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July 2013

President's Message

vern rogers headshot 2011
by Vern Rogers, Redwood Region President
Well folks, I am still waiting for the SSI delivery noted in last month's President's message. 
Even so, I have managed a few more upgrades to the SC since I last wrote. I came across a great deal on both a muffler (that will work with the SSI heat exchangers) and a chin spoiler, each acquired for $100.  I have already installed the chin spoiler, and over the 4th of July weekend, I installed the turbo tie rods that I purchased in June.  After an alignment and corner balancing (thanks Deven and HiTec), I do have to say that I am quite pleased with the continually improved handling capabilities of the car.  Thanks also to member John Baldwin for inviting me over to hear and drive his beautiful 3.2 Carrera with its deep and throaty muffler.  It was a very nice gesture, and I also enjoyed meeting your son. I hope to see both of you out at a Redwood event soon.

June's Zone 7 Autocross days (yes, two of them) were a blast, and then there was the All About the Roads tour. 
This event was absolutely true to its name.Especially fabulous were the twisty, well surfaced highways 36 to and from Red Bluff and 1 toward the coast from Leggett. Everyone went at their own pace (as per plan), some enjoying the scenery more than the curves, and some the reverse. A great time was had by all.

I have to take a moment to say a VERY big thank you to Steve and Cherryl Glenn for the incredible detail of their planning for this trip.  They not only pre-drove the route shortly before the tour date, but also provided step-by-step, color-coded driving instructions for each of the three days, as well as individual sets of actual AAA maps for each car with routes highlighted in the color matching the instructions.  We ended up with a total of 10 cars and 20 attendees.  It seemed like a perfect number.

Only two mechanical problems were encountered along the way.  John and Kay Jackson's 911 appeared to have gotten either some bad gas, or had trouble adjusting to the altitude along the way.  It was feeling very underpowered on Hwy 36 from Chico to Red Bluff during our first day.  The problem seemed to solve itself at least somewhat as we left Red Bluff and headed to Fort Bragg.  I hope the recovery is now complete (and didn't cost anything).


Fan Belt Changers
Martin Rosen and Tom Stobel over the newly installed fan belt 

The other problem was a broken fan belt experienced by Martin and Betsy Rosen in their Turbo Look Carrera.  As luck would have it, the belt broke in Red Bluff on the way back from dinner.  Martin came to me that night wondering where in Red Bluff he could get a new fan belt, and who could assist in putting it on.  You just gotta love PCA members and their cars.  I spoke with Tom Strobel, who had shown me how to do my first Porsche fan belt replacement, and asked Martin to get his tool kit.  I think that Martin must have had this kit flown over from the Porsche Museum.  I have never seen one so pristine. .. and guess what was inside.  Yes, a new fan belt.  With Tom in the lead and me providing a third hand, we had the new belt on in under 10 minutes the next morning, and were off to Fort Bragg.Thank you Tom! 

tool kit
The pristine tool kit 


June also saw us do an afternoon tour around Sonoma ending with dinner at the Plaza Bistro -- a repeat of last year's excellent meal.  Our VP, Mike Hinton, attended and has an article about this event further down the page.


July begins with our annual Porsches on the Plaza event (probably over and done with by the time you read this), continues with Redwood Region Ax #6 on 7/20, and completes with a tour to Far Niente Winery.  This tour does not finish after the winery, but continues into the town of Napa for a lunch at the Red Hen Cantina.  Those of you that attended the Napa tour back in April of this year know that the Mexican food and drink served on their outdoor patio provide for a great social gathering and completion to a PCA event.Don't miss it. See below for detail on these events.


One last set of words to leave you with... I want to express my thanks to Deven Wailes, owner of HiTec, our Region Technical Advisor and primary Ax sponsor, for the party that you host(ed) after Porsches on the Plaza.  Thank you for opening your home to our members.  We stopped using the word advertiser, and started using the word sponsor just to foster this type of involvement with the club. Thank you Deven.


That's all for now.Down the road.


From the Interim Co-Editor(s)

Jerry headshot
by Jerry Gladstone, der Riesenbaum Interim Co-Editor

News from Parade: Redwood's 2012 series of der Riesenbaums won second place in the PCA National Newsletter competition. Congratulations to Chris Harrell, 2012 Redwood Newsletter Editor, and to everyone who contributed.  

