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Easter is March 31st 

To compliment Your Holiday Promotion Plans we are offering the ever popular Plush Baxter Bunny and the 6' & 8' Standard & Deluxe Easter Stockings again this year.


Each product comes with:

Entry Box, 1000 Entry Forms & Color Poster

Baxter Bunny
Basket Filled with Today's Most Popular
Toys and Games       
2011 Easter Baxter Bunny      2011 Easter Baxter Bunny Deluxe

              4' Tall Plush Easter Bunny           3' Deluxe Easter Bunny

                         $95.00 Each                                $129.00 Each


Standard & Deluxe 6' & 8'
 Easter Stockings

 2011 Easter 8 Ft. Deluxe Stocking


         6' Tall Stocking                8' Tall Stocking

   Standard: $75.00 Each     Standard: $96.00 Each

     Deluxe: $95.00 Each       Deluxe: $139.00 Each






My First Penguin Kit - Crafts Kit Game

Dandy Candy - Board Game

Crayola DVD Game - Interactive Game

Tonka Trucks - Toy Tractors

Spongebob, Cars and More - Marker and Stamp Art Sets

Blue Angels, Bakugan, Barbie and More - 23" Sky Diamond Kites

Hallmark Stickeroni - Easter Themed Stickers for Photos

Camp Rock - Suprise Ink Game Book with Color Change Marker

Spiderman, Cars, Princess and more - Velcro Dart Ball Set

Winnie the Pooh, Cars, Spiderman - Glider Planes

Wiffle Ball and Bat

Ed Hardy Puzzles



(Additional Licensed Toys for 8' Deluxe Filled Treat)


Crayola Glow Explosion - Art Set

Madagascar Penguins - Figurines

Crib Life Dolls - Figurines

Cars, Finn McMisssile - Toy Car

X-Men Comic and Grow - Figurine

Zhu Zhu Figurines - Action Figures

Green Lantern Game - Board Game

Generator Rex - Action Figure

Zhu Zhu Police Station, Salon, Airport

Disney Velvet Art Set

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