New 2015 Contribution Limits

New Year, New Rules

Ensure you're "in the know" for your new year's business by reviewing the following list of 2015 contribution limits:

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

  • Annual dollar limit for contributions increases to $2,550
  • Annual dollar limit for dependent care unchanged at $5,000

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

  • 2015 contribution limit $3,350 single / $6,650 family
  • Catch-up contribution limit unchanged at $1,000

High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs)

  • Maximum deductible limits (most plans) $2,050 individual / $4,100 family 
  • IRS annual dollar limits for maximum out-of-pocket $6,450 single / $12,900 family
  • Note: HDHP plans must comply with IRS limits even though ACA out-of-pocket limits are higher at $6,600 single / $13,200 family

PPACA Taxes and Fees

  • Transitional Reinsurance fee decreases to $44 / enrollee
  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute fee increases to $2.08 / covered life


Retirement Plans
  • Elective deferral limits to most defined contribution retirement plans increases to $18,000
  • The catch-up contribution limit for age 50+ increases to $6,000
  • Annual dollar limit for a defined benefit plan unchanged at $210,000
  • Annual dollar limit for a defined contribution plan increases to $53,000



  • Definition of "highly compensated employee" for compensation limits increases to $120,000 


For additional details on 2015 contribution limits and changes, click here.
SafeGuard FormFire Applications
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  Agents and groups wishing to process their SafeGuard enrollments online can now do so via documents available on FormFire.  Click here to visit the FormFire site and follow prompts.

Not familiar with FormFire?  FormFire is an online medical benefits application service designed to reduce the amount of effort, time cost and paperwork required by individuals and organizations when applying for medical coverage, and in managing benefit changes and renewals.  The service is insurance carrier accepted and HIPAA compliant.

FormFire is not affiliated with USHL and membership and fees are required in order to utilize FormFire offerings.


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