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September 2013

October 2013

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President's Message

vern rogers headshot 2011
by Vern Rogers, Redwood Region President

Ah, September and Labor Day has past. The kids are back in school and the weather is still great.  It actually seems like Summer is finally here with the recent hot spell. Those of us who have removed our A/Cs are definitely driving at speed with our windows down and our sunroofs open.


I'd like to start with a correction to my last month's column. Bruce Mooers, who gave such a fantastic welcome and tour to our Club at Far Niente Winery, is actually the President of Nickel and Nickel Winery, which is owned by Far Niente.  He is not the General Manager of Far Niente.  Sorry for the mix-up Bruce.


September's schedule continues, like our past months of packed weekends, with the Bergman Pool Party two weeks ago, an Ax this weekend, followed by the Maple Creek Winery tour, Ledson Concours, and Oktoberfest in Vacaville.  Don't miss out on the fun, we have events for all of you.


And speaking of "for all of you", next month is Escape to LA.  October 23 through 27 will find over 500 Porsches filling the city of Pomona and surrounding areas.  Escape is the more relaxed of the two big National PCA events held each year.  Susan and I have attended two of these so far: Albuquerque and Flagstaff.  Lots of fun, lots of great cars, and most importantly, lots of great people that share our passion for the fabulous marque.  This event draws Porsche people from all across the country, and is a great way to meet folks from other Regions and Zones.  Registration is still open and I encourage you to sign-up.Dave Bunch and I are gathering names of folks who would like to travel together in caravan to Southern California. Please contact one of us if you would like to participate.

On another note, my SSI's finally arrived and thanks to the crew at Hi Tec, and a very well priced muffler from Mobile Works West (thanks Tom), I now have them on my '83 SC.  I LOVE the sound!  The extra 12 or so hp does not hurt either.  It took over 4.5 months to get them due to production moving to Denmark, but they were definitely worth the wait.


This weekend I get my first opportunity to hear that beautiful, guttural low growl at an Ax.  Saturday, September 14th is our next to the last Ax of the year. -- after that you'll only have one more opportunity to run on our fabulous course this year.  What's not to like about driving your car as fast as you can (safely) without fear of cops, kids or bicycles.  I urge you to take advantage (as I always do) of the most fun you can have on four wheels for $35.  Instructors and helmets are available at no additional charge.


The last Ax of the year will be on Saturday, October 19th.  Following that on Sunday the 20th, Redwood Region will host its 2013 Annual Membership Meeting.  This event will of course be preceded by a great Sonoma County drive planned by Past President Kurt Fischer.  The annual meeting is your final opportunity to nominate officers for next year's Board.  All current sitting elected Board members are running again; we welcome additional members to step up. Persons running for elected Board positions will have the opportunity to let you know why they think they can best serve the club. We hope to see you all there.

Lastly, we have just about firmed up plans for our December Holiday Party on 12/7/13. This year we will be at the Lodge in Sonoma.  The Lodge is a beautiful facility just South of the Town Plaza.Our goal has been to alternate party locations between the southern end of the Region and a more northerly spot.  Last year we were at Nourish in Mill Valley, and this year back north to Sonoma.  It appears at this time that the band for this year's celebration will be Todd Morgan and the Emblems -- the band that played at last year's event.  Feedback from members in attendance in 2012 was overwhelmingly positive, and we are really looking forward to having them play for us again in 2013.

That's all for now.  Down the road.


From the Interim Co-Editor(s)

Jerry headshot
by Jerry Gladstone, der Riesenbaum Interim Co-Editor

Wow this is a big issue of der Riesenbaum! We have stories on the Legends of the Autobahn, the Field Stone Winery Tour, Yosemite Region's Zone 7 Concours, Redwood's Annual Pool Party and the second installment of John Jackson's engine rebuild adventure. Additionally there are numerous upcoming event announcements including Redwood's Ledson Concours, a tour to Maple Creek Winery, Oktoberfest and the 4th Emmett Wilder Enduro Autocross to name but a few. There are also announcements of the Region's Annual Meeting with tour and a teaser on the fabulous Holiday Party being planned for December (do not miss this one as it promises to be the best ever).

This issue is so full as many members contributed stories and photos -- thank you and keep them coming! Speaking about participation in Club activities, please see the call for candidates for officer election for 2014. If you would like to help in other ways, you can volunteer for a Board position. Please contact Greg Maissen.

We are very pleased to announce an important addition to the der Riesenbaum staff: David Yusem joins us as an Assistant Editor (with hopefully a "promotion" to Editor in 2014). David is highly qualified as he was a founding member of a newspaper and worked for a number of years in magazine publishing. Recently he has been intimately involved in broad area of digital media and has been recognized as a very good editor; he is also an amateur photographer. Please welcome David. You will be seeing, and hearing, more from him as he works on various dR projects and applies his personal touches to our newsletter.

Happy reading and enjoy!                                                                                                       Cheers,                                                                                                                                                    Jerry                                     
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Redwood Region Holiday Party ... December 7, 2013

Dining Room Holiday Party

Mark your calendars!  


Redwood Region's Annual Holiday Party will be held on Saturday, December 7, 2013 at The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa (1325 Broadway, Sonoma). Planned for the evening are dinner, wine, a no-host bar, dancing to a live band and sharing holiday cheer with your friends. The event will start at 6:00 pm and run to approximately 11:00 pm. Details about the menu and band are being finalized and will be available soon. As has been our practice, Redwood Region will subsidize the party making it very affordable. Also to come are details of hotel arrangements for those who want to stay the night in Sonoma.  



