Introducing SafeGuard Self-Funding

Groups gain advantages of self-insuring with this simple, seamless coverage

Earlier this month, USHL launched its new SafeGuard Self-Funding program--  simple, seamless self-funded coverage for groups with 10 to 99 employees seeking an alternative to costly insured coverage.


USHL Vice President of Sales and Underwriting Mike McCollom stated that SafeGuard is off to a strong start during its first month of availability.


"The development of SafeGuard was a direct response to the desire among our groups and agents for a self-funded option that would feel and function like USHL coverage pre-PPACA," McCollom said.  "The underwritten rates for SafeGuard are proving to be very competitive, and the product's reception in the marketplace has been very positive due to the simple, streamlined approach to quoting, setup and monthly billing."


An overview of the SafeGuard Self-Funding program:


Simple Selections, Solid Plans 
The selection process is simple: The employer selects either a traditional plan or high deductible health plan (HDHP), then a deductible, member-share percentage and prescription coverage (with traditional plans), and that's it.  The remaining plan details are in place and mirror coverages which have been enjoyed by thousands of USHL groups for more than a decade.  View the SafeGuard Self-Funding plan summary here.

No Administrative Burden 
A staff of more than 170 professionals stand behind the SafeGuard Self-Funding plans, providing all required administrative services- from claims adjudication and provider payments, to network coordination, claims dispute resolution and member communication. 

No Fluctuation in Plan Cost
USHL SafeGuard Self-Funding requires that the employer makes one monthly payment, comprised of an administrative fee, excess loss insurance premium and a pre-funded claims account payment.  This monthly payment is determined at the time of underwriting, and only changes based on fluctuations in enrollment.

Protection Against Unexpected Claims
The employer will not owe more than the monthly payment-- if a claim exceeds funds available in the pre-funded claims account, the balance is paid from either an aggregate advancement or an excess loss insurance payment, or both. 

A Chance to Save Money
USHL SafeGuard Self-Funding offers employers the ability to regain control of their healthcare benefit costs.  If, at the time of settlement, the pre-funded claims account balance has not been spent on group claims and the incurred but not reported (IBNR) estimate, USHL returns to the employer any surplus funds remaining.

SafeGuard is available now for groups located in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio; availability will follow for Illinois, and Wisconsin, with rollouts in additional states expected.

Agents wishing to submit quote requests for Michigan, Indiana or Ohio groups can download a SafeGuard quote request form here, or contact USHL Sales Support for assistance at 844-828-5968.


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USHL SafeGuard Self-Funding Advantages
Numerous provisions of USHL SafeGuard Self-Funding make the program uniquely advantageous:
  • USHL SafeGuard Self-Funding offers an Incurred Contract-- unlike many alternative self-funding programs, with SafeGuard Self-Funding there is no need to purchase additional run-out insurance for  claims incurred during the twelve month contract period.  Eligible claims incurred during the contract period and payable under the terms of the self-funded plan are processed by USHL.
  • USHL SafeGuard Self-Funding offers Same-Source Coverage.  Because USHL is both the excess loss insurance carrier and the administrator of the plan, there are no gaps in service or coverage that result from multiple-vendor bundling.
  • USHL SafeGuard Self-Funding is Seamless.  When a claim is processed, payment either comes from the pre-funded claims account, a USHL aggregate advancement, or excess loss insurance-- all of which are provided in the USHL SafeGuard solution.  The employer is never required to coordinate multiple vendor responsibilities.
  • USHL SafeGuard Self-Funding is Proven.  The benefits offered and the administration provided have covered the lives of thousands of groups and tens of thousands of members for nearly two decades.
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