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Online Applications Now Available

FormFire and EasyApps offer convenience and information security

Agents and groups wishing to process their USHL applications online can now do so via documents available on both FormFire and EasyApps.

Both methods of online application processing are available for SafeGuard Self-Funding, large group insured plans, dental coverage and life insurance.*

Benefits of online enrollments include:
  • 24/7 access to application forms and processing
  • Increased privacy and information security as compared with paper applications
  • Greater efficiency when completing multiple applications
  • Diminished likelihood of errors associated with handwritten information
  • Greatly reduced paper waste

Not familiar with FormFire or EasyApps?  Get more information by following the links below:

Neither FormFire nor EasyApps are affiliated with USHL; membership and fees may be required in order to utilize either service's offerings.

*Online applications are not available for USHL Metal Plans.
Did You Know...
Information and advice on doing business with USHL
Coverage for Newborn Children

Newborn children are automatically covered under a member's policy during the first 31 days after birth, and this coverage does not require proof of dependent's insurability.  In order for newborn coverage to continue beyond this initial period, a completed enrollment form must be submitted within the first 31 days of life to; applications received after the first 31 days of life are processed as late entrants with subsequent enrollment occurring the first of the following month.

Group Coverage Waiting Periods

PPACA capped the number of days a newly-eligible employee must wait for coverage at 90 days, beginning in 2014.  Any USHL group that previously had a 90+ day waiting period was automatically changed on the date of their 2014 renewal to a 60 day waiting period, with enrollment happening the first of the following month. Shorter waiting periods were not affected.

people-outside.jpgDependent Dental Coverage

Dependents age 18 to 26 who termed from their parental dental coverage prior to January 1, 2013, became re-eligible for this coverage when USHL extended the allowable age limit to 26 for both medical and dental. These dependents were not automatically added back on to their parental coverage, however, and re-enrollment must occur-- submit completed enrollment forms to; coverage will begin the first of the month following applications receipt. Proof of full time student status is no longer required.
SafeGuard Self-Funding:
Group size minimum lowered to 5

USHL SafeGuard Self-Funding offers a "just right" self-funding program for the small to mid-size employer-- and this program is now open to groups with 5 through 99 employees.

SafeGuard Self-Funding is available for groups located in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio; availability will follow for Illinois and Wisconsin, with rollouts in additional states expected.

Agents wishing to submit quote requests for Michigan, Indiana or Ohio groups can access a SafeGuard Self-Funding quote request form here, or contact USHL Sales Support for assistance at 844-828-5968.


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