Call for Candidates for 2014 Redwood Region Officer Positions
As per the Redwood Region Bylaws, we are calling for candidates for the following elected positions for 2014: President,
Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. We need to have a slate of member candidates in place by October of this year

to present to the General Membership.

Please let me know your intentions to run for one of these positions. You can contact me via email at 

or by phone at 415.246.0793.


Greg Maissen, Past President and Chairman of the Nominating Committee


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Legends of the Autobahn - August 16, 2013                           Bob's 914 Brings it Home!

by David Yusem, Assistant Editor der Riesembaum 


Road trips in our Porsches are just about the only reason many of us would consider getting up at 4 am (or earlier!). When our P-Cars's engines are turned-over, the earth shakes just a wee bit, and trying to sneak out of the neighborhood is impossible, we know that it will be a good day.  


August 16, 2013 was such a day for Bob Schoenherr and his Irish Green 1971 914-4 at the fifth annual Legends of the Autobahn 2013. Bob's 914 won the Porsche Best of Show award for what is fast-becoming the place to have your baby judged. (See more regarding Bob and his 914 below/here.)   


Sharing Bob's good fortune were Dean Treadway's 1986 Audi Sport Quattro, Bob Newman's 1985 BMW M635 CSI, and Gary Jarvis' 1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SL.  The People's Choice award went to Timothy Hensley's 1967 Porsche 911S, which was hand painted by Phyllis Yes back in 1985.


Of the more than 175 vehicles entered in the Concours d'Elegance, 50 were Porsches, and there were 117 Porsches parked in the PCA corral. Nice work to everyone who worked so hard to prepare their vehicle and to those who showed-up to participate in the corral!


Porsche's 50 Year 911 (photo by Simone Kopitzki) 

Porsche was also at the event, celebrating 50 years of the 911. Their display of classic 911s included the very special Paris-Dakar 1984 Porsche - Type 953 911, and many other historic Porsche models. Audi's R-8 WSC race car graced the event, as well as Gullwings and 300SLs, Alpinas, BMW's 3.0 CS and many other examples of gorgeous steel, innovation, mechanics, electronics, and art.  


Legendary Porsche drivers Vic Elford and Hurley Haywood were in attendance. The adventures they experienced while campaigning their (mostly!) trusty Porsches were shared with all who were listening.


Redwood Region members Craig Steele and Simone Kopitzki were two of the region's members who awakened before the birds on August 16th to join other car-lovers at the event. They were greeted by a typical overcast and drippy coastal morning; cars that had been freshened for the drive were soiled along the way. Simone wrote, "The freshly cleaned car was a mess again when we arrived at 8am in Carmel!" No doubt, we can all relate to that sentiment - thankfully, our cars are relatively small and clean up quickly.


In addition to getting on the road early, Simone and Craig wrote about their experiences at the events they attended during Monterey Car Week; der Riesenbaum wanted to share snippets of their personal adventures of the event and related activities.


For additional Legends photographs, see Redwood member Ben Brown's collection here 


Member Adventures


Craig Steele - 1999 Guards Red 911 Carerra Cabriolet 


Getting up at 4:00 am Friday is an unnatural act for me, unless I'm heading to the Monterey peninsula to see the Legends of the Autobahn and watch the Laguna Seca Motorsports Reunion races. Steve Frugard, a Club member from Myers Flat, and I drove our red 911 Carreras down to Carmel along Highway 1. En route we were speedily passed by three brand new Ferrari sports coupes and speed checked by a CHP.


Saturday morning came with the typical Monterey overcast. Steve and I took both Porsches to Laguna Seca Raceway. When I arrived it was time to be immersed in all things Corvette -- the featured car for this reunion. I love to take photos and I got my share of sixty years of Corvettes parked in corral. My favorite photo opportunity was "Shark Island", filled with historic examples of Corvettes before they went into full production. I was drawn to the Mako Shark concept car which was created in 1961 and contributed to the 1963 'Vettes we remember as kids.


After seeing enough 'Vettes, I was ready to look at the other reunion racers and I wandered over to the pit area. I was drawn to a gray green 1954 356 racer from Australia driven by Ron Goodman. He was kind enough to unwrap the car so I could get some good shots. I loved the boxing Kangaroo decal on the side of the car. I finished up my day by photographing racers at Turn Five as they raced heading uphill to Turn Six.

Ron Goodman's Australian '54 356 (photo by Craig Steele)  


Sunday brought clouds and foggy conditions to the track. I stopped by one of the stages to hear a presentation about one of the  historic Porsches from the Stuttgart factory museum. Dave Engelmann, from Porsche Cars North America, was interviewed about "Baby", the Porsche race car. This car was designed to run in only a single race to test 4-cyclinder turbocharged engines. It won and got retired. 

Corvette R7 Proto (photo by Craig Steele) 


I ended my Sunday back at Turn Five. While waiting for the next race to start I saw a wildly decorated race car zoom by. I had never seen such a psychedelic checkered pattern. It was the new R7 Corvette racing prototype. Chevrolet trailered it to the racetrack, drove it out onto the track for a couple of laps, re-trailered it, and drove off. I did the same and got in my 911 Cab and took off for Santa Rosa, a 3-1/2 hour drive north. As I drove, I recounted my adventure and the 1,300 shots I captured on my Nikon. Next year, I a plan to arrive earlier for the mid-week events, like the auction and other car shows, before the weekend reunion races start.  

