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Spring-Summer 2013

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Issue #71
Caring @ Annual Conference  
June 7,  2013
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Are you planning to be part of Annual Conference next week in Wenatchee, WA?  If you or someone from your church plans to take part, please be sure to look through this issue of Creation-Care, 365 to learn of several opportunities to grow in your own creation-care ministry and walk.  If you're traveling to Wenatchee, may God grant you traveling mercies.  And, may God grant us all wisdom and joy as we convene to "restore hope and cry out for justice" (Rev. Jaramillo's quote below) for all creation!

Grace and Peace be with you,

Creation-Care Projects Coordinator

PNW Office of Connectional Ministries   

Creation Quote
Rev. M. Linda Jaramillo
Executive Minister for Justice and Witness Ministries
, United Church of Christ
From "Keep Pushing for Planet Earth
Linda Jaramillo

"When pushed by environmental responsibility we now face a choice. Do we live in despair and do nothing or do we live in hope and take action?.... If we chose hope, we must consider changes beyond small adjustments. We are pushed to restore hope and cry out for justice. We are pushed to spiritual and lifestyle transformation."


 SmallStepsSmall Steps... for Greater Good
"Tending God's Garden, Feeding God's People"
Change the World @ Annual Conference Change the World

Friday, June 14
2-4 p.m., meet in Lower Hallway at the Wenatchee Convention Center

For the past four years, United Methodists from around the world have been hosting and participating in "Change the World" events, typically held during the month of May. United Methodist Communications (UMCOM) helps to sponsor these events which build upon the United Methodist desire to make a difference in the world and our need to better engage the communities we live in. This year our Pacific Northwest Conference will be hosting such an event during our 2013 Annual Conference Sessions in Wenatchee (June 14-16).

Friday, June 14: join with Wenatchee-based Community Harvest and other creation-caring friend to grow and harvest nutritious, chemical-free produce for local foodbanks
If you plan to participate, please wear closed-toed shoes/boots and bring sunscreen, water, and gloves. Hope to see you soon!
Small_StepsTools for Renewal
"Congregations Confronting Global Climate Change" Luncheon
Creation-care luncheon at Annual Conference 2013
Saturday, June 15, 12-1:30 p.m.
Wenatchee Convention Center, Fuji Room

Yakima Wesley Solar Panels Dedication 
April 21, 2013 dedication of new solar panels at Wesley UMC of Yakima: one of our luncheon's featured guests. 

Ready to feel less daunted and more hopeful in responding to climate change? Join Tanya Barnett, PNW Conference Creation-Care Ministries Coordinator; Rev. Jenny Phillips, Director of Creation Change; LeeAnne Beres and Jessie Dye from Earth Ministry; Ann Eachus from the Board of Church and Society; and Sara Cate from Wesley UMC in Yakima (see above photo), as we explore a continuum of faithful responses to climate change.

We'll discuss hands-on actions like increasing your church's creation-care awareness and energy efficiency. And we'll explore strategies for engaging with systemic issues, including demonstrations and divestment. 
  • Get the facts about the PNW Conference Climate-Justice Ministries program from Tanya Barnett
  • Learn what it takes to install solar panels on your church from Sara Cate from Wesley UMC (Yakima) 
  • Hear from LeeAnne Beres and Jessie Dye about Earth Ministry's Greening Congregations program and the Power Past Coal campaign
  • Explore divestment from fossil fuels with Rev. Jenny Phillips and Ann Eachus, chair of Church and Society  

Questions? Please contact Tanya Barnett at [email protected], (206) 853-0562 or Rev. Jenny Phillips at [email protected].

Lectionary Links
Some excellent, on-line sermon helps -- most of which coincide with the Revised Common Lectionary:
Events & Actions
Spring-Summer 2013
Creation Keepers
Carbon Footprint
Announcing: 2013 "Climate-Justice Ministries" Recipients
To be recognized at PNW Annual Conference Session 2013

We are so pleased to announce that we'll be honoring 5 congregations as "Climate-Justice Ministries" at Annual Conference:
  • Fairwood Community UMC (Renton WA)
  •  Federal Way UMC (Auburn, WA)
  • Haller Lake UMC (Seattle, WA)
  • Liberty Park UMC (Spokane, WA)
  • Wesley UMC of Yakima (WA)

We will celebrate the vision, efforts, and witness of these  exemplary ministries at our Annual Conference Awards Banquet on Friday, June 15 at 5:30 p.m.   


Please watch for the next issue of Creation-Care, 365 for inspiring descriptions of each of these ministries.  

UMC Creation-Care News
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