Readership of der Riesenbaum has been staying very consistent with 370 of you opening the electronic newsletter each month. It would be very informative and useful to know why the other 330 of the 700 issues sent each month are never opened. Approximately half the members are missing out on event announcements and reports on the good times had by the rest of the membership. Could it be that electronic publishing is limited in its appeal or do we have that many inactive members?


The annual Porsches on the Plaza event benefitting CASA was once again a popular success. Not only was the Plaza filled with all varieties and colors of Porsches, but there was also a bicycle ride and a party after the event hosted by Deven Wailes, our primary sponsor, at his home in Sonoma. The bike ride was fun with eight of us heading out for Cuttings Wharf through the Carneros wine growing region. Look below for Kurt's full report on the Plaza event.


This issue features articles on the past month's activities and announcements of events for the coming month or so -- hope you enjoy the issue. Join in the fun and attend as many events as you please. Once again we are requesting articles from the membership. If you have an interesting personal Porsche story, we would like to hear from you (and so would the membership).    





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Dinner Run to Plaza Bistro, Sonoma - June 29, 2013
mike hinton headshot 2011
by Mike Hinton, Redwood Region Vice President


On a sweltering early summer afternoon, 20 cars and 45 intrepid Redwood Region members gathered under a large tree in the parking lot behind the Sonoma Plaza in preparation for our second annual Dinner Run to the Plaza Bistro.  Last year's event proved to be very popular, and judging from the turnout, this year's event would be too.There may have been a bit less tire-kicking than usual owing to the oppressive heat, but the enthusiasm among the participants was evident. Joe Burroughs and Don Magdanz had planned a challenging loop through the mountains that would lead us back to the parking lot, with but a short walk to the Plaza Bistro restaurant for dinner. It was encouraging to see that several members had joined us for their first Redwood Region event ever.


After the Driver's Meeting, and discussions concerning the route and the regrouping points, our caravan of Porsches ventured out into the crowded streets of Sonoma en route to the upcoming curvy roads. It seemed as if half the cars were Boxster variants, and despite the heat, most of them were motoring top down!  As a former convertible owner myself (a Miata that I owned for 23 years), I knew that judicious use of the air-conditioner can make top-down cruising comfortable, even in 100 degree heat. No such comforts for me in my 911T however, and the slow slog through Sonoma was a bit uncomfortable until the group got up over 30 mph.


Once we reached Arnold Drive, the traffic thinned out a bit and our caravan of Porsches cruised through the picturesque countryside of the Sonoma Valley. A brief stretch of State Highway 12 led the group to the tasty portion of the run:Sonoma County's version of the "tail of the dragon," also known as Trinity Road.Trinity Road carves a steep and narrow path through the Mayacamas Mountains on its way to the Wine Country of the Napa Valley.The road surface can charitably called "uneven," but most people just called it &$%@ bumpy!  I was constantly reminded of that fact as my stiffly-suspended 911T leaped and crashed over the many imperfections in the road. Not that I was complaining, mind you!  The road surface just added to the challenge of the road and made the drive more satisfying. I was glad to finally reach the summit, as the oil temperature in my old flat-6 had climbed to a new record (almost 230 degrees). That temperature is still below the definition of "hot" proposed by the late Bruce Anderson, so I wasn't TOO concerned.


After the steep climb up Trinity Road, the group turned off onto Mount Veeder Road, which clings to the upper slopes of the Mayacamas as it makes its way to Napa.  Like Trinity Road, Mount Veeder Road is a narrow, twisty, bumpy route.  The benefit is that there's very little traffic, which allowed our group to settle into a comfortable pace and enjoy the roller-coaster-like ride into the flatlands of Napa.  All too soon, the road began to straighten out, and we were headed back to Sonoma via the vineyards of the Carneros district.


It was nice to arrive back at our parking lot with reserved parking for the cars (thanks to Joe Burroughs for arranging that little luxury).  A short stroll through the area surrounding the downtown square of Sonoma found us at our restaurant for the evening:  the Plaza Bistro, Sonoma.  Our group filled a large room in the restaurant, and it was apparent that the drive had been enjoyable for all - even those who missed a turn or two and had to find their way back to Sonoma unescorted.  The meal was delicious and the service was excellent, far better than last year!