Simone Kopitzki - 2012 Aqua Blue Boxster S  


Simone, Richard & Margo Maxey and their '86 911 Carrera  (photo by Simone Kopitzki) 

After having attended two previous Legends of the Autobahn (2010 and 2011), the plan for 2013 was to travel to Carmel for the day and return home that evening. However, Redwood member Carla Daro invited Thorsten and I to stay with her and Ray for the weekend.


We left Marin at 6 am; it was very foggy and cold. The freshly cleaned car was a mess when we arrived about 8 am in Carmel. Thankfully we had not entered the concours!  The weather was great: sunny and a little breezy. We met many Redwood Members, including Jeff Johnston with his GT3, Richard and Margo Maxey with their '86 911 Carrera Coupe, and Bob and Anita with their award winning 914.


After enjoying a fantastic day in Carmel, we headed to Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey to meet Carla and Ray for dinner. We had a fantastic seafood dinner and then drove to the Daro's very special house in the woods on Pebble Beach's famous 17 Mile Drive.


Early in the morning we headed to Mazda Raceway with Carla and Ray. We had so much fun watching the old race cars, eating German bratwurst, and shopping at the vendor sites. We so enjoyed being with PCA Redwood Region Members - it was truly a wonderful experience to share.  

Legends of the Autobahn 2013 - Best of Show: Bob Schoenherr's 1971 914-4


Bob Schoenherr was confident going into the Legends of the Autobahn 2013 Concours d'Elegance that he had the car to beat. There were a couple of other Porsches that he worried might upstage his Irish Green beauty -- the '68 911 and the Slantnose.

Bob Schoenherr's Porsche Best of Show 914-4 
(photo by Kelly Wozniak, PAK Photography)


His concern was unfounded, and he fulfilled his intention to demonstrate that the 914 model has a rightful place in Porsche's motoring history. Bob came home to Lake County with the Best of Show award, honoring his car as the finest Porsche entered in the show.


Earlier this year, Bob purchased the 914 from John Fitzgerald, the car's second owner. The original owner took European delivery of the 914 in 1971. In a previous life, this 914 was used for autocrossing and was a hill climbing demon.


Bob was up past 11 PM on Thursday evening busily preparing the 914 for Friday's event. He was up again at 5 AM the next morning to finalize preparation. To say that his hard work paid off is an understatement!  When we spoke, he was off to Gardnerville, NV to participate in another Concours and then on to the Ledson and Livermore events. Bob is well on his way to achieving his goal of placing his 914 squarely in an esteemed place in Porsche's history!

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Field Stone Winery Tour - August 24, 2013

by Joan and Mark Campagna, Redwood Region Members


Field Stone Winery: A Cool Summer Destination


Several hands shot up toward the brilliant morning sky in answer to the question: Any new members here today? You bet! Welcome to the Redwood Region Porsche Club and our August Field Stone Winery run!


Rounds of applause greeted new members as well as old friends as we worked our way through the Drivers' Meeting and prepared for our ride. A hallmark of this club is the thought and preparation that goes into making club runs as smooth and pleasant an experience as possible. Today would prove this once again as we adapted to more than one detour in our plans.


Detour #1 was before we even started. The Freeway exit to our meeting place, Kaffe Mocha on Airport Blvd., Santa Rosa, was closed. Not to worry, though...we were as prepared as a troop of boy scouts. We pulled out the "detour alert" we had printed from the Club website and continued on to the meeting place.We didn't know it yet, but it would not be very long before we hit Detour #2.


Club business completed, our convoy of 26 sleek machines pulled out of the parking lot and headed east and south, down Old Redwood Highway, and east on Mark Springs West Road, where we hit Detour #2. This short wait worked in our favor, though, as trip leader Scott Buchanan talked up the signalman, who ushered all of us through as a group.


We hit the "high point" of our route as we continued to travel east on Porter Creek and Petrified Forest Roads through the Mayacamas Mountains that span the Sonoma/Napa county lines. Our pace picked up as the roads rose and fell in curve after curve before us, slipping by in that special way time moves when you're "in the moment." And nothing can put you in the moment like driving a Porsche on a road like this!


Dropping down out of the forest, we followed Foothill Blvd. to Tubbs Lane to CA-29 S., crossing the floor of Napa Valley to regroup on the eastern side on Silverado Trial. From here, the halfway mark on this 50-mile jaunt, we rode south for several miles, turning right onto Deer Park Road to make our way back to the western side of the valley.


As lunchtime approached, we joined the stream of Saturday traffic moving north on CA-128 W. We passed our entry point into the valley again - Petrified Forest Road - but continued north for several more miles. Field Stone Winery was fast approaching!

Panoramic view of the vineyards and our Porsches (photo by Paige Gaines) 


For those not familiar with this Healdsburg winery, it is renowned as much for its architecture as for its wine. To quote the Field Stone website:  "....the winery is a fascinating, small, underground facility carved into a picturesque oak knoll in the midst of its rolling vineyards...." And - lucky us - waiting there in the shade of a 100-year old oak tree was wine and a catered lunch and an afternoon yet to be filled.


We gathered round the oak for introductions and a few tastings before splitting up into two groups for a tour of the winery. We walked through fields with vines as old as that oak out front and sampled the unpicked grapes, so different from the grapes on our market shelves. The underground rooms were delightfully cool after the day's ride.


Lunch was served beneath the oak tree shortly thereafter: a buffet of BBQ tri-tip, sausages, ranch beans, a salad, and brownies or chocolate cake for dessert. As our party relaxed around the tables (a few of us going back for seconds) we had the chance to catch up with our new members and find out what they thought of the run.


