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President's Message

vern rogers headshot 2011
by Vern Rogers, Redwood Region President


Ah February, finally a month with more than one Redwood Region event. By the time you read this we will have already had the lunch run to the Two Bird Café, and be looking forward to the Tech Session at Hi Tec in San Rafael on the 22nd.

Our only Redwood event in January was the One One Fun Run. It definitely looked great from the pictures and last month's write-up, but I never get to go on this one due to prior commitments for New Year's Day.

January did play host to the Zone 7 President's meeting and Awards Banquet in Livermore. Big thanks to our Zone Rep, Paul Czopek, for organizing and big congratulations to our own Anita Benzing who won the 2013 Autocross Series Tenacity Award.  Please see Steve and Barbara McCrory's article below for details about other Redwood members who received awards.


This year's Two Bird Run will take an entirely different route than in the past thanks to the creativity of our Event Director Don Magdanz. As I write this I have just read an email from Don stating that we have 33 cars signed up already. I am sure the article further down the page will have a glowing review of the newly blazed trail, as well as the fun and challenges of handling two run groups.  Late note: As it turned out the idea of two run groups was not really necessary.  See Mike Hinton's article for details.


Our second event this month will center on the Porsche shop owned by our Technical Advisor and primary Autocross sponsor, Deven Wailes. Many of you have availed yourselves of the excellent repair and enhancement work done by Hi Tec. I hope to see you there. Please see the flyer further down the page for details.


One thing that February will not contain is a Redwood Autocross. Given the weather, we probably could have broken tradition and scheduled one, but it's too late now. I for one, am truly jonesing to get out on the AX course. That will just have to wait for March.  Look for Grady Carter's article below for details and further encouragement about Redwood Autocrosses.


On a personal note, and aside from Autocross, I intend to do my first DE event this year. I have autocrossed for 6 years, but have yet to get my car on a track for more than a parade lap. I am excited and a little scared. Driver Education events have you on the track for a lot longer than the 60 seconds it takes to do a lap at AX, and you are not on the track alone. The beauty is that beginners run with beginners, and have an instructor in the car until they are certified to run solo. Big thanks to Redwood members Mac Cranford, Grady Carter, David Bunch and Tom Strobel who have all been giving me advice and encouragement. Wish me luck.


Another thing to look forward to this year, besides all the brunch/lunch/dinner runs, AX's, wine tours, and other Redwood activities is that Porsche Parade is back on the West Coast, in Monterey. Parade runs from June 15 - 21. This is the biggest event that our national organization puts on each year (one full week of activities), and it is an easy few hours drive from where we live. Look for articles about Parade in issues of dR as we near the June event. We have intentionally lessened the number of Region events in June to allow our members more opportunity to attend Parade. Registration opens on March 11.


That's all for now. Down the road,



From the Editor

Jerry Gladstone Treasurer Headshot
by Jerry Gladstone, der Riesenbaum Co-Editor

No need to repeat Vern's rundown of upcoming and recent past events, but be sure to see the flyers in this issue for details on events you don't want to miss. This month we also have an introduction to autocross, a profile of member James Heisey and his pair of 928s, the return of Kurt's Korner, some Redwood history and a report on Porsche's win at Daytona.

Though it was supposed to be temporary, Barbara and I are now into our second year as co-editors of your Club newsletter -- and we are still looking for a permanent editor! If you have good skills (writing, editing, photography,  journalism) and an interest in contributing to the Club in a very meaningful way, please contact me. If the thought of just jumping in frightens you, rest assured that we will work with you for as many months as it takes for you feel comfortable. Worried that your skills are not really comprehensive enough? Again, fear not as there much help available including many resources provided by PCA National.

Speaking about National,  Wendy Shofitt, PCA National Newsletter Committee Chair, has recently provided us with some excellent tools including a newsletter editor's reference guide, an online editor's seminar (live), and a drop box folder with photos and clip art. She has also created a private newsletter editors group on Facebook. Though it is only a couple of weeks old there are 49 members and the "conversation" is extremely informative.

Barbara and I are in the process of preparing a submission to the 2014 PCA Newsletter Contest. Last year, with Chris Harrell as 2012 editor, der Riesenbaum took second place in its category (by number of members), and this year we are hoping to receive recognition for our 2013 issues. The two most important judging criteria are "Feature & Article Contributions from Members" and "General Scope & Variety". To produce an outstanding newsletter we can use many more articles contributed by our members. We always welcome reports on events you attended, but this is not all we seek. Articles about your cars, trips, projects, repair and maintenance tips are of interest to your fellow Redwood members. Do not fret about your writing ability as we will edit your submissions for you. And of course we always seek photographs and/or videos to illustrate your stories. Please give it a try.

