Bonus Program Extended and Rates Reduced

The bonus program for SafeGuard self-funded coverage, offering special agent incentives and a streamlined underwriting process, has been extended to include new groups with effective dates through 01/01/2016.
 SafeGuard Bonus Program Details
Standard commission* on new business, plus the following additional compensation on total lives in all groups coming from another carrier which are sold  into SafeGuard plans with effective dates through 01/01/2016:
$15 / EE
5 - 25 lives sold
$25 / EE
26 - 99+ lives sold
  • Licensed and appointed USHL agents and agencies are eligible.
  • Total bonus earned will be delivered in a one-time payment prior to the end of January 2016.
  • In order to qualify for the agent bonus, new SafeGuard cases must be sold, issued by USHL and enrolled for effective dates 07/01/2015 through 01/01/2016.
  • No bonus will be paid unless employer's billed amount has been paid.
  • Bonus checks will be issued payable to the same party as per the selling agent's commission payment arrangement.
* For a copy of the 2015 USHL Agent Compensation Schedule, click here.

SafeGuard Rate Reduction
Effective immediately, SafeGuard rates for Michigan groups have been reduced by 10 percentage points.  If you recently quoted a Michigan group, you may re-submit the census for an updated quote with the rate reduction.

SafeGuard rate reductions in additional states to be announced soon.

To learn more about SafeGuard self-funded coverage, visit the SafeGuard website or explore the SafeGuard  training modules.
Contact USHL Sales Support or your General Agent for additional details-- 
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