And we hope we do see each of them again, along with the friends and colleagues we already know. Party season is coming up and you know what fun that always is!


Editor's note: Joan asked some new members for feedback about their first Redwood event. Paige and Eileen Gaines' reply is reproduced below.


Hi Joan,


As newbies to the PCA- Redwood Region, this was our first event... and we thoroughly enjoyed it!  

Meeting friendly folks, touring twisty roads in the 911, wine tasting and eating BBQ is pretty much my idea of a perfect day.


When we pulled up at Kaffe Mocha, Eileen was a little bit bashful about being thrown into a group of strangers only to realize (as is usually the case at any given affair) that she already knows more people than I do. It was nice to see that we weren't the only first-timers, though, allowing any deer-in-the-headlights expressions/confusion to be shared!


The printed instruction and route sheet was clear. The mileage points were a little out of whack for our old '85er, opening a small can of worms. Does this mean I have the wrong size wheels? A bad speedo sensor? Did someone replace the gearbox in the past? Does this mean I'm really not exceeding the suggested speed limit by as much as I've thought?


The route was great. The Silverado Trail, Hwy 128 and Hwy 29 are some of my favorite roads in that area. Taking Mark West Springs is the preferred road to Calistoga. It was fun playing the game of "keep the Porsche behind you in sight while you watch the taillights in front" along the way!


We were dutiful lemmings and followed the small group that made that final left turn a bit too early. About a half mile down the road I conceded that there was no winery entrance to be found. I believe this eventually made us the very last car to arrive at the correct parking area. This, in turn, allowed us to park in the very most scenic spot next to the vineyard (as was my plan all along) for taking pictures.


Eileen loved the wine (I don't drink) and joined the Field Stone wine club. I loved the BBQ and have begun searching for those Bar-M beef sausages. We both loved the winery, vineyards and the area. I managed to meet my photo quota with my little camera. As I frequently say as I get older, "Sudden stops for photo ops" has replaced "I don't care where I'm going as long as I get there fast!" Here's a link to some pix.  


After a nice afternoon in the company of our new friends and fellow Porsche enthusiasts, we finished the Hwy 128 ride to 101 and headed home.  We're looking forward to the Sept. 28th, Oktoberfest for our next event!







PCA Zone 7 Yosemite Region Concours on Campus -- August 25, 2013
article and photos by Barbara McCrory, Redwood Region Webmaster

At 0'dark hundred I unwrapped the 944 and headed for Stockton.  Today, with less traffic, there were no rolling paint cans falling off trucks to dodge.  Following the instructions listed on the Concours flyer, I arrived at the San Joaquin Delta College Campus 15 minutes ahead of my planned schedule to find that I was almost the last car to arrive!  I will never qualify for the early bird award.

Still cleaning at 9:30 - rags down at 10:00 when judging begins

If you got your work done, you got to take a well deserved rest.

I kept cleaning for a little longer.  Judging went off like clockwork and then it was time for lunch.  As lunch ended, the trophies were awarded -- thanks to the sponsor Porsche of Livermore.  As always Yosemite thought of everything to make the concours participants happy -- shade, chairs, coffee and doughnuts.  Thanks once again go out to Les Schreiber, Zone 7 Concours Chair and Paul Czopek, Zone 7 Representative and the Chair for this event.

Last time we left off with reason number 5 in our continuing story regarding why people show their cars at a Concours:


4.  I've grown to like dirty fingernails, and I have a huge supply of yellow towels to get dirty.


Oddest items found so far while judging, "Porsche Design screwdriver" (not), slippers under the seat, 3 sets of floor mats, and an extra radio on the floor in the back seat.  Redwood Region members Bob Schoenherr and I both got first place awards in our respective classes.


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Kurt's Korner: Pool Party at the Bergman's -- September 1, 2013 

by Kurt Fischer, Past President, Redwood Regionkurt fischer headshot


On a sunny Sunday afternoon, we had our 4th visit to the wonderful country home of John and Wynne Bergman for our annual Redwood Region BBQ and Pool Party. It was a small group, only 34 people and we all behaved nicely!  There were several other Zone events happening on that day -- the reason why at least 20 more people did not join us.  Next year... better planning, no date conflicts.


Again, we had Randy Apel doing the catering with tri-tip and chicken on the BBQ along with Caesar salad, pesto pasta, and appetizers.  Not to forget various cookies for desert too!  Randy's food is outstanding.

John's Revenge.


As this was a BYOB party. We had a table set up to hold an eclectic selection of wines from all over the "Redwine" Region. You name it and it was there: blushing rose's, cool whites and our main stay, reds. 


After lunch, it was pool time.  The Bergman's pool is salt water, solar heated to about 87F; it feels like a bathtub. It makes your skin feel so good versus ugly smelly chlorine.  John has pool toys galore and they were all in the water. Dragons, floats and the all-important massive squirt guns that were used with aplomb to soak our still clothed host, John Bergman.  John got his revenge: he ducked behind the bushes, pulled out his garden hose and with COLD water blasted the instigator, one John Fitzgerald (aka "Fitz").


All had a great time! We helped stow all the tables and chairs and by 5:00 pm we said our fond adieus to our hosts, the Bergman's.


Many thanks to the Bergman's, Vern Rogers and Don Magdanz for the set up and planning!  Plans will be made for a 2014 Pool party -- try not to miss the event next year.