MotorBooks, Inc. has offered us a club discount of 50% on Porsche 911: Fifty Years and any of their other publications. See the article block below for further information.

Happy reading and enjoy!


Club Discount Offer: Porsche 911:Fifty Years by Randy Leffingwell 

     Porsche 911: 50 Yearsby Randy Leffingwell

MotorBooks, Inc. has offered Redwood Region a club discount of 50% on Randy Leffingwell's new book, Porsche 911: Fifty YearsI have a copy and can report that the book is gorgeous and very comprehensive covering the design and history of the 911 from the original concept through the Type 991. Drawings, sketches, and of course, fantastic photographs illustrate the well researched and written text. The many people involved in the saga of the 911 are also well chronicled as is the 911's racing history. This is a book that will delight any Porsche enthusiast -- buy one for yourself or as a gift.

If you would like a copy, at the discounted club price of $25.00 (plus sales tax), please contact the Redwood Region Treasurer at The order will be placed in about 3 weeks, so get your order in promptly. (Note: we need 18+ orders to receive free shipping.)

Hi Tec Ad 2011



Tech Session at Hi Tec Automotive - February 22, 2014 

Hi Tec Automotive

Questions?  Contact Greg Maissen by email
Mobile Works West


Lunch Run to Two Bird Cafe' -- February 8, 2014
mike hinton headshot 2011 by Mike Hinton, Redwood Region Vice President

If it's the beginning of February, it's time for our seemingly annual trek to the Two Bird Café in San Geronimo. This year's trip differed in a couple of respects from previous years. First, instead of gathering at our usual meeting place in Novato, we convened near the Starbucks in Mill Valley. This location was excellent for our Marin-based members, but for me, not so much as it's nearly 65 miles from my home in the Napa Valley. Secondly, the weather was VERY different from past years - instead of bright sunshine and dry roads, Saturday morning brought torrential rains and urban flooding!


Nevertheless, I headed for Mill Valley with plenty of time to spare before the anticipated 10 a.m. meet-up.  When I arrived at the parking lot, two things stood out.  One, the lot was full and I had to scramble to find a parking place, and two, there was no one else there!  Several minutes later, Kurt Fischer arrived in his Weissach Edition 911SC, so I knew we'd have at least a leader and a sweeper.  Kurt and I chatted for a few minutes by the cars, but then were driven into the warm and dry confines of Starbucks by the gusty squalls that suddenly kicked up.


Slowly a few other members trickled in, and by 10:00, we had our full complement of participants:  7 cars in total!  This number was far less than the 33 who had signed up; I can only think that maybe people didn't want to get their cars dirty or something.  Nevertheless, we had enough folks to do the drive, and the small group would be easy to keep together. As Kurt led our small group out of the parking lot, the first route revision was immediately required: the road up to Panoramic Highway was closed!  Undaunted, Kurt got the group turned around and we headed for Highway 1 via Camino Alto and Miller Avenue.


Once onto Highway 1, we headed north towards Stinson Beach. The rain was still falling steadily, and the road surface was quite wet, if not flooded. I was glad to have newish Dunlops on the 1987 Carrera, which handled the wet conditions in fine style. As we proceeded, I thought that maybe "Shoreline Highway" should be renamed "Random Rock Road" as there were dozens of small slides that left various-sized rocks all over the road surface. Fortunately, there were no boulders, and traffic was light enough to permit using the entire width of the road to avoid the larger rocks.


As we headed further north, visibility was reduced by the heavier rain and mist that clung to the hills near the water. Even on a gloomy, rainy day, the Northern California coast is beautiful, but I wasn't able to snap any photos while driving because full concentration was required to negotiate the route safely. At least we didn't have to worry about cyclists!


Eventually, our small group made its way to our rest stop in Olema. One of the store proprietors saw our group and asked Chris Harrell: "What kind of car is THAT?"  Chris had brought his Fiat 500 Abarth instead of his 1973 911 due to the superior defrosting capabilities of the much-newer Fiat. Chris said that he had a great time in the Abarth, which has enough turbocharged front-wheel-drive power to get your attention!


