On March 5, 2014, CMS announced that it would allow insurers to extend some health plans until October 2016 even if the plans do not meet new healthcare reform standards.


This CMS announcement of an extended transition process provides USHL the opportunity to offer the following handling of in-force business:

MI, IN, WI and OH Groups:

  • Groups renewing effective December 1, 2014 will receive renewal offers between August 1 and September 15. 
  • Groups renewing during a month other than December 2014 will receive renewal offers no later than 75 days in advance of their renewal date.


These renewal offers will be for the applicable in-force plans* for the subsequent 12-month coverage period.  Groups will have the option of making changes within the same plan family-- i.e. Traditional Peak; HDHP Pinnacle-- deductible level changes will be allowed along with any desired change in prescription drug coverage in the case of Traditional plans. Changes between HDHP and Traditional plans will not be permitted.


An employer's acceptance of the renewal is due no later than the first day of the applicable renewal month, and all required forms and remittance advice will be included in the renewal packages:


  • Groups accepting their renewal as-is will be required to complete and submit an  Extended Transitional Policy Election Request along with their most recent Wage and Tax Report.
  • Groups electing a benefit change will indicate the desired plan change on the Renewal Rate Comparison page, and will submit this document along with an Extended Transitional Policy Election Request and their most recent Wage and Tax Report.

*Transitional plans are subject to some of the 1/1/2014 PPACA requirements, specifically:

Maximum 90-Day Waiting Period (groups with a waiting period exceeding 90 days will be required to change this upon renewal)

No Annual Dollar Limits on Essential Health Benefits (EHBs)

No Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions

Minimum Essential Coverage and Minimum Value Information Added to SBCs


IL Groups:

Groups will not be affected by the announcement, and will continue to receive renewal offers only for USHL Metal Plans.


All States:

As with all USHL renewals, agents will receive group renewal emails in advance of the hardcopy send-out to groups.  For December renewals, although renewal acceptances will be allowed until the first of December, groups will be encouraged to submit acceptance and / or change requests as early as possible in order to avoid the year-end rush and associated processing delays.


If you have any questions regarding in-force business with USHL, contact your sales representative or the USHL sales support team as reference in the linked contact directory below.

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