All in all, the Dinner Run was a rousing success.  The hot weather may have deterred some folks, but as a group, Porsche owners are generally an intrepid bunch.  Those who braved the heat were rewarded with an enjoyable drive through some of the area's best twisty roads, and the event was capped off by an excellent dinner.  My sincere thanks go out to the event organizers, and also to all of the members who made this their first event.  I hope all of the newcomers enjoyed themselves and felt welcomed, and on behalf of the Board, we hope to see all of you soon at another event! 


dawydiak ad


Kurt's Korner: Porsches on the Plaza, July 13, 2013 

by Kurt Fischer, Past President, Redwood Regionkurt fischer headshot


Arose at 5:30am, watched the sunrise, and prepared for a stunning weather day for our fourth Porsches on the Plaza in beautiful Sonoma.  As I pull into the horseshoe in front of City Hall there is my co-host, Joe Burroughs, already there unpacking his Porsche support vehicle (PSV) with the help of Cindy Stockman.  This event was Joe's idea, years ago. Joe works for the City of Sonoma and his office window looks out directly onto the horseshoe.


The Plaza at Sonoma Being Decorated with Porsches
                photo by Ronald Breeze 

At about 8:30 am the cars start arriving and I slot them into place, parking on an angle for best viewing.  Our registration table is set up with the help of Simone and Thorsten Kopitzki and Craig Steele. Let the fun begin!


This event is very laid back. We bring our fine Porsches, our chairs, lunches and good bottles of libation. We enjoy the Sonoma Plaza and the throngs of visitors who feast their eyes on our fine German automobiles...tourists galore...little boys drooling and asking their dads if they can have one, etc. I heard them talking: "hey look at all the great cars!" I hope that a new car nut generation is being hatched.


We end up with 32 cars on the horseshoe. After lunch we begin the process of handing out prizes for the "People's Choice" awards. 

Bela Thury's Stunning Gray 356 Cab
photo by Ronald Breeze 

Jim Hybiske, with his Speedster...wins again!  Mike Burns and his Turbo comes in 2nd and Bela Thury with his 356 Cab comes in 3rd!   Thanks to Adobe Road Winery for the bottles of their fine wines that were given to the top three winners. We also had a raffle handing out Porsche calendars, Porsche pins, etc.  Winners all around!


New this year also was the 1st Redwood Region bike ride set up by Don Magdanz and his 2 wheel buddies. Seven hearty cyclists participated in the bicycle ride. Jerry Gladstone led 4 cyclists on the Cup ride to Cuttings Wharf, about 30 miles total. Don Magdanz led 3 on the 911 ride on a similar course, about 15 miles .The weather was ideal: not too hot and very little wind; fortunately, the tail wind was on the return, which is the best for cycling as it makes you feel really fast at the end of the ride.

Mike DiPaoli's Awesome GT3 RSR        
photo by Ronald Breeze 


Thanks for this wonderful event go to Joe Burroughs and Cindy Stockman, Simone and Thorsten Kopitzki, Craig Steele, our President Vern Rogers and Ron Breeze for the pictures. Special thanks to Deven Wailes, our sponsor from Hi Tech Automotive, for the great after party.  We will do this again next year as it is one of our favorite events.  You missed out if you were not there.



People's Choice Winner - Jim Hybiske's Speedster
     photo by Ronald Breeze


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farFar Niente Wine Tour



PCA Sacramento Valley Region and Niello Porsche Zone 7 Concours #2
by Barbara McCrory, Redwood Region Webmaster

The Sacramento Valley Region Zone 7 Concours at Niello Porsche on June 16, 2013 was well attended - 27 cars were judged and over 100 Porsches were in the parking lot corral. Our own Bob Schoenherr received the Niello Dealer Award for his beautiful Preservation Class 1971 - 914.  He also placed first in class as did my 1987 - 944.

After the lunch hour, trophies were awarded by Kim Nelson, color commentator Reflections in Glass
and Past President SVR.  The glass creations were handed out by Rachel Nelson of Reflections in Glass.

Niello Porsche Shop
Early 911's took prime parking spots inside, out of the sun

Thanks to Niello Porsche for their hospitality.  We got to see their remodel of the shop area which included new flooring and work stations for their technicians.

