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Spring 2014
Welcome to our first edition
We understand that cancer isn't something anyone likes to talk about. But we think it's important for you to know that if you ever do need help, the Central East Regional Cancer Program is here for you and your family.
The Central East Regional Cancer Program is a network of cancer services and hospitals providing care to 1.6 million people in Northumberland, Kawartha Lakes, Durham and Scarborough. 
We're one of 14 regional cancer programs in the Province that report to Cancer Care Ontario, a government agency that ensures someone with cancer receives the same high quality care no matter where they live in Ontario. 
In fact, it's a myth that you have to drive to a downtown hospital to get the best possible cancer treatment. We're one of the top ranked cancer programs in the province, and as you'll read, with the help of our partners, we're delivering more and more services right here at home for you. 
So take some time to get to know us. And afterwards, feel to share this information with your friends and family as much as possible. After all, everyone should know there's a team of experts right here, ready to work together to keep you well.
Tom McHugh
Regional Vice-President
Central East Regional Cancer Program
Did you know...
91% of patients referred to the Central East Regional Cancer Program have a consultation with one of our radiation oncologists within 14 days (Cancer Care Ontario's target).

We provide a range of cancer services for the following disease sites:
  • colon, rectal and stomach
  • breast
  • bladder and prostate
  • some leukemia and lymphoma
  • lung and esophageal
  • ovarian and cervical
  • and skin
Here's our referral form.
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