Click here to see more Pool Party pictures    

                     (photos by Jerry) 

Whitman's Auto Body


fieldMaple Creek Wine Tour


Maple Creek Estate Wines


  Questions?  Kurt Fischer                                                Registration using



Ledson Concours


James Heisey



TRG The Racer's Group




Kurt Fischer



Zone 7 AX Marina


Questions?   Ann Roth


BusiBee Bookkeeping



Porsche of Livermore
Paul Czopek


Bay Area Travel



axRedwood Region Autocross #9, Saturday, October 19, 2013
Autocross page:

Autocrossers: A Notice from ESCA

Autocrossers Please Note: ESCA has asked us to inform our members that they are closing their Autocrosses to all  non-ESCA car club members, this includes PCA members.. ESCA is also planning to suspend their Associate member program.  The reason for this is to preclude exceeding their maximum allowable number of people on site. PCA members are welcome to join ESCA.


Autocross Results

This link will take you to the Autocross results hosted on the Redwood Region website.  Autocross Results



annualOctober Annual Members' Meeting Lunch Run, Sunday, October 20, 2013

RSVP to Kurt Fischer:



PCA Escape to L.A. October 24 - 27, 2013

Escape to L.A. 2013
 Hotel Registration Link:  Sheraton Fairplex Hotel and Conference Center 



Mendocino Tour

 Rik Larson  or Ray Fiore

Anthologies of an Engine Rebuild
  story and photos by John Jackson, Redwood Region Member
Discovery and Opportunity #2

For anyone who read my last piece, you know that my '87 Carrera developed a cough and loss of power on Redwood's All About the Roads tour.  I'll continue where I left off last month...

What would you do next?
Where or who could I turn too?  My trusted Google of course. Google always has an opinion, and for my situation and symptoms, they suggested a tune up and valve adjustment. Unfortunately my use of oil during the last 30k miles and finding oil on a spark plug suggested something much more complicated.


I questioned members of our Club and each time a new tech was suggested, always with the usual high praise. Apparently there are many qualified Porsche shops in Northern California. I decided to give my situation extra consideration, I needed to find someone who could service, advise, and in the worst case, rebuild my engine.


Eight years ago my lovely wife thought it would be cool if we had a classic Porsche. When something like that happens, you make sure you don't make a sound, don't act excited, just quietly acknowledge her suggestion. The very next day, my search was on (quietly). I stopped by a local Porsche shop to get their opinion on classic Porsches. The staff there, after a few questions like how much did I want to spend, suggested several choices. '87-'89 3.2 Carreras were one of the sweet spots suggested. That advice is one of the reasons we own a '87 Carrera today.


During that meeting, in an adjoining room, one of the staff was assembling a 911 engine from a box of parts. Seems like someone with questions about its assembly brought him that box. Easy to take apart, but hard to put together! Apparently these guys had been in business before my '87 had even been built. A good reason to benefit from their advice. Those guys were Deven Wailes, the owner, and Dana, his brother, of Hi Tec Automotive.

jjDeven jjdana jjHiTec  

The results of my "tune up"...


When do you need your engine rebuilt? A two part series published by Pelican parts suggests:

                If you get less than 500 miles per quart of oil

                If you have ZERO compression in one cylinder

    If your spark plug, or plugs, look like the one the photo (see photo)

                And if your engine coughs as if it were a 5 cylinder model

There is a good chance you need a engine rebuild.  I had all four!


My spark plug ... what do you think?
The hole in my exhaust valve ... that didn't help!



A way to see what is going on inside your combustion chamber, i.e. reading spark plugs, according to the article, Time to Rebuild by Pelican Parts: "If the plug is wet with oil, that indicates that there is significant leakage into the combustion chamber, passed either the valve guide or piston rings. This is generally a bad sign and an indication that your compression test may not yield good results."  It did not. 


The famous "Might As Well" Interview... jjBrad


My Choices -- the interview with Brad d'Alessio, Manager, Hi Tec Automotive:

                1. Take the car home and display it as largest model car in the


                2.  Sell it for ??? $$$

                3.  Buy used engine, upgrade to larger engine, or rebuild existing




I chose to rebuild. "And while we have the engine apart we might as well replace... And why you might ask?"


The studs (see photo): Steel retaining studs were used on the inlet side of the barrels and Dilavar studs on the exhaust side to allow for differing rates of expansion. These studs were used in an attempt to match the stresses of hot and cold on the 1978-89 aluminum engine cases. Unfortunately the Dilavar studs did not hold up -- they have been known to break off in the engine. Raceware studs with increased tensile strength are the current recommended replacements. I've always wanted a race engine.



Valve guides, stems and caps: All Raceware suggestions.

jjstuff jjguides

Spark plug wires:
Because they are 20 years old (of course).

jjengine Powder coat
the engine cavity and parts: An environmentally safe coating that last several times longer than paint and protects against rust and corrosion. Wouldn't want the new engine to fall through a rusted body and think how clean it's going to look at the next concours.  


While I wait for my engine to be polished, deconstructed and reconstructed, I share with you some of the research as to why I had an opportunity to rebuild my engine.


In the August 2004 issue of Excellence Magazine, it's the opinion of Mike Daino of Powertech, that Porsche changed the tolerances in later 3.2 engines making them tighter. He speculates those changes may have contributed to an oil starvation problem that ultimately causes premature wear.


Russell Lewis in his Porsche Carrera 3.2 article in October 2006 911 & Porsche World wrote: problems can result from stop and start motoring allowing unburned fuel to wash oil away from the valve guides and piston ring areas causing a high rates of wear.