In our continuing story regarding why people show their cars at a Concours:

5.  Because it's fun to clean, and you can use many parts of your body (or those belonging to others).

Linda McMahen offered her grandson's foot for cleaning duties
Others made do with hands


Larry Adams 


Whitman's Auto Body


axRedwood Region Autocross #7, Saturday, August 10, 2013
  PCA Redwood Region Autocross
Autocross page:

Autocross Results

This link will take you to the Autocross results hosted on the Redwood Region website.  Autocross Results



proshop ad


legendsLegends of the Autobahn, Friday, August 16, 2013

TRG The Racer's Group


fieldField Stone Wine Tour

 Paul Czopek

Car Care: Auto Detailing Using Clay Bars

 Auto Detailing Article reprinted courtesy of PCA Sacramento Valley Region's The Drifter, July 2013





 Registration & Information

BusiBee Bookkeeping



PCA Escape to L.A. October 24 - 27, 2013

Escape to L.A. 2013
 Hotel Registration Link:  Sheraton Fairplex Hotel and Conference Center 


Bay Area Travel



An Interview with Long-Term Member Al Barbieri


Over a casual lunch, I had the pleasure to interview Al Barbieri - a member of Redwood Region for well over 40 years.  Al is a dentist in Santa Rosa -- still working and still enjoying his Porsches.


(dR) Al, how did you get involved with Porsche cars and Redwood Region?


It was 1969, I was newly married and was saving for a down payment on a house when I was smitten with the new Porsche models. The down payment did not become a house, but rather a new Tangerine 912! I had wanted a Targa, but only a coupe was available. I joined Redwood Region at that time for the camaraderie, friendship and a bit of autocross.


(dR) Is it true that you have more than one Porsche?


Yes, in 1975 I saw a lime green 1961 356 Karmann notchback on a local street with a for sale sign in the window. It was so cheap I could not pass it up -- I bought it. Turns out that it became my primary Porsche after my wife had an autocross accident in the 912. The 356 became and still is my usual Porsche ride; the 912 was set up for concours. Oh, but there is another half Porsche! I have half interest in a 2006 Boxster co-owned with my daughter and her husband -- and I do drive it often. So I am the owner of two and a half Porsches.


(dR) What was Redwood like in the 70's and 80's?


It was a very social and fun group. We of course had parties, tours, autocrosses, BBQs, rallyes and track events. But primarily the car served as a social outlet. We made great friends, had good times and supported each other. We even worked on each other's cars helping keep costs down. Back in those days, when the Cotati Racetrack still existed, the late Emmett Wilder taught us how to really drive our Porsches. But everything was just for fun -- no fancy stuff, just good friendly people. 


(dR) Care to share some of the great stories?


At my first Parade, in Monterey, I was the guy who pushed Dr. Porsche. I was placing cars for concours and this old fellow was in my way. Later I learned who he was and that I had earned the "DummKopff Award" for my diligence. On a Mendocino trip we stole room keys and short sheeted each others' beds. Being of Italian ancestry, I really liked the "Italian Parties". You had to be Italian to come, or you could just bring something Italian like a string of garlic! Then there was the "here today, gone tomorrow winery". We would set up an impromptu "winery" along the tour route to a real winery. It was set up a few minutes before the first arrivals and dismantled immediately afterwards. So for about 20 minutes cheap wine was served with a ladle into a paper cup, sometimes from a toilet bowl!


(dR) How about driving-oriented events?


In addition to those events we already talked about, one stands out in my mind. On the way to Parade in Snowmass, we had a couple of people in new 930 Turbos and they wanted to see how fast they could go. Emmett hit 156 and the other 155 -- it was quite a show.


(dR) What activities would you like to see brought back?


Weekend tours, BBQs and Pool Parties.


(dR) Any last thoughts?


I have not been very active in the club recently, though I had a great time on the One-One-Fun Run. I would go to more events if I knew about them -- I miss the printed der Riesenbaum. [Note: Al does not do email.)


(dR) Thanks Al for the wonderful remembrances.


Redwood History


  Five Years Ago in Redwood Region 
Blue Porsche 968
Porsches on  the Plaza

              Shawn Morrison's  - 968 Turbo S  

                     Building the Perfect Clone


Looking at the Porsche 968 turbo S it's difficult to tell if it's some sort of concept car that never got off the ground. Maybe a motor sports driven race car with only one purpose in mind. Or could it be a one-off creation that a fly-by-night speed shop put together. While in reality the latter two are correct, all of these come to mind when anyone unfamiliar with the 968 lineages ask me about he car. I feel that these are due to the timeless lines and aerodynamic curves that make up the 968 and ultimately the thoroughbred turbo S!