It was a wet and stormy day
It was a dark and stormy day!       Photo by Mike Hinton 

At Olema, the group decided to cut the route short and head directly to the restaurant via Sir Francis Drake Boulevard instead of heading further north to Marshall-Petaluma Road. I was a bit disappointed, but the decision was sensible - Marshall-Petaluma Road is a very narrow, twisting road that is subject to flooding in a number of places (still would have been fun, though!)  Our group arrived at the Two Bird almost on time, and since the group was small, we were able to share the main dining room with the other paying customers. Unfortunately, we had service issues at the restaurant - part of our group finished eating before others were served.  Not good...


After finishing our meal, both Vern Rogers and I decided that more driving was needed in order to make up for the loss of Marshall-Petaluma Road. So, Vern led me through Nicasio and into Petaluma on some of the fine back roads. We both had a good time, and went our separate ways at Highway 101.


Even though the turnout for the event was small, all participants still had an enjoyable drive. Our next event will be the Tech Session at Hi Tec Automotive, and the event will be inside! The tech sessions are always enjoyable and informative, and there's always plenty of time to socialize, so come on out.   

whaleWhale to Whale Tail Rallye - March 8, 2014 (Where Porsche meets Inspiration)
Join us for our fourth Whale To Whale Tail Rallye.  Bring a picnic lunch if you want to eat at the Lighthouse or plan a late lunch after the tour in Point Arena, Gualala, or Booneville (depending on your route home). Our drive will be approximately 2 1/2 hours long. 

Whale to Whale Tail Rallye
Register at  Registration closes March 7, 2014

Starting Point:  Kaffe Mocha
                         397 Aviation Blvd #A
                         Santa Rosa, CA 95403 

The Northbound U.S. 101 Airport Blvd off-ramp is currently closed.  Detour information here.           

Cars Dawydiak


Redwood Region 2014 Autocross Series 

by Grady Carter, Redwood Region Autocross Director, Photos by Barbara McCrory

Ah, the rains have finally arrived. This is great as we need the water and autocross season traditionally starts as the rains subside, so we need a "rainy" season. Okay, I'm kinda' autocross-centric.


With a little over a month to the first autocross, it's time to start preparing for another season of 45 second runs of fun. The Boxster has been rather neglected this winter. It was driven to the Holiday Party and to the new house. Now to treat it right: a new batch of lubricant with filter along with safety checks, see below. Don't want to start this season like the last when I went to leave in the morning and had a flat tire. Just writing about it is starting to get me "psyched".


But why? What is it about autocross anyway?


Porsche at Autocross

You get to experience the capabilities that Porsche designed into its cars and to greatly improve your defensive driving skills through learning those capabilities and improving yours.  What does that mean exactly.  Stopping quickly in a straight line?  Maybe.  But what if you have to maneuver as well as come to a stop.  Can you brake hard and have a lot of steering input at the same time?  Not very well.  The front tires will only do so much.  That is where autocross comes in.  Learn how quickly your car stops, how it reacts under full steering input and how to balance the two to get the car to do what you want.  


Applied to your daily driving, it can also help you recognize when you are in a position that you do not have enough space to stop and/or maneuver if something unexpected happens. You will also improve your memorization and concentration skills as well as your reaction time. On top of all that, it's a whole lotta' FUN.

If you haven't yet given autocross a try, come on out and give it a shot with the help of one of our excellent instructors. At a minimum you will be a better and safer driver, or you may end up like me. I went for a "ride-along" seven years ago, went right out and bought my Boxster and have been autocrossing ever since. Oh ya, the smile is yours for free!


Below is a rundown of what to do to prepare and what to expect when you arrive.  Don't worry, but make sure your car is technically sound: 

  • Good throttle return spring
  • Good brake pads; a firm brake pedal and proper brake fluid level
  • Tires in good condition with the proper pressures
  • Wheels in good condition; wheels nuts/bolts torqued correctly
  • No excessive play in the wheel bearings
  • Battery tie-down firm 
  • Spare tire tie-down firm, or you can remove the spare tire at the site
  • Seat belts in good condition
  • Snell approved helmet, SA2005 or M2005 or newer;  loaner helmets are available
  • No loose items in the car

You can register on, the preferred method, or on site the morning of the event; you can pay either at the event or through MotorsportReg. BUT before you pay, if you are a new member of the Redwood Region, your first autocross is free. If this is the case, please let me know.