Ted Robinson of German Precision and Dwight Mitchell of AutoSport Technology suggested that the wear is caused by the Viton valve stem seals used on the 3.2 engines. The theory is they work too well and prevent the guides from getting adequate lubrication causing the intake valves and guides to prematurely wear out. This wear can show up at 40-60,000 miles, by then the valve stems seals themselves have also worn out and the engine will have excessive oil consumption, plug fouling and all the rest.


Additional research found that Porsche experimented with metallurgy for the valve guides. As they ran engines hotter for emissions reasons, or more power (creating more heat). The metal starts to show more wear. They did eventually switch to harder manganese bronze guides. The valve stems seals can either be Teflon or Viton. Some say Teflon seals too well not allowing enough oil and lubrication to the valve stem.


Actually, I was just unlucky. I think a piece of carbon dislodged from that dirty fouled spark plug and got lodged in my exhaust valve.



Drive safe and fast, but  do not exceed the speed limit! Thanks for following my adventure, jj 
Porsches in first place for attractiveness and quality - JD Powers
Article reprinted courtesy of Niello Porsche

Redwood History


The year was 2007 - der Riesenbaum ads 

'87 911 Carrera. This original owner car is in very good condition. Garaged entire life. Runs and sounds great. Beautiful rare granite green metallic with black interior, sunroof, AC, Bridgestone S-02's, 160,000 original miles, $19000 (current price for very good $30,400 - source Hagerty Price Guide - Just think of the fun you could have had.)


'74 911S coupe, light yellow, excellent condition, 5 speed, approx. 30K miles on rebuilt engine. Original interior/exterior except for euro head/tail lights. Worth the drive to Crescent City for $9,995. (current price for a very good $28,400 - source Hagerty Price Guide - You could have had even more fun.)


Sorry no photos - the wayback machine didn't have them then. 


Board Meeting Minutes
Craig Steele by Craig Steele, Redwood Region Secretary

Redwood Region Board Meeting Minutes -   The minutes from the August 27, 2013 Board meeting will be available after approval at the September meetingMinutes  This link takes you to copies of previous meeting minutes hosted on the PCA Redwood Region Website.


Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on September 24th, at Ghiringhelli Pizzeria Grill & Bar, 1535 South Novato Blvd., Novato. All members are welcome to attend. 

Membership Report

bob schoenherr headshot 2011
by Bob Schoenherr, Redwood Region Membership Director

August 2013 membership report for the period ending August 31, 2013  


                                             Membership Notes


A great group of seasoned members are celebrating their anniversaries this month.  Congratulations and thank you all for supporting the Redwood region for such long time.  A lot of work, by many volunteers, has gone into making our Region most enjoyable over the past 44 years.  Some names you see on the anniversary list have been involved in hosting tours, autocrosses, funkanas, and concours; you name it, these members have helped all of us appreciate our Club and marque.  We are the Region that started Escape.


Don't forget to stop by the "Green Machine" at Redwood's Ledson Concours this month.  I have some vintage items that I found in the closet for you to look at.


Anita and I just got back from a fantastic event in Gardnerville, Nevada. For the first time in five years the Sierra Nevada Region hosted a Zone 7 Concours -- a two-day good time event. As some of you know, we are campaigning the "Green Machine" in the Zone 7 series; at present we are leading in the preservation category.  You would have thought the "Rim Fire" and all the smoke might have kept some away, but it didn't.  Those of us from Redwood, Loma Prieta, Sacramento Valley, and Golden Gate Regions, who have been participating in the complete 2013 Concours season, helped make it into a very well run event.  The turnout was great; we had examples of 50's 356s, beautiful 60's 356s and 911s, 70's 914s and 911s and, of course, nice examples of new Carreras, Boxsters, and Caymans.


We met up with our SVR friends Jim and Linda McMahen in Sacramento and then cruised I-80 through Tahoe down to Carson City, then south to Gardnerville.  Jim was driving a red '86 slantnose turbo, and we were in the "Green Machine."  Anita and I both thought we were "M&M colors" as we drove down the highway.  Pretty drive, and yes, Tahoe was packed with people enjoying the Labor day weekend.  We arrived at the Historian Inn where we were met by the Sierra Nevada welcoming crew.  The hotel rooms were great, and we had a great area to park and prep our cars. 


That afternoon there was a welcome reception with wine, cheese, cookies and other goodies.  As the cars were arriving we all got excited about seeing the Porsches the next day, but of course some of us couldn't wait. So many of us ended up in the parking lot trading car stories.  That evening 52 of us ate and drank wine together at JT's Basque Restaurant.  The food was awesome and kept coming and coming....


The next day we all displayed our cars at Lampe Park.  Nice venue, even if we had to fight off the Canadian geese who were using it as stopover in their travels.  The event was very well attended by the Sierra Nevada Region with some really cool cars that they brought out on a smoky day.  The "Green Machine' was admired by all, and yes we won our class.  Our good friends Charlie and Inge's 1971 911 Targa was the Peoples' Choice Award winner.


Anita and I made new friends and really appreciated the Sierra Nevada Region's hospitality and event organization.  We can't wait until next year.  You might want to make the drive, it was well worth it.  And a Brock's ice cream cone in Yuba City on the way home helped us get over the smoke and the rain on our way home down highway 20.




New Members

   Primary Members


Transfers in

   Affiliate Members


Transfers out

   Dual Members




   Total Members






Welcome New Members to the Redwood Region.  We hope to see you at an upcoming event.