It's just breathtaking when under full acceleration up from 2nd to 6th. Yet around town, when not at supersonic speeds, it idles steadily, cruises smoothly, and stays nice and cool just as Porsche designed it to be. With the relatively little expense and huge number of hours devoted to this mechanical masterpiece, just as the factory did, I can honestly say that this is one of the most intriguing, well rung out prototypes that has ever been created for the street. My modifications are both tasteful as they are functional, and kept in tune with innovation and practicalism.


(ultra rare 968 Turbo S with only 15 produced.... 


Semi-Annual Redwood Region Treasurer's Report ... 1st Half Fiscal Year 2013


Semi-Annual Redwood Region Treasurer's Report
1st Half Fiscal Year 2013


Redwood Region's finances continue to remain strong at mid-year 2013. As of June 30, 2013 assets included:

         Cash and cash equivalents..........................................................$26,317.68

         Certificate of Deposit....................................................................$10,290.05

         Inventory......................................................................................... $2,744.74

                   Total Assets......................................................................... $39,352.47


There are no accounts payable or other liabilities; total members' equity is $39,352.47.


Total income was $14,086.33 offset by expenses of $9,717.63 for a net ordinary income of $4,368.70. $127.78 was earned in interest income for a total net income of $4,496.48.


The Region's biggest revenue generator remains the Autocross series with a net profit of $1,723.84. Combined with PCA National's rebate of $4,387.00 and sponsor support of $1,933.33, this $8,044.17 provides most of our operating funds.


Please note that these financial figures have not been formally reviewed, but will be by the Redwood Region Financial Review Committee at the end of the year. Also note that Goodie Store inventory is as of January 1, 2013 and has not yet been updated. Any questions, clarifications or requests for more complete financial statements, please contact Region Treasurer, Jerry Gladstone at


Submitted July 2, 2013 by Jerry Gladstone, RR Treasurer

Board Meeting Minutes
Craig Steele by Craig Steele, Redwood Region Secretary

Redwood Region Board Meeting Minutes -   The minutes from the June 25, 2013 Board meeting will be available after approval at the July meetingMinutes  This link takes you to copies of previous meeting minutes hosted on the PCA Redwood Region Website.


Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on July 30th, at Ghiringhelli Pizzeria Grill & Bar, 1535 South Novato Blvd., Novato. All members are welcome to attend. 

Membership Report

bob schoenherr headshot 2011
by Bob Schoenherr, Redwood Region Membership Director

The June 2013 membership report for period ending June 30, 2013  


                                             Membership Notes


 Sorry for the abbreviated membership report.  I'm reporting from Leipzig Germany where Anita and I 

Porsche Factory/Museum Leipzig have had the pleasure of experiencing the World Skills championships and the fabulous city of Leipzig.  I'll have an updated anniversary list in the next edition with both June and July anniversaries.  The work here was great, but with very long days.  If you ever get a chance to take in this city please do.  More to come in future stories from Anita and myself.  Photo is from the Porsche Factory/Museum Leipzig.





New Members


   Primary Members


Transfers in


   Affiliate Members


Transfers out


   Dual Members




   Total Members






NameLocationAffiliateAutomobilePrior Region
Rob AnglinYountvillePeggy Hackney2002 Carrera 4 Silver 
John BohanSonomaZelda Kelly2002 Boxster Gray
Andrew BrooksSan Rafael
2005 997 Silver
Douglas Cameron
Santa Rosa
Nicole Cameron
2004 911 Silver

James HahnSanta RosaMila Chaname1987 911 Black
James PhelanFairfax
1997 993 Silver
Charles RaitSanta Rosa
2003 Boxster Red
Lloyd StefaniSonomaPaul Stefani2014 Cayman Gray
Ben BrownSausalitoClaudia Brown1987 911Oregon (OR)
Timothy SmithGreenbrae
2004 911 Turbo RedGolden Gate (GG)
Dixon ScottBrentwood
1997 C4S SilverDual Diablo


Welcome New Members to the Redwood Region!  We hope to see you at an upcoming event.  


The June Anniversary report will be included in next month's edition    


Membership information is based on the Porsche Club of America National database. If you feel that any of the information included in this Membership Report is inaccurate, please contact the Editor or Membership Director.

Membership Information

Please contact Bob Schoenherr, Membership Director for general information about Club membership, including changes of address and/or contact information, dual-membership inquiries, inter-region transfers, membership referrals, and name badges.

