Redwood Region?


Andy:  I have been a member for only about six months, Redwood and PCA.


dR:  What Porsche(s) do you (or have previously) owned? How long have (did) you had it (have them)?


Andy:  I started slowly! I currently have the 1989 Targa (Baltic Blue) which I have owned for about a year and previously had a 1999 all-black 911 (996) which I had for a little more than a year before that.  I have been previously (and continue to be) an Alfa Romeo fan as well, although I am just down to the one 1988 Spider Veloce at this I need to make garage space for the Porsches!


dR:  What originally led you to join the PCA?


Andy:  I have three or four friends who are longtime members, and super-knowledgeable about the club and the brand. They invited me to a tech event at Hi Tec, and I enjoyed the group so much I joined right thereafter.


dR: Have you attended other club events, and if so, which ones? Did you bring a guest (your wife/significant other) with you for any of them? Did you have fun?


Andy:  So far, I have been to two tech events, one tour (Oktoberfest), several Cars and Coffee Sundays in Novato, and a few non-official events like Dick Gale's "One Lap of Marin".  Of course, I had fun!  Any time I'm learning more about the marque, about sports cars in general, or about how to become a better owner/driver, I am living the dream! So far, just me for those events but working on other family members!


dR:  How did you first hear about autocrossing with the club?


Andy:  Somebody made an announcement at the Tech Event which piqued my interest. Then my Porsche Club buddies had told me about how great it is for learning about your car and learning about performance driving.  The low cost and the frequency of offerings made it very easy for me to decide to "take the plunge"!


dR:  When you first heard about autocrossing, what were your thoughts? Were you immediately interested? Did you have any concerns that gave you cause for hesitation?


Andy:  Well, I think that I am like a lot of people; I don't want to embarrass myself too badly. I figured that there would be people there with a LOT more experience and with a lot more specialized cars.  I guessed that there was the potential for me to look very bad!


dR: Did you have any preconceived notions of what autocrossing was or the types of Porsche owners it catered to?


Andy: The above types. Not necessarily bad, but potentially intimidating for the newbie!


dR:  What did you get out of the day? Learn anything specific? Did anything about the day surprise you?


Andy:  First of all, I found everyone to be extremely helpful and supportive. I had to "learn the ropes" (e.g. everything) when our group was assigned the track/marshall duty, and Joe Lee was very helpful in explaining everything.  Then Bob Schoenherr acted as my instructor when it was my turn to drive, and because his style is very Cool, Calm and Collected, I began to improve almost right from the start.  I learned the limits of my car (yes, one spin!) and I learned some good techniques.  Both helped me shave seven seconds off my time by the end of the day. Fun!


dR:  Did you have fun? Will you come out again? Would you recommend autocrossing to your friends and family? Why?


Andy:  Yes and yes! I will definitely be back. I also have some friends who are very curious about the process but a bit afraid to take the plunge. I can happily tell them that there is nothing to worry about and everything to gain!


dR:  Sounds like you had a great time! We're glad to hear you plan on coming out again. Now that you've had your initial experience, what would your "elevator pitch" be to friends that you think might benefit from coming out to an autocross event with you?


Andy: I would tell them that there is no better or more cost-effective way to learn both about yourself and your car in a very short time frame. All is very organized and safe, yet as much fun as I have ever had driving a car!


  We asked Andy to provide the picture you see of him with his car. With it he provided a little editorial commentary: "It's kind of an idiotic picture, but Essy Fariab took this and I get a laugh out of it!"


  Andy, thank you for answering our questions, providing the picture and for your participation in our events. You seem to fit right in, and we're happy to have you. Welcome to the Redwood Region of the Porsche Club of America!

mapleMaple Creek Winery Tour, Saturday, September 5, 2015
RSVP using  by September 3 at 8:00 pm PDT.  Redwood Region events are not searchable on MSR so be sure to use the link here or from the Calendar. 
Maple Creek Winery
Questions?  Contact Kurt Fischer -



axRedwood Region Autocross, Saturday, September 19, 2015
RSVP using    Registration opens August 19.  Redwood Region events are not searchable on MSR so be sure to use the link here or from the Calendar. 
Porsche 914 at autocross
Registration opens August 19 on
Questions?  Grady Carter by email:
werksPCA Werks Reunion, Friday, August 14, 2015
Registration for this event on closed on August 7, 2015 for the concours.  Corral registration closes August 10 at 12:00 pm EDT.  Spectators are still welcome and are free to attend.

Werks Reunion


Autocross Results


This link will take you to the Autocross results hosted on the Redwood Region website.   Autocross Results 


Bertolli's Auto Body


poolRedwood Region Pool Party, Sunday, September 6, 2015


RSVP using  by September 3 at 8:00 pm PDT.  Redwood Region events are not searchable on MSR so be sure to use the link here or from the  Calendar. 
Redwood Pool Party
Questions?  Contact Kurt Fischer,
rennRennsport Reunion V, Friday to Sunday, September 25-27, Laguna Seca


Porsche Rennsport Reunion V
Tickets are on sale for this event  Laguna Seca
Porsche Rennsport Reunion V Website 




Update: Event Registration on MSR


Three years ago Redwood Region started using for event sign ups and collecting associated payments.  We have found it a very convenient and effective platform for planning purposes as well as greatly simplifying payment collections. Our use of the application has continued to grow, as has our practice of using it. The Region is now requiring online payment when registering for almost all events; the only exceptions are the Redwood Autocrosses. (MSR) has also made some changes. The most noticeable to our membership is that they are no longer accepting electronic checks (e-checks) and payment options are limited to Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards. For those of you who prefer not to pay online, you may mail a check to the Region Treasurer such that it arrives before the registration closing date.



