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Solidify Your Summer Plans Now!!

1. Ace summer school, online, or summer honors/IB/AP assignments:  Semi-private/private tutoring sessions

 If you are taking a summer school or an online class this summer to young-women-reading.jpg better your grade in a course...don't do it alone. If you had a difficult time with a class the first time through, you may need help as you attempt to repeat it in only three weeks or online without a direct teacher for a resource. We also have many students in the summer who have questions about their summer IB or AP or Honors assignments. 

Call to set up sessions with your favorite tutor now. 

Summer hours: Mon. - Thurs. 9 am - 4 pm.

SUSD register for summer school classes at: 

SUSD Summer School


2. Summer Test Prep

Prepare for SAT/ACT/PSAT/SAT Subject/HSPT/AP Tests:

 Without pressure from school grades, summer is a great time to really focus on standardized testing skills for those all important college admissions, college scholarship, high school graduations and private high school admission tests. Our highly popular test preparation classes have been in existence for 13 years and have helped students improve their scores in all areas. Our tutors teach classes specializing in one of those test areas, as well as do semi-private or private instruction.  



3. Learn New Study Skills and Test Taking Skills

 Free Study Skills and Learning Styles Assessments. Get prepared for next year with a study skills building program, 4 hours for $180. Without pressure of homework and testing, summer is a great time to build these skills. Get organized, learn new ways to remember information, learn how to prepare for and take tests, and the art of note taking. Extremely popular summer program individualized to your skill needs. Call to schedule.


4. High School, Middle School and Elementary School

Reading & Math Programs

After assessing current needs with a state aligned online diagnostic program, we can put together a customized learning math-teacher-chalkboard.jpg program to help your student retain math and reading skills throughout the summer. We can fill old "holes" that may have developed over time or enrich concepts learned to help students hit the ground running in the Fall of 2015.   


5. Get help with College Application and Planning:

College Coaching

 If you are an upcoming Junior of Senior in high school, you need to have a plan for your college application process. SEC offers affordable, high quality college coaching that has helped students get into not only in-state universities but also Stanford, Harvard, Yale, USC, Columbia, Purdue, George Washington University,Pepperdine, University of Oregon, and Chapman. 

Summer is the time to get your plan in place for choosing a school, application building, essay writing, letters of recommendation, transcript review, timeline formulation and much more.



Consistently rated top SEC program
12 Hours of Class Instruction
Seventh year for this highly successful class that prepares incoming 9th & 10th graders for the rigors of high school. Topics covered include: The 12 Ways to Succeed, Study Skills and Learning Styles Assessment, The High School Essay, Resources and Getting Involved, Researching and Websites, Organization Tips, Speed Reading, Vocabulary Building, Standardized Testing: AIMS/ACT/AP/PSAT/SAT/SAT Subject Tests, Note Taking, Test Preparation, The School Calendar, Self Awareness and much more.     Cost:$199
Classes will be available:June 15 -18 1pm-4pm;  July 13 -16 9am-noon;  July 27 - 30 1pm-4pm 
Taught by AZ Certified high school teacher with IB and AP background.


For students entering 6th, 7th, and 8th grades - we have 3 different class options.  Combine the following to create a full day camp: Math Olympics, Language Arts/Public Speaking, and Science.  

Also, SEC offers a full day Pre-Algebra Class to "excel"erate through the Pre-Algebra curriculum to begin Algebra 1 in the 8th grade.  (Great review course for students who struggled with 
Pre-Algebra). There are two sessions:  
June 8 - 18 or July 6 - 16 
Monday - Thursday.  9am to 3pm.


MathOlympics: Race to Excellence

Funmotivatinmath camp helping students witstrong math preparation,critical thinking,& "mingymnastics".

Science: OuteSpace And Rocket Science

FroEinstein to Hawking, identify constellations, make a telescope get the latesNASA updateslearn to love the cosmos and much more.

Language Arts "Excel"eration And Public Speaking

Increasspeed of reading/ comprehension & enhance writinabilities along with confidence traininin Language Arts & Public Speaking.  Students will read a Steinbeck novel.


Who Should Enroll

Alstudents entering 6th7th or 8tgrade Fall 2015.


When and Where?

