July 16, 2016
In this newsletter:

This past week has been exceptionally challenging in this country. Even though I just blogged about it, I cannot send this newsletter and talk about other things without first acknowledging the ongoing and pervasive challenge to black people in this country, whose very lives and those of their loved ones are under constant threat.
In times like this, it's so easy for me to fall into despair and be so aware of the smallness of my efforts. I am grateful to be receiving the  daily emails from the Metta Center with fleshed out quotes from Gandhi, because today's topic was immediately a propos. "You must never despair of human nature," Gandhi said in 1938. Reading it, I realize that I never do despair of human nature, only of human systems and actions, and of my own inability to bring about the transformation I so long for. 

One ray of inspiration for me is the work that I've participated in regarding the future of the NVC global community. It reminds me of several insights that are important to me.
  • We cannot do things alone; we need effective communities and organizations to make things happen.
  • We never have any way of knowing the true effect of our work; we are interconnected beings, and the ripples remain mysterious.
  • Wherever we are, with whoever is there, we can move as far as we can imagine possible in the direction of our vision.
And so it is with the New Future Process. It's far from perfect. We ran into difficulties in working with each other. We created a plan that we don't know how well it would work. And... it is also a plan that's radical and visionary, that is aiming to embed the principles of NVC and of collaboration in its very structure and mode of operation, and that is trying boldly to reverse global patterns of exploitation and domination within its own operation. That's a lot. I am deeply touched to have been part of this effort, and truly excited that the time has now come to share it with anyone who wants to learn about it and to invite feedback and engagement. All the information is below.
I am reading Charles Eisenstein's
The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, another source of inspiration, because his faith is so amazing - that we all do shape and participate in creating the future; that each of us truly matters. I want to sink into trusting that, breathing in that possibility and allowing it to be true even in times when there is so much darkness around.
in peace and hope,

Celebrations and Mournings
P.S. If you want to hear more of what's been happening in the last month, click here for both work and personal celebrations and mournings,  including in particular the possibility of a movie being made of my stories of the future, and what's been happening in my new course at NVCA - Working for Transformation Without Creating the Past!

CNVC New Future Process Presentations

I am scheduling two presentations later this month, each two hours long. I plan to introduce the integrated plan that came out of the work of many of us over the course of about 13 months. There is a slide presentation and live engagement, and I hope to make it inspiring and informative. If you want to look at the plan yourself, it's available here (and has been for months now as it's been unfolding, and it still is being edited.)

Thursday, July 28, 5pm PT, and Saturday, July 30, noon PT

There is no need to register. This is a zoom video conference, and you can just click on the link and join (you will need a couple of minutes to download the software if you've never used zoom before), or call in using a regular phone line if you are not on the internet. All the information is available here (you will need to scroll a bit to find the information about the presentations). 

blogBlog Posts
Social Justice and Theater at a Time of Crisis
This month my blog post  is about my experiences of last week as I was attending a training in theatre of the oppressed - applied theater with a social justice lens - just as police shootings, a shooting of police, and a wave of protests swept the country. I remain troubled and committed to continuing to figure out what I, as a person with access to privilege, can do; what is my part to play in creating a shift.  
Last month's piece, Instead of Being Silent, was my response to the Orlando shooting.
Having both of these juxtaposed against each other is unsettling to say the least. 

About Feedback On the Center for Efficient Collaboration Blog
In May, I led a one day workshop called Feedback without Blame. One of the most helpful aspects of the day for participants was the section of the workshop where I named the variety of reasons why someone would not do their job, and what the responses to each can be. People appreciated it so much, that I decided to write about it on the blog. The very short version is that there are only 5 reasons: lack of skill, missing talent, lack of availability, absence of resources or support, and struggles with willingness. Knowing what it is can be immensely helpful, and can be done collaboratively if there is trust. All this, in the post

Workshops in the US
Mediating Across Power Differences - Advanced Training
Saturday, September 17, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, San Francisco
Whenever there's a significant power gap between parties, mediators face the risk of reaching an agreement that doesn't truly serve everyone. This workshop explores practical strategies for spotting and overcoming issues of power and privilege during mediations. This workshop will be hosted by the San Francisco Community Boards. Learn more and register here.
Convergent Facilitation - 3-day training in New York
October 21 - 23
For team leaders, community organizers and activists, facilitators and mediators. Learn:
  • A practical, step-by-step process for discovering breakthrough solutions to problems that seemed unsolvable
  • A strategy that helps people transcend conflicts, stretch beyond their initial positions, and embrace a decision that attends to everyone's needs
  • Many ways to keep a meeting moving forward without leaving anyone behind.
Teleseminars (Free)
The Fearless Heart  
Sunday July 17, 10:30-noon PT
Monday July 18, 5:30-7pm PT
These lively, interactive conversations focus on the needs and interests of you and your fellow callers. All are welcome, whether you know Miki's work well or are meeting it for the first time. The calls often include:
  • Support and coaching for participants in their own journey of living with a fearless heart
  • Discussion of ideas presented in Miki's blog pieces (see above), answering questions, and sharing insights
  • Small-group exploration of the blog's themes and their application in people's lives
  • Whatever else arises in the moment based on what people bring up.
For more info and registration: Sunday's call, and Monday's.
Facing Privilege  
Friday, July 29, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
None in August - when Miki is doing workshops in Europe
September 11 and 26
An opportunity for people to engage with themselves and others on the deep questions that arise as we reflect on the question of privilege. Learn more and register here.
Miki's Novel
Without Flinching  
Without Flinching, a novel of healing and transformation, Miki tells the story of a man's misery, the woman he killed, and his long, difficult journey to healing and redemption.

Miki is making the novel available to us as a gift, with an invitation to leave a comment or give her a gift yourself, neither of which is in any way required. She wants you to have it regardless if you want it, free of obligation. Find it here

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