Try to arrive between 8 and 8:30 to give yourself time to get your car ready and to get the car tech'd (all the above items are checked).  Once tech'd, go to registration to check-in, pay if you didn't pay through MotorsportsReg, get a work assignment and get a number assigned to your car.  Most people use painter's tape to put the numbers on (contrasting color please).  Grab a course map and sign up for an instructor at the registration desk. Look up Bob Schoenherr or me and we will pair you with someone to walk the course.

Porsche at Autocross

Please come prepared for the weather.  If sunny: sunscreen, sun hat, etc. and hydrate early and often. Water is supplied. We do run in the damp/light rain as well so the drier you stay, the more you will enjoy.



You can leave at the lunch break for some fast food or better yet is to bring a lunch and have more time to meet people and talk autocross and such.

Don't hesitate to ask questions. This sounds like a lot but if the car is good-to-go that's most of the work.

Hope to see you there,

Grady Carter, Ax Director 
axRedwood Region Autocross #1 -- March 22, 2014
Porsche at Autocross

Driving in Redwood Region Autocrosses is limited to PCA members and Porsche drivers only. PCA members may drive any vehicle; non-PCA members must drive a Porsche.  All non-Porsche driver participants must show PCA membership card at the gate. Come join us for the finest in learning car control.  


Gates open at 8:00am - Registration closes at 9:20 am SHARP (car must be tech'd prior to registration) - First car out at 10:00 am. Register in advance and save time for you and for us - Registration opens on February 22, 2014 on  $35 per driver.


Loaner helmets and instructors will be available - No open exhaust - 92dB sound limit.


Directions:  Take Hwy 101 North to the Shiloh exit, a few miles north of Santa Rosa, turn left (west) on Shiloh, left (south) on Windsor Road for about a mile  to the rear gate to the airport (on your left).  Please drive safely and quietly in respect for the local residents.


For more information visit the Autocross page at or
contact Grady Carter at 707-207-3423 or email 

Autocross Results


This link will take you to the Autocross results hosted on the Redwood Region website.   Autocross Results 





registerPCA 912+912E Register Bulletin - January 2014


PCA 912+912E Register 
ed - because the above is a .jpg, none of the "links" work directly from the article.  Here is a link to the pdf version of this article which does have the active links.  The 912+912E Register sticker order form is the second page. 


paradePorsche Parade 2014
Porsche Parade 2014
Registration opens March 11, 2014 here

Registration opens on March 11, 2014.  All entrants who register during the first 3 days that it is open, are considered as registering on the first day. If the Parade is oversubscribed (I don't know what that number is), then they will use the formula as outlined in the Parade Competition Rules (PCRS). The last time they used this process was for the 2005 Parade in Hershey, PA, which was the 50th Porsche Parade.


So between now and March 11, you should look through the Parade website to get as much information as possible to plan your week and be ready for registration.  There will be a lot of choices (banquets, competitive events, tours, etc) to make during the registration process - allow at least 45 minutes to complete.


First check out the Parade 2014 Schedule - many events to choose from, opportunities to volunteer.  There are four competitive events held at Parade:    Concours       TSD Rally       Autocross     Tech Quiz


And don't forget to check out the Kids Activities and Other Events and Activities.  The "Other" tab will take you to the many social aspects of Parade - historic displays, tours, and my favorite, The Parade Gimmick Rally.  As of the date of this newsletter not all tabs are completely populated but this changes every day.  Check the Downloads & Forms tab - this is where you will find the PCRS when they are ready..


The Hyatt Regency is the headquarters hotel and rooms cannot be booked there until you have completed the Parade Registration process.  This will be done online. When you complete the Parade Registration process, a Hyatt reservation code will be provided to you and then you can make a room reservation at the Hyatt.


The lodging tab on the website identifies 4 other hotels that you can checkout now. Expect rates to be lower on the weekdays and then be higher on Friday and Saturday nights. 


Consider volunteering to make the Parade a great event.


Want to know what happened last year?  Check out the 2013 Parade schedule and activities at

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Kurt's Korner: Marin County Cars and Coffee 

kurt fischer headshot
by Kurt Fischer, Past President, Redwood Region

Marin County Cars and Coffee


A little history about my other car gig: several years back when I was on the committee of the Marin-Sonoma Concours, I first met Martin Swig -- a Bay Area full-on car guy and the head judge of the Concours.