Prior Region

Michael Fonfara


San Rafael 


Red 914


Frank Lichtenberg 




Red 930


Kevin Ritchie


Mill Valley


Green 912


Edwardo Perlas 

Sanny Perlas

San Rafael


Gray Carrera S


Mari Rodin 

Jesse Brennan



Black Carrera


Richard Wicklund 




Silver Boxster S


Michael Chobotov


Santa Rosa


Silver 911 Turbo

CA Central Coast

Paul Kavanagh


Mill Valley


Yellow 911T

CA Central Coast

Ernest King
Jon Paul PhillipsStuart SuttonSanta Rosa1998Red 993Pacific Northwest


August Anniversaries (5 years and over)






Anniversary Date

Lawrence Lonn


Belvedere, CA


James Hurson


Santa Rosa, CA


Harley Miller


San Anselmo, CA


Robert Davisson


San Anselmo, CA


John Weber


San Rafael, CA


Gary Bayless


Santa Rosa, CA


George Bono


Petaluma, CA


Michael Kelly


Mill Valley, CA


Mark Sanders


Mill Valley, CA


Arlene Moorehead


Mendocino, CA


Steve Peaslee


Petaluma, CA


Stephen Jarrell


San Anselmo, CA


Robin Andersen


San Rafael, CA


Matthew Crysdale


Petaluma, CA


Scott Downie


Fortuna, CA


Van Kasper


Sonoma, CA


Stephen Foster


Santa Rosa, CA


James Derich


Mill Valley, CA


Michael Klunk


San Rafael, CA


Donald Plumley


Petaluma, CA


George Altamura


Napa, CA


Richard Burke


Healdsburg, CA


Albert Kubanis


Ukiah, CA


William Whiteley


Sonoma, CA


John Bergman


Forestville, CA


Michael Thomas


Santa Rosa, CA


Paul Nobmann


Sonoma, CA


Dan Lewis


Santa Rosa, CA


Jane Parkhurst


Novato, CA


Brian Preussker


Mill Valley, CA


Ralph Jackson


Gualala, CA


Lee Cordner


San Rafael, CA


Adam Crowley


Santa Rosa, CA


Andreas Anton


Healdsburg, CA


Forrest Craig


San Anselmo, CA


Mark Houser


Healdsburg, CA


Gregory Matsumoto


Napa, CA


Judson Rounds


Mill Valley, CA


Ryan Russell


Eureka, CA


Barry Schmidt


Santa Rosa, CA


Chancey Sweeney


Suisun, CA


 Happy Anniversary and thanks to all of you.


Membership information is based on the Porsche Club of America National database. If you feel that any of the information included in this Membership Report is inaccurate, please contact the Editor or Membership Director.

Membership Information

Please contact Bob Schoenherr, Membership Director for general information about Club membership, including changes of address and/or contact information, dual-membership inquiries, inter-region transfers, membership referrals, and name badges.

Redwood Region Members are welcome and encouraged to attend monthly Board Meetings, held on the last Tuesday of each month (except December) at 7:00 p.m. at Ghiringhelli Pizzeria Grill & Bar, 1535 South Novato Blvd., Novato.

CASA Seeks Volunteer Mentors For Neglected Children 

CASA children

Every day in Sonoma County, children are removed from their homes because they have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. Through no fault of their own, these children are made dependents of the Juvenile Court and enter a world where an overburdened legal system sometimes cannot hear their voices. These youth need a CASA advocate to provide consistent and personal support as they go through months and sometimes years of legal procedures. All too often, the children are moved from one temporary placement to another, never knowing what it is to have the comfort of a permanent home. The CASA volunteer provides human contact that the youth need and the adult experience and savvy the court needs to make better decisions for them. Being a CASA makes a difference in the lives of these youth:  


"If it weren't for you, school would have been harder. If it weren't for you I would not have started school with new clothing. If it weren't for you, I would not have had a wonderful senior year. If it weren't for you, I would not have my CASA. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be me. Thank you." Written by a CASA youth  

Juvenile court officials have identified an additional 50 youth who need advocates and CASA is appealing to Sonoma County residents to volunteer. If you care and have about 10 hours a month to spend, being a CASA can be a very gratifying work. A CASA is a powerful voice in a child's life.


Executive Director, Millie Gilson, states that there are approximately 155 volunteers, and hopes to recruit another 25 with the next training.

The Spring training, which takes place over three and a half days begins Thursday, October 3rd, 2013, from 10:00-1:30, then runs from Tuesday, October 8th, through Thursday, October 10th, from 8:30-5:00. Classes are held at CASA's office at the Los Guilicos complex near Oakmont in Santa Rosa. For more information and to sign up for the CASA training, contact Millie Gilson at 707-565-6375.