Redwood Region Members are welcome and encouraged to attend monthly Board Meetings, held on the last Tuesday of each month (except December) at 7:00 p.m. at Ghiringhelli Pizzeria Grill & Bar, 1535 South Novato Blvd., Novato.
CASA Flyer


Redwood Region Contacts
2013 Redwood Region Board of Directors

Executive Council


Appointed Directors

der Marktplatz

  1999 Porsche Boxster

For Sale 1999 Boxster Arctic Silver,Boxster Red interior, Tiptronic, 110K miles 

I purchased this Boxster with 74K miles and have the original CarFax that came with it when I took ownership. I have made the following upgrades to the car (partial list): Pedros' Enthusiast motor mount, Techno Brace, LN Engineering ceramic IMS bearing kit, upgraded silicon RMS, new crankcase bolts, Porsche ROW M030 sport suspension, 2001 Boxster S Big Red calipers and cross drilled rotors, GT3 front brake cooling ducts, GAAH top with glass rear window, Fabspeed headers and Dansk sport muffler. Extensive service records with oil and filter changes at 5K miles as well as all maintenance items including Tiptronic transmission service at 90K miles. Parts replaced include OEM water pump, thermostat, windshield, fuel pump, rear wheel bearings and rear axle housing. The car was completely sanded down, all dings removed and repainted with Porsche factory Arctic Silver and clear coat. Boxster 550 Spyder tail lights, fogged head lights replaced with upgraded European non-egg yolk lights and clear side marker lights. Worn seats replaced. Interior has full leather option. No history of collisions. Tires are Hankook V12 rear with 6/32 tread and fronts are Sumitomo ZRIII with 5/32 tread. OBC hack done so mpg, temp, average speed and speed chime can be accessed. Everything works as it should, AC blows cold. I have all manuals and receipts. Includes Porsche OEM fitted outdoor car cover and OEM leather bra. Call for complete information and history. Price $13,500.

Ron Breeze    707-486-2049 





Porsche 2005 Historic Calendar Book - original sealed, Collector's Item $50 415-299-7563







Panorama Collection  




Porsche Panorama Collection. January 1997 through December 2012 -- complete except for the November 2007 issue. In pristine condition; ideal for the collector or Porsche history buff.  $125 for entire set.

Jerry Gladstone 707-322-3657






1973 Porsche 914 2.0

1973 Porsche 914 2.0     Asking Price: $14,500
Information:  I am the third owner of the car.  The first owners were teachers from Pasadena who purchased the car new in 73 in Los Angeles.  The second owner purchased it from them in 1978 and remained in Los Angeles until relocating to Mountain View in the mid 80's.  The car was actively driven at various SCCA and PCA timed rally events. The owner sold because of her arthritis and inability to enjoy the car. It was resprayed it in the early 90's. I literally had to interview and show my PCA credentials for consideration as a buyer.  The paint is in very good condition, the entire engine was removed, with the bay completely cleaned and all issues mitigated. When I purchased it, the car was located in a shrine/garage surrounded by 35 years of rare Porsche memorabilia.  It has original mini-rally badges from Vasek Polak, PCA, and SCCA events in Southern California at Riverside. In the service book, it has service stamps by Andial -- truly historic material. The car has about 9k miles a year for about 360k miles, and every service is documented with mileage logs.  For over a decade prior to my purchase it has been serviced by Heyer Performance in Mountain View; they can be called as a reference.            EJ Achtner  Skype:  EJ_Achtner


Owner's Manual  -  Original 1970 Porsche 911T.  Overall condition good except rip in back page.  $50

Work Shop Manual - VGC.  No grease or smudge marks.  Porsche 911 1964-69 Autobook, Kenneth Ball Autopress LTD. 176 pages $45.    Roderick Moore   


Porsche 996/986 Wheels 


996/986 Carrera 5 spoke wheels. 8x18 (225 X 40's) & 10x18's(285 X 30's). With Conti Sport Contact N2's which will need replacement soon. Wheels are in exceptional shape and except for one small rock ding on one spoke they are "as new". Low miles still have original factory weights. For someone wishing to mount in a 986 I also have 24mm spacers and extended wheel bolts (for rear wheels) for that application. All for $800 OBO.

B. Kelly      707-933-8199   







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Barbara McCrory & Jerry Gladstone, der Riesenbaum Co-Editors   

Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region


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