Martin was quite the eclectic car collector; you name it and he had one of them. He was also the founder of the California Mille and Anti-Football Rally! Martin approached me at Race Sonoma during a vintage race and said to me: "Hey Kurt, you are an organizer; we need to start up a local Cars and Coffee."


After several months of investigation, Martin and I decided that Martin's home town of Sausalito would be the ideal place to start this endeavor with Poggio's being the center of activity. Our first event took place in February of 2012 with about 60 cars showing up scattered all over Sausalito.


both photos by Kurt Fischer 
Fast forward to now. We sadly lost Martin back in July of 2012 (memorial article). It was my idea to move this event to Novato where all the cars would be viewable in one place.I changed the date from the first Saturday of each month to Sundays where it would not interfere with typical car clubs' events.November 2012 was our first event at Starbucks in the Vintage Oaks Center in Novato and we have been going strong since then.

 Obviously with all my Porsche friends, we were the strong suit of cars the showed up. But the word spread quickly among the other car guys and girls and now we have quite a turnout of all marques -- foreign and domestic, old and new!


Check us out on Facebook.


Redwood Members: Paige Gaines' great photos of our January event are here.


PS. Last Sunday only 12 of us held court inside Starbucks. The pouring rain did not discourage the drivers of 3 Porsches and 4 English cars from coming out. The few, the proud, the real car guys! Join us March 2, 2014 for the next event.


diabloDiablo Region Mendocino Tour
Diablo Region Mendocino Tour
Registration for this tour by Diablo Region is at this link
Questions?  Contact Vern Thomas by email or phone 925-681-8290




Porsche wins at Daytona

No. 911 Porsche at Daytona
No. 911 Porsche North America Porsche 911 RSR leading at the Rolex 24 photo from Porsche Media Central

Porsche opens season with Daytona win

Porsche has taken off into the 2014 racing season with a victory at the prestigious 24 Hours of Daytona. Porsche factory pilots Richard Lietz (Austria), Nick Tandy (Great Britain) and Patrick Pilet (France) won the highly-competitive GTLM class of the sports car classic in Florida with the Porsche 911 RSR run by the Porsche North America factory squad. With the 76th class win and the 40th for the Porsche 911, Porsche adds to its record as the most successful manufacturer in the history of this race. The 24 Hours of Daytona was the inaugural race of the Tudor United SportsCar Championship, the new sports car race series in the USA and Canada.


The 52nd running of the Daytona 24 hour race marks the start of a new era for Porsche: In the Tudor United SportsCar Championship, Porsche runs a works team for the first time in US sports car racing under the flag of the newly-formed team Porsche North America. The debut race was a complete success. When dawn broke after a long night on the Daytona International Speedway, the Porsche 911 RSR with the starting number 911 lay in the lead with Patrick Pilet at the wheel. The second 911 RSR with the number 912, in which Patrick Long (USA), Michael Christensen (Denmark) and Joerg Bergmeister (Germany) shared driving duties, followed in second. The 470 hp racer from Weissach is based on the seventh generation of the iconic 911 sports car and celebrated its race debut last season, scoring a brilliant double victory at it first outing at the Le Mans 24 Hours. For 2014, the winning racer from Weissach, with its extraordinary vehicle design representing the Porsche Le Mans slogan "Mission 2014. Our Return", has received improvements in many areas. At the Daytona premiere, however, a double victory was not possible: Contesting his first race as a Porsche works driver, Michael Christensen had to park the #912 Porsche 911 RSR after 489 trouble-free laps with an engine mechanical issue.  (complete press release here)


Porsche Motorsports Press Release

TRG ad


Zone 7 Awards Banquet - Redwood Brings Home The Gold

Article and photos by Steve and Barbara McCrory, Redwood Region members

Well - the trophies weren't gold, but they are prized as if they were. Porsche Club members of the Zone 7 Regions came together on January 11, 2014 at the Livermore Community Center to celebrate the winners of both the Concours and Autocross Series with year end awards.


Guests included, among others, Vern Rogers, Redwood President, Bob Schoenherr, Redwood Membership Director, Barbara McCrory, Redwood Webmaster, Kurt Gibson, Past PCA National President, Ed Won, Diablo President, and Steve Barker, Sacramento President.