Session 1 -June 8 to Jun18Monday througThursday, 9 Ato 3 PM

Session 2- July 6 to July 16,   Monday througThursday, 9 Ato 3 PM


Pre-Algebra "Excel"eration runs three weeks June 8-25 and July 6-23 

9 AM-1pm


Session 1 and 2:  Scottsdale Education Center  9151 E Bell Rd St102Scottsdale, AZ



To enroll in these courses offered througScottsdalEducation Center cal
SEC: 480-538-0828 or register onlinawww.sectutoring.com

by May 15, 201\5Cost$125 per session or $250 for Pre-Algebra "Excel"eration

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AP Test Dates
Call now to schedule semi-private tutoring for the upcoming AP Exams!

Monday May 4 Chemistry /Environ Science 8 AM
Psychology Noon

Tuesday May 5
Calc AB and  BC 8 AM
Chinese Language & Culture Noon

Wednesday May 6
English Lang & Comp 8 AM
Japan Lang &  Culture
Physics 1 Noon

Thursday May 7
Computer Science Spanish Lang & Culture  8 AM
Art History Physics 2 Noon

Friday May 8
Studio Art 
German Lang & Culture
US History
8 AM
European History Noon

Monday May 11
Biology & Music Theory 8 AM
Physics C: Mechanics 12 PM
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism 2 PM

Tuesday May 12
US Gov. & Politics
8 AM
Human Geography & French Lang & Culture

Wednesday May 13 English Lang & Comp 
8 AM 
Statistics  Noon

Thursday May 14 
Comparative Gvt & Politics
World History 8 AM

Italian Lang & Culture / Macroecon Noon

Friday May 15
Human Geography Microecon 8AM 
Latin Noon 


April Payment Due-----4/1

SAT Session IV Class Begins-----4/7

Official ACT Test-----4/18


New Scholarship Search Application:  Many people know about the www.fastweb.com , www.scholarships.com and www.collegeboard.org  scholarship search sites, but there is a new one that is receiving a lot of buzz:  a new 99 cent phone application called Scholly.  If you are looking for another tool to find college scholarships, check out this new application at your App. Store.  Available on Apple and Android cell phones.    




Scottsdale Education Center is proud to introduce our new web site.  It is packed with relevant content and is much easier to use and navigate.  It adapts automatically to the device you are using, whether it be a computer, IPAD, or smart phone.  In addition, you are now able to buy all of our classes on-line and we are asking all clients to create an account where you will be able to view your purchase history and update any student information. 


In an effort to improve our communication with our student families, we will be announcing our upcoming events via our home page in the NEWS and EVENTS area. Examples will be our Free Testing Events and The New PSAT and SAT Overview Webinars.  Finally, click on the Summer Programs Icon to see our summer class schedule and sign up now.  With this new system, SEC will be able to improve communication with parents regarding their student's progress and service recommendations. Please feel free to submit any question, concerns, or comments regarding your experience.  We want to thank WSI Logix and Scott Robbins for their tremendous work and guidance through this process. 




SUSD parents can check quarter grades at the Parent Vue tab at their high school website.  

Only 7 weeks until Finals! "cusp dilemma"---SUSD 3rd quarter grades are available for viewing.  If you have a "cusp" grade...grades where you may be teetering between an "A" and  a "B" or "B" and "C" or  a "C" and a "D" or worse, you may need some reinforcement to stay on the higher side for the semester grade. Grades in the 89% to 91%, 79% to 81%, 69% to 71%, 59% to 61% are at risk. A little extra effort may be needed to keep them on the higher side. Avoid missing the grade you want by tenths of a point. Not all teachers round up. Especially at risk are the C/D cusp grades. D's or worse are problematic for students wanting to go to an in-state school as they are seen as deficiencies by the college admissions counselors and may have to be repeated if they are in a core class. Ideally for in-state admissions you want to have a GPA in the core competency classes of 3.0 or higher. You can be admitted with a 2.5 to 2.99 GPA in-state, but it is not guaranteed and you are put in the "consideration" category. Don't let an "oops" on a test or missing assignment crash you to the wrong side of the cusp. Come in now and get reinforcement for the remainder of the semester. Only 7 weeks left before finals! Preparation can go a long way in preventing an unpleasant semester grade surprise.

We have fabulous tutors for AP Calc, AB & BC, AP US History, AP English Language, AP Literature, AP Statistics, AP Chem, AP Physics, AP World History and AP Biology. Many of our tutors currently teach or have taught these AP classes.