Jerry Gladstone

Redwood Region Treasurer & MSR Administrator

snrSierra Nevada Zone 7 Concours, Saturday/Sunday, September 5/6, Reno


escapePCA Escape to Rushmore, October 1-3, 2015, Rapid City, South Dakota
Porsche Escape to Rushmore

Registration for this event opened August 3.  

Redwood History - August 1982 

Fun in the Sun Autocross - August 29th


I've invited Mario Andretti, Sterling Moss, and the entire Penske Racing Team to our autocross Aug. 29th.  Come and join this select group and have a great Sunday of fun.


Some of the extra's we hinted at in the last issue:

1.  All first time drivers free

2.  We will tape some of the runs via video camera later to be submitted to Wide World of Sports.

3.  Course walk at 9:45 with one of our own experts,

4.  Finally, there will be a special prize for Men's and Women's groups of either a new 944 or a bottle of wine - winners and prizes to be determined by our Judges.

Looking forward to seeing you. Stan Michelman

Porsches ready to autocross
The 80's


der Riesenbaum  August 1982

BusiBee Bookkeeping


Affiliate Email Addresses Needed


Call for Affiliates Email Addresses!


We have heard from many Affiliates that they are not receiving copies of the der Reisenbaum and because of that are not aware of events!


Please submit your email address to Barbara McCrory, our Webmaster.  She can be reached at:


Board Meeting Minutes

Chip Witt
by Chip Witt, Redwood Region Secretary

Redwood Region Board Meeting Minutes - The minutes from the July 28, 2015 Board meeting will be available after approval at the August meeting.  Read previous board meeting minutes here.  
Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on August 25, 2015 at Novato Mary's Pizza Shack, 121 San Marin Drive, Novato, CA 94945. All members are welcome to attend.  

Membership Information

Please contact Tom Short, Membership Director for general information about Club membership, including changes of address and/or contact information, dual-membership inquiries, inter-region transfers, membership referrals, and name badges.

Redwood Region Members are welcome and encouraged to attend monthly Board Meetings, held on the last Tuesday of each month (except December) at 7:00 p.m. Month Day Year meeting will be at Novato Mary's Pizza Shack, 121 San Marin Drive, Novato, CA 94945.
CASA Flyer


Election Announcement

  Well, it's that time of year again when a young man's (or woman's) fancy runs toward thoughts of being elected to the Redwood Region Board of Directors.  What?...  you're laughing?


  But seriously, it is the duty of the most Recent Past President of the Region (me) to begin shaking the bushes looking for those members who not only understand that PCA runs on volunteers, but also want to contribute to a club that brings them so much fun and enjoyment throughout the year.


  President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are all board positions that require election each year.  Any and/or all of these provide an excellent opportunity to give back to your club.  Please contact me, Vern Rogers, at either, or 415-420-9567 if you have an interest in running for one of these positions.


  These are just the elected members of the board.  If you are interested in serving in one of the appointed positions instead, that opportunity can also be available.  Appointed positions include: Safety Director, Goodie Store Director, Event Director, Sponsorship Director, Autocross Director, Membership Director, Social Media Director, Concours Director, Newsletter Editor.  Again, contact me if interested.


  Lastly, as I stated many times when I was President, we always welcome member input and suggestions for events.  You may contact me or any other Board member with these.


That's all for now... down the road.


Vern Rogers

Redwood Region Contacts
2015 Redwood Region Board of Directors

Executive Council                                                                        Appointed Directors
mike hinton headshot 2011


Jamie De Ruiter

Craig Steele, Vice President
Grady Carter



bob schoenherr headshot 2011


Chip Witt

Chip Witt, Secretary

Mac Cranford


vern rogers, Past President



   Ad-Hoc Committee


kurt fischer headshot


Tom Short

Tom Short, Membership Director
david bunch headshot 2011


Zone 7 Representative

david bunch headshot 2011





der Marktplatz


                Wanted to Buy
               Looking for 17" Boxster wheels. 7" and 8.5"

             Contact Andy Brian by email:
                            For Sale

                                   no photo
For Sale: Two weekend tickets to Rennsport Reunion V, Sept 26,27 Price: $150
Two (2) General Admission+Paddock weekend tickets, good for Sat/Sun, Sept 26-27, 2015. I paid full price, $70 each, plus $10 handling charge. If you're planning on going and haven't purchased tix yet save yourself the $10 ticketing fee and buy these. Selling both for $140, delivered via certified mail. Thanks. More info:
Contact: Tom Short,

DAS Sport Bar
911 Track Parts for 1989 Carrera 911.    Restoring my '89 to stock.