After a buffet style dinner, Paul Czopek, Zone 7 Representative, began the awards presentation assisted by Larry Adams for Autocross and Les Schreiber for Concours. The enthusiast of the Year trophy was awarded by Paul to Larry & K.C. Sharp.


Redwood members receiving Concours trophies were Bob Schoenherr and Barbara McCrory. Bob also won a Best in Class Award for Unrestored and Top Point Overall Award. Redwood members receiving Autocross trophies were LaVerne Thomas who won both her class (AX10L) and the Overall Women's Pax award. Other Redwood members winning autocross trophies were Howard Thomas (tie for first), Grady Carter, Bob Schoenherr and Anita Benzing. 


Anita Benzing and Paul Czopek
2013 Autocross Tenacity Award was presented to
Anita Benzing by Paul Czopek





tenacity award  


















A special note of interest for the 2013 Zone 7 Concours series was that the Ledson Concours was one of two where the proceeds go to Charity - ours being CASA. The other one was Porsche of Livermore. Special thanks go to Paul and Vanessa Czopek for the work involved in organizing the Awards Banquet and congratulations to Paul for completing his first year as Zone 7 Representative.


2013 Concours Winners


WS 3

Brian Sanders


WS 4

Jim McMahen


WS 9

Barbara McCrory


UR 4

David Rossiter


WS 6

Les Schreiber


WS 7

George Grialou


S 3

Charlie Palmer


S 7

Paul Czopek


UR 8

Bob Schoenherr


C 3

Bill Disser/Just Carol



Special Awards for Best in Class


Wash and Shine   - George Grialou

Street                  - Charlie Palmer

Unrestored           - Bob Schoenherr

Full                       - Bill Disser/Just Carol (Guy Walker and Marion Walker)


Carol Kliendienst Memorial Trophy Concours Champion - George Grialou


The Richard D. "Dick" Cottrell Award - Spirit of the Concours - Jim McMahen


2013 Autocross Winners


AX 04

Collin Fat


AX 10

Larry Adams

GGR - Tie for First

AX 10

Howard Thomas

RED - Tie for First


Vern Thomas


AX 11

Grady Carter


AX 11

Scott Lines


AX 11

Ken Jones


AX 12

Terry Zaccone


AX 13

Joe Lee


AX 13L

Carol McNamara


AX 16

Bob Schoenherr


AX 16L

Anita Benzing


SS 04

Paul Czopek


SS 10

Tosh Yumae



Bertolli's Auto Body


Member Profile: James Heisey and his 928s 

by Bill Newton, Redwood Region Member 
A Pair of 928s

James Heisey is a self-employed attorney in Santa Rosa with a general civil practice (no criminal, tax, and divorces). He has served as Redwood's Vice President, President, and also Concours Chairman running our Zone 7 event at Ledson Winery for the past 14 years. Redwood Region autocrossers will be familiar with the sight of his two 928s wearing number 13.


His first 928, acquired 20 years ago, is an '82 Platinum Metallic. It was equipped with the "Competition Package" which included everything from the European S except for the slightly larger 4.7 liter engine (vs. 4.5 liter); it has forged Fuchs wheels, S brakes,  and sport suspension. James has made several modifications to his first 928 including a custom "cat back" exhaust system, and updated S4 suspension and brakes. He reports that, at the moment, the car is patiently awaiting installation of improved exhaust headers and a limited slip differential, which is sitting on the shelf.


About 2 years ago James was looking for a replacement pickup truck when he realized that he didn't want another truck - - he wanted another 928. As luck would have it, he found a black '89 S4 5-speed in Santa Rosa. As James relates, "My new (to me) '89 S4 had only been driven about 2,000 miles in the 5 years before I bought it, but it needed work and had a few glaring flaws. Fortunately, the flaws were mainly cosmetic."


Since then the Black car has received a set of improved headlights, a RMB (rear muffler bypass), a higher pressure brake bias valve, adjustable heim jointed rear swaybar drop links, a set of 18" Panamera S wheels, and most recently, a set of four new Bilstein shocks.


James is rightfully proud of his two 928s. He tells about his experience this way: "with the exception of alignments and body work, I've done all of my cars' maintenance myself. Can't wait for the first autocross of the new season. If you haven't tried autocrossing, come on out and give it a try. It's fun and an excellent way to find out what your car (and you) can do in a safe, controlled environment."