Millie Gilson 
Executive Director


CASA Flyer


Redwood Region Contacts
2013 Redwood Region Board of Directors

Executive Council


Appointed Directors

der Marktplatz


Norco scissor lift
Norco model 86000 6000# scissor lift hoist, 36" lift, 110 volt $1200/OBO Alan Straub - Contact me at : or by phone 707 996 9331 or 415 332 9331
Snap-on computer wheel balancer
Snap-on WB250 computer wheel balancer/ with adhesive weights $900/OBO Alan Straub - Contact me at : or by phone 707 996 9331 or 415 332 9331
12 ton shop press
12 ton Central Hydraulics shop press $125/OBO Alan Straub - Contact me at : or by phone 707 996 9331 or 415 332 9331


Fikse Wheels 11x18, 8.5x18 Sized for a 2004 GT3 but will fit many others even a Boxster with rear spacers. .Like new!! $2900/OBO Alan Straub - Contact me at : or by phone 707 996 9331 or 415.332.9331
Boxster wheels
2000 Boxster wheels 7/55 & 8.5/50 Good condition, not perfect $400/OBO Alan Straub - Contact me at : or by phone 707 996 9331 or 415.332.9331 


Sparco Evo Racing Seat
Sparco Evo racing seat $250/OBO Alan Straub - Contact me at : or by phone 707 996 9331 or 415 332 9331
Euro GT3 leather racing seat
Euro GT3 black leather racing seat, fits sooo well! $750/OBO Alan Straub - Contact me at : or by phone 707 996 9331 or 415 332 9331

No photo

2000-2004 Boxster S front bumper,  arctic silver                             $350/OBO

Alan Straub - Contact me at : or by phone 707 996 9331 or 415 332 9331





For Sale by original owner: 

Porsche 550 Spyder replica, professionally hand-built in 2007. 2.5 liter Subaru engine with EMS. Fuel injected. Heated leather seats and many other options and "extras."  Award winner. Very fast. Paint in as-new condition. Always garaged. Car needs nothing. 

13,000 miles. $37,500. 

Call Barry at 707-833-2585 anytime before 9:00 PM, or send inquiries to




For Sale - Porsche Cayenne OEM Roof Transport System (2002-2010)  

Plus 2 Porsche OEM Bike racks - $475.00 for complete set


Mike Nikolov 415-497-0339 





  1999 Porsche Boxster

For Sale 1999 Boxster Arctic Silver,Boxster Red interior, Tiptronic, 110K miles 

I purchased this Boxster with 74K miles and have the original CarFax that came with it when I took ownership. I have made the following upgrades to the car (partial list): Pedros' Enthusiast motor mount, Techno Brace, LN Engineering ceramic IMS bearing kit, upgraded silicon RMS, new crankcase bolts, Porsche ROW M030 sport suspension, 2001 Boxster S Big Red calipers and cross drilled rotors, GT3 front brake cooling ducts, GAAH top with glass rear window, Fabspeed headers and Dansk sport muffler. Extensive service records with oil and filter changes at 5K miles as well as all maintenance items including Tiptronic transmission service at 90K miles. Parts replaced include OEM water pump, thermostat, windshield, fuel pump, rear wheel bearings and rear axle housing. The car was completely sanded down, all dings removed and repainted with Porsche factory Arctic Silver and clear coat. Boxster 550 Spyder tail lights, fogged head lights replaced with upgraded European non-egg yolk lights and clear side marker lights. Worn seats replaced. Interior has full leather option. No history of collisions. Tires are Hankook V12 rear with 6/32 tread and fronts are Sumitomo ZRIII with 5/32 tread. OBC hack done so mpg, temp, average speed and speed chime can be accessed. Everything works as it should, AC blows cold. I have all manuals and receipts. Includes Porsche OEM fitted outdoor car cover and OEM leather bra. Call for complete information and history. Price $13,500.

Ron Breeze    707-486-2049 





Porsche 2005 Historic Calendar Book - original sealed, Collector's Item $50 415-299-7563







Panorama Collection  




Porsche Panorama Collection. January 1997 through December 2012 -- complete except for the November 2007 issue. In pristine condition; ideal for the collector or Porsche history buff.  $75 for the entire set.

Jerry Gladstone 707-322-3657




1973 Porsche 914 2.0

1973 Porsche 914 2.0     Asking Price: $14,500
Information:  I am the third owner of the car.  The first owners were teachers from Pasadena who purchased the car new in 73 in Los Angeles.  The second owner purchased it from them in 1978 and remained in Los Angeles until relocating to Mountain View in the mid 80's.  The car was actively driven at various SCCA and PCA timed rally events. The owner sold because of her arthritis and inability to enjoy the car. It was resprayed it in the early 90's. I literally had to interview and show my PCA credentials for consideration as a buyer.  The paint is in very good condition, the entire engine was removed, with the bay completely cleaned and all issues mitigated. When I purchased it, the car was located in a shrine/garage surrounded by 35 years of rare Porsche memorabilia.  It has original mini-rally badges from Vasek Polak, PCA, and SCCA events in Southern California at Riverside. In the service book, it has service stamps by Andial -- truly historic material. The car has about 9k miles a year for about 360k miles, and every service is documented with mileage logs.  For over a decade prior to my purchase it has been serviced by Heyer Performance in Mountain View; they can be called as a reference.            EJ Achtner  Skype:  EJ_Achtner


Owner's Manual  -  Original 1970 Porsche 911T.  Overall condition good except rip in back page.  $50

Work Shop Manual - VGC.  No grease or smudge marks.  Porsche 911 1964-69 Autobook, Kenneth Ball Autopress LTD. 176 pages $45.    Roderick Moore   


Porsche 996/986 Wheels 


996/986 Carrera 5 spoke wheels. 8x18 (225 X 40's) & 10x18's(285 X 30's). With Conti Sport Contact N2's which will need replacement soon. Wheels are in exceptional shape and except for one small rock ding on one spoke they are "as new". Low miles still have original factory weights. For someone wishing to mount in a 986 I also have 24mm spacers and extended wheel bolts (for rear wheels) for that application. All for $800 OBO.

B. Kelly      707-933-8199   







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