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Not Happy with First Semester Grades?
One of the keys to getting and maintaining good grades is knowing how to get help when you need it.  When you have a problem it is a great sign of maturity to do something to resolve it. Come to Scottsdale Education Center for academic tutoring to make certain things get better during the second semester.  With counselor approval you may even be able to take an online class to improve any disappointing grades from 1st semester. If a student struggled with 1st semester concepts, second semester concepts are going to be even more difficult as they often build on material from the 1st semester.
SEC Provides:
1.  Concept Tutoring for students who are having difficulty with understanding material.
2.  Homework Support designed to ensure students complete assignments. This program is ideal for students whose grades are negatively impacted by missing assignments more than negative test scores.  
Many students combine both programs to obtain optimum success.
Overcome these deficiencies by coming to SEC and replacing those grades either over the summer (flexible schedule) or during the Spring semester.  If you got a C, D, or F this semester and would like to try to replace that grade, give us a call.  Special circumstances exist for honors class replacement.  Another option available when applying to in-state schools: BYU correspondence classes.  In-state schools DO accept BYU if you are not a D1 athlete. 
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If you did not get an acceptable grade in the 1st semester, there may be an option for you to replace that grade through online courses.  C's can effect your ability to get in-state and out-of-state scholarships, admission to honor colleges and effect your overall GPA.  D+, D-, D and F's can also give you a course work deficiency that negatively impacts your ability to be admitted to in-state/out-of-state colleges. 


 Overcome these deficiencies by coming to SEC and replacing those grades either over the summer (flexible schedule) or during the Spring semester.  If you got a C, D, or F last semester and would like to try to replace that grade, give us a call.  Special circumstances exist for honors class replacement.  Another option available when applying to in-state schools: 
BYU correspondence classes
.  In-state schools DO accept BYU if you are not a D1 athlete. 


Some colleges require SAT Subject Tests. Make sure to know if your application schools have that requirement and schedule accordingly at Collegeboard.org


Requiremenets can change every year, so check carefully.  

So if an older sibling did not have to take the SAT Subject tests, they could be required now, so be sure to check. The list below is not all of the schools that require them, but are ones that are frequently asked about in consultation sessions.  A few of the schools that require/recommend SAT Subject tests include:



Cal Tech

Chapman (used for placement)

Claremont (used for placement)

Harvey Mudd College

Pomona College (ACT may be submitted in lieu of both SAT and 2 SAT Subject tests)

Stanford - highly recommended (read required)

U of California - recommended/required for select universities and majors.  Please check UC website for details.

USC -for scholarships

U of the Pacific - highly recommended

Other California schools that use SAT Subject test scores include Deep Springs, Mills College, Occidental, and Scripps College.  Check school websites for specifics.


District of Columbia  

American, George Washington and

Georgetown highly recommends SAT Subject tests.  Georgetown recommends three.


A Few Additional  Elite Schools

Plan on taking SAT Subject tests if applying to: Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell (by major), Duke,  University of Virginia, University of Pennsylvania (unless submitting ACT score), Brown (unless submitting ACT score), Rice (unless submitting ACT score) and MIT.  Although some of these schools may only highly recommend SAT Subject tests, it would keep the application stronger with the additional information for elite university placement.   Most schools require 2 and some will specify which tests they want you to take (often Math Level 1 or 2), but some like Middlebury and Georgetown prefer 3. 






Free SAT/ACT Test Event Saturday, 
1/17 and 1/31
9:00 am to 12:45 pm


 Only four SAT test dates left before the end of the school year!  
(The 4th actually being June 6)

Sign up NOW for a spot in our highly successful test preparation classes or semi-private tutoring.  In planning which test you want to take, remember, the March 14th date is the 2nd Saturday of SUSD Spring Break.  The May 2nd date is right before AP testing for many courses and the June date is at the beginning of summer.  Plan to be in town and focused.  There are no additional SAT test dates during the summer after the June 6th date.  The next date will be in the fall... usually in October.
SAT Official Test Dates:
Saturday, January 24
Saturday, March 14
Saturday, May 2
Saturday, June 6
SEC SAT Class Dates:
Feb 17 - March 12
April 7 - April 30
May 26 - June 4

Learn the tricks and traps of the SAT.  Tutoring sessions also available for SAT Preparation.  $495 for 12 hours of 
semi-private tutoring plus $40 registration fee if you are not already a SEC Family.


**Little known fact: More students took the ACT than the SAT 
in 2014**

Only three ACT test dates left before the end of the school year if you include June 13th!  Sign up NOW for a spot in our highly successful classes. There are no additional ACT test dates during the summer after the June 13th date.  
The next date will be in the fall... usually in September.

ACT Official Test Dates:
Saturday, February 7
Saturday, April 18
Saturday, June 13

SEC ACT Class Dates:
Jan 12 - Feb 4
March 23 - April 15
June 1 - June 11
Tutoring available for Feb 7th date.

Call SEC at 480-538-0828 for details.  Classes taught by AZ Certified teachers
Intense, comprehensive, 16 hour class preparation.  $495  plus $40 registration if not already a SEC Family.  

Learn the tricks and strategies of the ACT.  Semi-private and private tutoring sessions also available for ACT Preparation.  

$495 for 12 hours of semi-private tutoring.

$595 for 16 hours of semi-private tutoring.


Do You Have Graduation Deficiencies?

If you have deficiencies for high school graduation or acceptance to an in-state university, or need to replace a course to up your GPA, SEC can help! We have hundreds of students who have gotten through last minute course needs with their counselor's approval with online courses. We have also helped students quickly and successfully complete online courses with focused tutoring. Time is running out. Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete any needed courses and get them on your transcript. Ideally you want to shoot for course completion before mid-April...stay out of the panic zone. Just completing the course is not enough...you need to make sure the grade is recorded and is transferred onto your transcript. Only about 12 weeks left. An option for those looking in-state is BYU correspondence classes for credit as long as you are not a D1 athlete, however, BYU grades will not show up on your high school transcript. Call for details.


SEC is pleased to announce the addition of 

Paige LaPorte to our tutoring staff. 

 Paige teaches Chemistry and Physics at Pinnacle High School in PVUSD. She holds a BS in Geo-science with a minor in Applied Mathematics from Boise State University and a Masters in Teaching and Teacher Education from U of A.  She will be available on Mondays and Thursdays from 4 to 6 PM.  She is also the Head Swim Coach at Pinnacle High.  She will be available for tutoring Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Algebra 1 and Study Skills.  She was a 4 year Division 1 athlete on the Boise State Swimming and Diving team. 


NEW HOURS for Science/Latin/ACT Science Tutoring 

Effective immediately additional hours are now available for Science, ACT Science, and Latin on Saturdays from 10 AM to 4 PM with SEC Director of Curriculum for Science, Jeff Kalb.  Book NOW!


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