Photos credits: James' portrait - John Jackson, Platinum 928 - Ron Lepke (deceased), Black 928 - Victor Galvez    

BusiBee Bookkeeping


Redwood History - My Week at Daytona with The Racer's Group - 2008

by David Bunch, Redwood Region Past President
Dave Bunch at Daytona 2008
photo by Mitch Branson


As many of you know, I was given the opportunity go to Daytona Beach Florida for the Grand Am Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona with fellow Redwood Region member Kevin Buckler's The Racers Group. TRG had entered seven GT3 Cup Porsches in the 24 Hour race and three 997's in the Koni Challenge race.


Wednesday morning started off by walking into the hotel's breakfast room to see it full of guys wearing TRG shirts. In the room I found fellow Redwood member Mitch Branson who works for TRG at the races, and GGR member Loren Burgess, a frequent visitor at Redwood autocrosses, who is a full-time employee of TRG and on his second year on the Grand Am pit crew.


Thursday is for practice and qualifying.


Friday morning: 7 am getting ready for more practice. I am finally able to take a walk around to "take in" some of the Daytona atmosphere. I run into Redwood Region member and Flamingo Resort owner Pierre Ehret.


Friday afternoon and it is time for the 3 hour "Koni Challenge" race.


Saturday morning comes with everyone busy going through last minute checks on the cars. For the race I will be working with Mitch taking care of communications for TRG.


This week has been an experience. Being behind the scenes and seeing what it takes to put together an effort was truly eye-opening. My thanks to Kevin and the entire TRG family for letting me be part of the event.


Full article here

Board Meeting Minutes

by Craig Steele, Redwood Region Secretary

Redwood Region Board Meeting Minutes - The minutes from the January 28, 2014 Board meeting will be available after approval at the February meeting.  Read previous board meeting minutes here.
Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on February 25 at Ghiringhelli Pizzeria Grill & Bar, 1535 South Novato Blvd., Novato.  All members are welcome to attend

Membership Report

bob schoenherr headshot 2011
by Bob Schoenherr, Redwood Region Membership Director


                          Membership Report January 2014


PCA has a new method of disseminating membership information back to the Regions. I am still learning how to use the new system and I will not be able to give you all the information we normally do about new members. But I hope to in the near future. We do have some great new members none the less. And congratulations to Albert and his 912 celebrating 41 years with the Club. Way to go Albert!


Get ready for our annual Whale to Whale Tail Rallye tour.  Yah, yah, yah it isn't a really rallye, but we can pretend it is!  Lots of fun and a chance to acquire some knowledge about animals and Porsches.  Could you ask for a better day?


You can always contact me if you have any questions. As always, please feel free to email me at or call me at 707.995.5082 with any questions.


New Members


    Primary Members


Transfers in***


    Affiliate Members


Transfers out***


     Dual Members




    Total Members






***Information not available in new reporting database


New Members - January 2014  - Welcome New Members to the Redwood Region.  We hope to see you at an upcoming event. 


Orbit Bigelow

Peggy Clevenger

Chuck Ogulnik

Bob Blick

Jack Evanko

Mo Sayed

Sheree Chambers

Kara Halvorsen

David Sayed

Vern Clevenger

Douglas Lashar

Jiro Tulley

January 2014 - Anniversaries (5 years and over)  Happy Anniversary and Thanks to all of you! 







Albert Boro


San Rafael, CA


Fred Jung


San Rafael, CA


Bill Walsh


San Francisco, CA


William Lee


Petaluma, CA


Richard Kalustian


Gualala, CA


John Thompson


Freestone, CA


Ben Brown


Sausalito, CA


Russell Keil


San Francisco, CA


Charles Jones


San Rafael, CA


Duane Hartley


Santa Rosa, CA


Steve Meacham


Sonoma, CA


Dean Thomas


San Anselmo, CA


Jason Coray


Fairfax, CA


John Telischak


Belvedere, CA


Donald Durant


Ukiah, CA


David Addington


Santa Rosa, CA


Erik Breitung


Crescent City, CA


Neal Daneman


Belvedere Tiburon, CA


Michael Lind


Petaluma, CA


Walter George


Sonoma, CA


Rick Laws


Santa Rosa, CA


Holger Seibert


Vacaville, CA


Pete Stout


San Rafael, CA


Jim Andrade


Santa Rosa, CA


Robert King


San Rafael, CA


Ronald Cook


Novato, CA


William Cranford


Novato, CA


Michael Mills


San Rafael, CA


Robert Wichtowski


Sebastopol, CA


William Herbrechtsmeier


Eureka, CA


Joseph Bauer


Mill Valley, CA


Shawn Morrison


Sonoma, CA


Andrew Quigley


Santa Rosa, CA


John Conover


Saint Helena, CA


Bradley Koeberer


Sonoma, CA


George Schikore


Petaluma, CA


Rick Wahlberg


Novato, CA



Membership information is based on the Porsche Club of America National database. If you feel that any of the information included in this Membership Report is inaccurate, please contact the Editor or Membership Director.