Sparco Race Seats with mounting hardware $125 for both.  Will include 6 point harness set up with sale of either Sport Bar or Seats. 

 DAS Sport Bar fits 74 - 89 $600 ($1095 new)

 Rennline battery mount for smugglers box with Odyssey Gel Battery $95

Many other parts including adjustable sway bars, gun drilled torsion bars, fiberglass bumpers, plexiglass rear windows, and front mount oil cooler.  All high quality and in good condition. 

Contact at
1970  Porsche 911 T Targa
Meticuously maintained and upgraded by the same owner for 24 years
California car, no rust
Rare 15" Mahle magnisium wheels w/hand-painted centers
OEM Recaro Sport seats
OEM "S" front spoiler
Euro H-1 headlights
Weber conversion
rare rebuilt 4-speed transmission w/short-shift kit
4k miles on split case engine complete rebuild with "E" pistons and distributor
Dino steering wheel
26206 indicated mileage
Tornado Red/Black (change of color)
Nakamichi cd player w/5 speaker 1100 watts amplifiers
Receipts & Logbook   $75,000
Contact Fred Miramontes
209-451-9794   or
2006 Porsche Carrera Coupe
Slate Gray Metallic
Black Standard Leather
6-Spd Manual
Heated Front Seats
19" Carrera S Wheels, Pirelli PZero Tires, Wheel Caps with Colored Crest
Navigation for PCM
Bose High End Sound Package, Remote CD Changer (6 Disc)
Black Mats, Porsche Lettering
Power Seat Package, Bi-Zenon Headlamp Package, Rain Sensing Wipers
Orig. Mfg Suggested Retail Price $83,450   Mileage 53,614
Beautifully and regularly maintained, needs nothing.  $34,500
D. Randy Riggs, Novato, CA  by email:
or 415-898-5776 or 415-717-5579
'72 911 Racecar

'72 911 Racecar and licensed California car,
built to PCA Club Racing GT-1; runs SCCA ITE

3.8L twin-turbo air-cooled motor, MSD Ignition, Haltech fuel control, est 700+ hp at safe boost levels. Meets 103db. 24-gallon FuelSafe. G50/50 transmission - rare, very strong.  Elsinor/ERP front end, 993 multi-link rear suspension.  RSR-type bodywork, mostly fiberglass and Plexiglas, drop-hood cooling, aggressive rear wing.  2170 lbs.  2 sets Fikse wheels  18/17, runs 285/30 fronts & 335/35 rears or 26*9*18 fronts & 25.5*12*17 rears.  Full logs.  $75,000.

 Hank Watts, 408-245-4040 PDT

Champion RG-5 3-piece Wheels - 19"

Set of four alloy wheels - used, in very good to excellent condition - previously mounted on 2003 Porsche 996 C2. 

Fronts: 19x8.5 with 49mm offset
Rears: 19x10 with 58m offset

Wheels are clean and straight, and come with metal valve stems.
Asking Price: $1500.00 negotiable
Location: San Rafael
Contact: Tom Short,   415-300-7457

more photos here including high res/detail
BBS wheel for Porsche1 BBS wheel 16 x 8.  3 piece NOS, never mounted, for 911.  Not perfect, clear coat on outside rim starting to show age.  $500

contact Steve McCrory at
Authentic BBS LM Wheel for Porsche 18" x 9.5" et55 5x130 Bolt Pattern - $500 OBO ( price change)
I have one spare, authentic BBS LM wheel for sale. It is 18" x 9.5" et55 with standard 5x130 Porsche bolt pattern. It fits perfectly as a rear wheel on 986 Boxsters, but also can work on 993 and 996 narrow body models. New these wheels run close to $1000 each plus shipping and sales tax. They are also made to order and take time for delivery. These wheels are period appropriate to '90s and early '00s Porsches and are considered by many as the most desirable aftermarket wheels.

Spec: 1 Rear Wheel: 18" x 9.5" et 55
Condition: Like-New and never mounted. There are two small knicks in the lip from being moved around in storage, otherwise it is pristine and clean enough to eat off of.  Price: $500 OBO (+ shipping and PayPal fees if not local)

Local buyers with cash-in-hand preferred (SF Bay Area), but I am willing to ship these at the buyer's expense. Contact me at or 510-882-6745.
             No Photo

2000-2004 Boxster S front bumper,  arctic silver                             $350/OBO

Alan Straub - Contact me at : or by phone 707 996 9331 or 415 332 9331

Classified ads for Porsches and Porsche-related parts or accessories are available at no charge to PCA members and may be submitted to the editor via email by the 5th of the month to be included in that month's issue of der Riesenbaum. Ads will run for three months, space permitting, unless canceled by the seller. Classified ads are also included in the der Marktplatz section on our Club website. Editor may modify ad copy as needed based on space constraints, and is not responsible for content, errors or omissions. Commercial ads are not accepted. Please contact Sponsorship Director Simone Kopitzki at 415.299.7563 for sponsorship information and rates. 


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Jamie DeRuiter, der Riesenbaum Editor

Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region


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