May 23, 2014



In my last newsletter, I shared my deep commitment to finding more ways to support organizations, and the people who work within them, in embracing and practicing collaboration.


Now I want to tell you about an exciting new mentoring program, called Transforming the Workplace (click here to register for the informational call we are scheduling for May 28, 9am).


This new program is geared towards people in leadership. Our goal is to create a peer-group of people who understand the specific challenges of leaders. As part of the program, I plan to offer coaching, mutual support, and plenty of materials in support of facing the daily challenges of making decisions, supervising others, and creating a culture of collaboration, respect, and full engagement.


More Celebrations! Click here to read about what I've been up to in the last while. Both internal and external celebrations, and some mournings and learnings.


One of my main celebrations for this period is that the Circle of Support experiment is yielding exactly the results I was hoping for, and more. When I launched it, I said this: "As I embark on this experiment, I know that the less overlap there is between the two groups - those who come to the teleseminars, and those who join the circle of support - the more I know that my invitation is taken seriously and trusted, and the closer I feel to the dream of a worldwide gift economy, where resources are shared based on what is wanted and what is being offered on the basis of pure willingness, without any coercion or incentive." 


As of now, there are 19 people contributing to the Circle of Support, for a total of $395 a month. Only 5 of them participate in the teleseminars, for which I already have 115 people signed up! Because this makes the teleseminars almost sustainable just weeks after being launched, I am taking a leap and removing the tuition from an upcoming class in August called Cultivating Inner Freedom


I wish everyone in the world could feel the incredible quenching of a deep thirst for hope that this experiment is providing so far. I trust it will just continue to grow.


In hope and peace,

Miki Kashtan


P.S. If you haven't already, come check out my latest blog entry, From Blame to Powerwhere I invite us to find new ways of responding to situations that are rooted in the shared responsibility for shaping a future informed by learning from the past and fueled by honoring our own and others' dignity. Just imagine what it would be like to find the vision behind complaints! This piece gives you practices in addition to a broad understanding of why we blame.  

  BRAND NEW Mentoring Program
Transforming the Workplace Mentoring and Collaboration Program
Starting June 2, 2014


Imagine being part of a small group of committed organizational leaders and influencers who are also deeply passionate about workplace transformation and aiming to make it part of their daily living in their organizational roles. Imagine the depth of growth and effectiveness that could happen when all of you work in concert towards this same goal. Imagine how your life and work would be different if you got just the support you need, and were able to develop all the skills you need, at just the moment you need them. Consider applying to be a part of this mentoring and collaboration program with Miki Kashtan and other BayNVC facilitators and coaches. Register here to attend the informational call on May 28th.

The Art and Craft of Dialogue, with NVC Academy
In the Workplace: April 25 - May 30 (5 sessions, skips May 23)
Within Communities: July 18 and 25, Aug 1 and 8 (4 sessions)
With the World at Large: Oct 3-31 (4 sessions, skips Oct 17)

Miki's teaching usually focuses on deep inner and outer transformation... Not so with this unique telecourse! This time Miki will be keeping her eagle-eye on sharing practical, useable approaches and tips you'll be able to readily apply to your workplace life. Her goal is to help you greatly increase the comfort and satisfaction you feel in your life by knowing how to approach your conversations with others. (Since the Workplace series has already began, you can get recordings of the sessions that you missed).
The Fearless Heart 
Sunday July 13: 10:30am-12pm PST
Tuesday July 15: 5:30pm-7pm PST
Join Miki to talk about recent posts on her blog. The Fearless Heart blends theory, deep spiritual wisdom, vulnerable sharing of personal insights and experiences, radical vision, and practical tips for everyday living. Miki's interactive style of teaching focuses on the needs and interests of those who call in, whether they know her work well or are meeting it for the first time. When Miki is on a teaching tour, a trusted colleague may facilitate instead.
 Support the Reach of Miki's New Books!
The Little Book of Courageous Living
Makes a great Father's Day or Graduation gift!


Last Friday, Miki published her second book. This one much simpler, but with the same depth and richness that Miki always delivers. With grace, acuity, and humor, she has shared with thousands of people on five continents how to live, in every moment, from love, courage, and truth - the three hallmarks of nonviolence. This little book contains 200 concise, evocative distillations of her wisdom, illustrated with powerful and original images. It is an invitation to you to begin to build your own courageous life. 

Spinning Threads of Radical Aliveness 
Share with your friends.


As most of you know, Miki published Spinning Threads of Radical Aliveness: Transcending the Legacy of Separation in our Individual Lives last month. Her book launch party was wonderfully well-attended, and she has received incredible support and feedback. 


Spread the word if you know anyone else that may benefit from this extraordinary work. And if you've already read Spinning, we would be honored and delighted if you could write a review on Amazon.

Upcoming Retreats
Thriving While Bringing NVC to the World: A California
Retreat with
Jeff Brown and Francois Beausoleil

7-day retreat: July 3-10, 2014 

in Calistoga, California, USA

Once you know NVC, it's hard not to notice where it's absent and could make a significant difference.  If you are inspired to bring NVC into your corner of the world -- and to do it effectively and sustainably -- join us for Miki's last co-led retreat in the foreseeable future.  With her colleagues, François Beausoleil and Jeff Brown, she will share the most relevant, clear, and practical approach to exponentially bring NVC to the world in such a way that you can all thrive while doing it! 
Two workshops at a beautiful venue in the Netherlands

Principle Based Teaching

September 10-13, 2014 

Leveraging Your Influence in Poland

Please "save the date" for a Leveraging Your Influence retreat with Miki in Poland, Sept 2-7, 2014, with one additional day for a facilitator track. This is a deepening immersion program open to graduates of the teleclass version and to anyone else. Contact (for this retreat only) is Ewa Panufnik 

The Circle of Support is Growing!
Consider Joining Miki's Circle of Support
Miki's Circle of Support now has 19 members with a total monthly donation of $395. At the same time, 115 people have signed up for her first fully gifted offering -- The Fearless Heart teleseminars above. The uncoupling of giving from receiving is happening, and this is wonderful news!  Read more about Miki's vision and consider joining here.