Membership Information

Please contact Bob Schoenherr, Membership Director for general information about Club membership, including changes of address and/or contact information, dual-membership inquiries, inter-region transfers, membership referrals, and name badges.

Redwood Region Members are welcome and encouraged to attend monthly Board Meetings, held on the last Tuesday of each month (except December) at 7:00 p.m. at Ghiringhelli Pizzeria Grill & Bar, 1535 South Novato Blvd., Novato.

Court Appointed Special Advocates Event

CASA Flyer


Redwood Region Contacts
2014 Redwood Region Board of Directors

Executive Council


Appointed Directors

der Marktplatz


2003 Intermeccanica 1956 GS/GT Speedster

For Sale 2003 Intermeccanica


This was built for an engineer with an eye to duplicate a 1956 GS/GT Speedster. These are built in Vancouver BC with only a limited number built each year. They are the best of the best, and this one is pristine with only 33k miles. The body is one piece that is bonded & riveted to a boxed frame much like the Porsche 904. It is wonderfully constructed and rivals and even surpasses the originals in many respects. Four wheel disk brakes, IRS suspension, a 2110 cc type 1 engine producing 146 hp, with 150 ft. Lbs. of torque at 5200 rpm. This little gem will not disappoint. These are built by appointment only and the cost to duplicate this is around $70,000.  

Asking $43,000.
Contact Max Handley
Tel. 415-435-5299
Cell 415-265-6063
more photos here 

more details at Intermeccanica - Custom Coach Builders 

Porsche 928 wheelGot Wheels?

Several sets of four platinum anodized 928 Fuchs
FORGED Flat Dish "S" wheels available.

Size is 7J x 16.  ET65 backspacing.  Part # 928 361 021 05. 
Approximately 18.5 lbs each.  Strongest, lightest wheels Porsche offered. 
Some minor cosmetic flaws, but perfect for track or winter wheels.

$200 for a set of four.  (also have two in silver finish same size $50 each.)  Used up sticky tires included free of charge!

James Heisey: 
wheel dollies 
Move your extra Porsche, etc. around tight areas for storage.
Set of 4 wheel dollies, once used to store my 914. Excellent condition. $50 for set. 

 John FitzGerald 707-290-1635.
12 ton Central Hydraulics shop press 


Alan Straub - Contact me at : or by phone 707 996 9331 or 415 332 9331


2000-2004 Boxster S front bumper,  arctic silver





Alan Straub - Contact me at : or by phone 707 996 9331 or 415 332 9331

Fikse WheelsFikse Wheels 11x18, 8.5x18  Sized for a 2004 GT3 but will fit many others even a Boxster with rear spacers. .Like new!!   $2900/OBO
Alan Straub - Contact me at : or by phone 707 996 9331 or 415 332 9331

2000 Boxster wheels  7/55 & 8.5/50  Good condition, not perfect   $400/OBO
Alan Straub - Contact me at : or by phone 707 996 9331 or 415 332 9331



Porsche Cayenne OEM Roof Rack

For Sale - Porsche Cayenne OEM Roof Transport System (2002-2010)  

Plus 2 Porsche OEM Bike racks - $475.00 for complete set


Mike Nikolov 415-497-0339 


Classified ads for Porsches and Porsche-related parts or accessories are available at no charge to PCA members and may be submitted to the editor via email by the 5th of each month to be included in that month's issue of der Riesenbaum. Ads will run for three months, space permitting, unless canceled by the seller. Classified ads are also included in the der Marktplatz section on our Club website. Editor may modify ad copy as needed based on space constraints, and is not responsible for content, errors or omissions. Commercial ads are not accepted. Please contact Sponsorship Director Simone Kopitzki at 415.299.7563 for sponsorship information and rates. 


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Thank you all for supporting your Club!


Barbara McCrory & Jerry Gladstone, der Riesenbaum Co-Editors

Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region


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